I don’t have anything worthwhile to say today. (How’s that for a lead-in?)

So here are some random thoughts.

For those in Texas, human and critter, know that my heart and prayers and donations are with you ❤︎
I can’t explain how proud and hopeful I feel when I see the stories of people taking their boats & large trucks into affected areas and helping people out of buildings. That is what makes humanity wonderful and keeps our country united and strong.

In a different breath, I think this president is growing increasingly dangerous. His small steps to reverse policy and pardon dirt bags and alter law enforcement/military power is extremely alarming. Don’t let these things go unnoticed. Be aware of what your government is doing before it’s no longer your government…
I believe both sides of the aisle should be fired up.

And now some lighter things to get us through the rest of the week…

This popped up on my FB yesterday:

Sorry, but there’s no way to decrease your chance of death/dying. It’s 100% guaranteed.


In honor of yesterday being 8 years since I moved into my first dorm at college. Woof.

I’ve seen this before and for some reason it sends me into a fit of giggles.

(The original post had a dated and offensive term so I edited it. Ha.)

A Tuesday Reminder: In an effort to protect our brains in this crazy world, if you’re like me and you still have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that you scroll through multiple times a day then I suggest taking time to really go through and unfollow/unlike/unfriend the folks or accounts that bring you down or upset you. If it’s differing or hurtful opinions or a perfect manicured life or gorgeous vacations once a month or whatever… unfollow them because you don’t owe anyone a follow or Facebook friendship. If it’s affecting your mood then take some action.  It’ll make you feel better to be free of weird social media obligations, lol.

Alright. This was a weird post. Happy Tuesday ❤︎

22 thoughts on “Ramblings of Sorts

    1. Yes! I did it on Facebook and on Instagram this week. I think I got rid of over 100 people on each platform. Why was I following them in the first place??! Lol


  1. bahahahaha decrease your chance of death hahaha. that is hilarious. i don’t drink coffee so i guess i am 100% dying one day as well.
    you don’t owe anyone a follow – so true. i deleted my twitter account last year i think? and i’ve never missed it. it was a waste of time to me, i know it’s not for others, and i respect that, but you gotta do what’s right for you.


    1. Way to go, Kristen. You could’ve lived forever if only you’d been pouring 4 cups of coffee down your throat *shrug*
      I want to delete Twitter SO badly (Facebook, too), but I get SO much news from there. It’s mainly negative, but it’s political news that I might not have seen anywhere else. Sigh. It’s hard to balance what we take in.


    1. Yes! There are/were so many people that I “hate-followed” or “-friended” on Facebook. Their posts just made me anger. Why why why didn’t I unfollow them sooner??! Haha.


  2. Love that HP funny!!! I live by that motto too.
    Hey… dont rain on my parade – I’m drinking more coffee to LIFE FOREVERRRRRR 😉 haha Starbucks needs to work that in their new logo


    1. That would be a GREAT angle to take marketing-wise. Of course, some sue-happy person would come along and be like, “My husband had 4 cups a day and he died. Starbucks killed my husband.” Lol.


  3. Oh man! I thought someone had found the cure to death. 😀 I am both so saddened and uplifted by the scenes coming out of Houston. Sadden by the devastation but so heartened watching the best of humanity come together and take care of one another. That’s what makes America great.

    And I agree wholeheartedly (to the surprise of no one) that President Agent Orange is incredibly and increasingly dangerous. We – and by that I mean regardless of party affiliation – need to be outraged. And frankly, if you’re a Republican, you should be extremely pissed by the damage he is doing to the party of Abraham Lincoln.

    I have definitely unfollowed people on Twitter for things they post. As I am sure people have unfollowed me. And that’s okay. Like you said, we don’t owe anyone a follow. It’s okay if people have different opinions than me or go places I can’t go or buy things I can’t afford but when they get to the point where they are posting offensive and racists memes and stuff or deliberating trying to make others feel bad because they have less, then NOPE. Sayanora sucker!


    1. Yep yep yep.
      I’m ok with people have opinions that are different than mine. My husband and I actually have differing opinions sometimes- totally ok. When you opinions or beliefs or policies threaten the freedoms, safety, and health of other people we have a problem. And when you’re in charge of a free country but you want to limit citizens’ freedoms, we have a BIG problem.


    1. Kyle was scrolling through pictures and stories, and he saw an image of a dog tied out in flood water. I asked if there was an article with it about rescuing dogs. He was like, “I think so. I clicked out of it because I didn’t want to see anything, but I’m choosing to believe there was a rescue story with it.”


  4. I’m scared of this president. Seriously. Especially with my husband out to sea in the Pacific Ocean, I’ve had to decrease the amount of new that I consume because I just cannot handle it.

    I totally unfollow people that upset me. You’re right, we don’t owe anyone a follow. Great way to put it.


    1. I would be a wreck if I had anyone close to me in the military right now. Tr*mp is a reckless bull in the China shop that is the world (specifically the Pacific world). I’ve been thinking about you guys!!


  5. thanks for calling out our current administration. he’s super dangerous and scary and i feel like people are getting worn down and just accepting it (myself included at times). it’s not good. thanks for speaking up about that.

    great point on social media detox and getting rid of accounts or other crap that doesn’t bring us good or joy!


    1. I’m terrifying of feeling *normal* about all this stuff politically. It’s people’s JOBS to keep this country free and fair and on the right track. Our money pays for their work and mandates and trips and efforts. It’s 100% on them to keep this country climbing the humanitarian ladder and it’s something I don’t want to stop thinking about (although sometimes I do) because they should feel the societal pressure to do better.


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