I’m a week and a half late to this link-up party but Nadine did this “Back to School” tag and introduced me to Andrea’s monthly questions. Since the link-up is still open I decided to play along.

Did you love school or hate it?
I loved school. I enjoyed seeing my friends, I loved having a routine, and I’m one of those weirdos that likes learning.

Start school before or after Labor Day?
I think we usually started the week before Labor Day. I never understood that.

Wake up: Eager Beaver or Slow Poke?
Mornings have never ever ever been my thing.

Favorite Breakfast?
My mom would make us Cream of Wheat on wintery weekend mornings (or snow days) and I loved it!

Favorite Cereal?
Life. (Sorry for even mentioning it, Rebecca Jo!!)

School uniform or no school uniform?
No, thank God. I was so into my style in high school.

New outfit for the first day of school or no?
Of course! Although, by high school I pretty much only wore band t-shirts, ripped jeans, vans, and a sideways belt. #emoForever

Walk to school or ride the bus?
I rode the bus until I got my license/car. Then I drove my brother and self every day.

Backpack, tote or messenger bag?
Messenger bag (in the pic). I had one from PacSun that was brown with pink embroidering and I LOVED it. I still have the bag even though it’s beat to crap…

Eat school lunch or pack lunch?
I think it was 50/50 in elementary and middle school- it depended on the lunch menu. I remember my brother bought more often than I did. In high school you could leave the school and get your lunch which I did 99% of the time.

Remember the little milk cartons? White or chocolate?
I don’t like white milk so chances are I was a chocolate drinker. #healthy

Paper bag or lunch box?
Didn’t we all pride ourselves on our lunch boxes? Especially if they had a matching thermos? (No? Just me?) I think I might have occasionally brown-bagged it in hs.

Favorite thing to do at recess?
We played American Girls and Disney Princesses in elementary school. Also, ‘big toy tag’ on the equipment. In middle school it was 4-Square.

Favorite back to school supply item?

Chalkboard or dry erase board?
In 2nd grade I told my teacher I was allergic to chalk and asked to use the mini-dry erase boards when we were practicing our letters. I actually just hated how my hands felt covered in chalk. Hahaha. Other than that, I think all my classrooms had chalkboards.

Regular or mechanical pencil?
Mechanical- duh!

Homework as soon as you get home or after dinner?
I used to do it on the bus ride home… Nerd alert.

Favorite after school snack?
Ramon noodles or a sandwich.

Favorite after school show?
General Hospital. Hahahahahaha!

Favorite subject in school?

Least favorite school subject?
Math; specifically algebra.ย 

Name ofย  your best friend in high school.

I never took the SAT. I got a 27 on my ACT the first time & told my mom I was done. Lol.

Favorite year in school.
I don’t know… Third grade was a fun year. Second grade I had my favorite teacher. High school had its highs and lows but it was fun. Probably my junior year was the best. I started dating K, I was so carefree, and I made a million reckless decisions but survived. I switched up my friends toward the end of hs because mine weren’t so nice, and I think I really figured out who I wanted to be at that point in my life.

I get anxious thinking about all the drama and emotions and trouble I went through in high school. Thank Jesus (and, honestly, Kyle) that I made it out alive. I hope I remember my teenage years when our kids go through them- I’d like to be an empathetic parent.

Class ring or no class ring?
I had a gorgeous one with a purple stone. I don’t know what happened to it…

Funny class ring story… One day I was wearing a male friend’s ring and we went to Burger King for lunch. I took the ring off because it was big and I didn’t want to get it messy or lose it. Well… I left it on the tray and threw it away. Later, when I realized it was gone, I called my grandma from the hs bathroom bawling because I’d lost my friend’s ring. She and my aunt went to BK, dug through the dumpster, and found the ring under a pickle. Best. relatives. ever.

Attend or not attend high school reunions?
My class didn’t have a 5-year and I doubt I’ll attend the 10-year in 2019. Maybe I’ll go to one later on in life. Who knows…

*sigh* I miss school. That said, I’d never go back or reverse time. Ha!

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36 thoughts on “School Days & Locker Talk

  1. There is so much to respond to in this wonderful post but let me just say that we totally would have been bus-ride homework buddies. I was ALL about squeezing in time during the school day to do HW so I didn’t have as much when I got home!!


    1. Ha. I just *really* enjoyed school work! When I was younger my mom would bring home extra worksheet from her classroom and school so I could fill them out. I was so odd…


  2. That’s so cool you were allowed to leave for lunch! I always wanted to do that. I did college classes half days my senior year, so I guess technically I got to then. I was just invited to my 10 year reunion and about had a heart attack. NEVER.


    1. Hahahaha! My mother-in-law actually turned me on to GH (though she wasn’t my m.i.l. at the time, lol). Cream of Wheat just brings back so many lovely memories. I just bought some for cold mornings at our house ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. PacSun!!!! Oh how I loved that store!!!! You got to leave for lunch???? That would have been so awesome!!! The ring story cracks me up. You really do have some good relatives to go dumpster diving for that thing!!! I hope to be an empathetic and good parent when Zoe gets to high school. I hope that we can be close like my mom and I were. I had a lot of friends who didn’t like their parents in high school and I never understood it and now I worry that I wont be liked lol.


    1. First we had a Buckle, then it closed and we got Pac Sun and Hot Topic. I pretty much lived in those stores…
      I didn’t realize how lucky I was to leave for lunch!
      I was terrible to my mom in HS and I’m terrified my kids will treat me like I treated her. Thank goodness she’s so forgiving and gracious- we’re close now!


  4. I was pretty much in the love school camp too, although not so much in elementary school. But more in middle school, I started liking it and doing better because I actually cared. ๐Ÿ˜€ I threw away my retainer in middle school and my mom, bless her, found it. Honestly, it will be 25 years next year since I graduated from high school and I just remember bits and pieces. Some good; some bad. And I’m not sure if I’ll go back for my 25th reunion.


    1. I loved elementary school and high school. Middle school was meh for me.
      My closest friends now were in school with me (except one) but they weren’t my bffs while we were in HS. It’s weird how that works out. Lol


  5. haha… I SOOOOO appreciate the shout out on the worst possible question EVERRRRR… *Gagging*
    I am super impressed at your mad skills to convince a teacher you were allergic to chalk!!!! That’s saying something about your persuasive ways ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m still a mechanical person kinda gal.


  6. These questions are so much fun! I loved school and learning but I had a hard time fitting in when I was in high school. I went to an all-girls Catholic school and darn it, girls can be mean! But I loved my teachers and the subjects, especially as I got older and got to choose some of my classes. And I got to be in our school’s yearly production of The Nutcracker and our musicals, so that was a blast. I still miss college a lot because I loved taking classes.


    1. My mom went to an all-girls Catholic HS, too, and I think she’d agree 100% with you. I can attest that HS would’ve been MUCH less fun without boys. Ha.
      Classes were my favorite. I love learning!


  7. this brought back so many memories!! oh my gosh, school lunches…when i remember what i would eat for lunch when i bought my lunch, it give me a stomachache. i would literally eat (for LUNCH) a poptart, and then nachos or something equally as terrible for you. that’s it. how was i not one million pounds? and why did i not appreciate my metabolism more??


    1. I miss having someone make all my food for me… Hahaha.
      When my mom would cook us Ramon for our thermoses in our lunches I knew it was going to be the BEST DAY EVER. Lunchables, too. Gosh… I ate such crap, too. And all those lunches that I went out for in hs? Fast food and Chinese!


    1. Man… I was a TERRIBLE human in high school. Honestly. I had an attitude and I was sassy and I stuck to my core group of friends. I didn’t bully anyone, but I certainly didn’t practice kindness and understanding. I’d go back in time and smack teenage Audrey if I could… I doubt you’d have wanted to be my friend, lol.


  8. OMG! I have to do this too! I was always so jealous of schools with open campuses so kids could leave for lunch. When our city voted yes on building a new school (about five years before I got there), a closed campus was one of the stipulations. Gotta keep the teens off the streets! Your class ring story reminds me of the time my friend threw her retainer away after leaving it on the tray at McDonalds. She didn’t realize it until we got home so my mom drove us down and McD employees handed us the garbage bags they just threw out so we could go through them ourselves. It. Was. Disgusting. My mom was all prepared with face masks and gloves. Hahah! Oh how we took our adults for granted!


    1. I didn’t realize how rare it was for high school-ers to leave for lunch. I honestly thought all the schools did it. I think the rules have changed, but juniors and seniors can still go out.


  9. That is awesome of your Gran and Aunt to help find your friend’s ring.
    I didn’t enjoy school very much and was so glad when it was finished!


    1. My grandma was half irritated with me and half amused by my ditzy-ness. Thank goodness they found the ring! I was SO upset that day. Lol. Thankfully my guy friend wasn’t worried or upset at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Omg this was so fun to read and brought me straight back to high school! I was also an emo kid. There was a group of boys who would sing “Sk8r Boi” to me because I looked like Avil Lavigne! Hahaha. I wore so much eyeliner back in those days…


    1. I put SO much effort into my looks at that age. I mean, I still like to look nice, but I guarantee I save a ton of money on eye make-up as an adult ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lol


  11. Yessss! I’m in the “I love learning” camp too! I miss that about school and college. Also, big fan of messenger bags here, too.

    I love that you were wise enough in 2nd grade to say you were allergic to chalk to get out of using it – ha!


    1. My mom totally ruined my lie but I got a solid two weeks of dry erase board use. I didn’t necessarily mean to lie… I think I even had myself convinced that the dry icky feeling on my hands meant I was allergic. Lol


    1. Hahahaha- that’s amazing. Yes. Sideways belt, my checkered Vans slip-ons. Pretty much any and all band t-shirts from Hot Topic ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was 125 lbs. of attitude…


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