As I’ve mentioned, I’m rereading all the HP books as they’re illustrated & released. I started this task a few weeks ago (even though I got SS and CoS as soon as they were released… Yay for October releases and an October b-day!). Since PoA comes out this year I decided I should start reading.

Going home to Hogwarts and revisiting these books fills me with so much joy. I love reading them as an adult because I take away something totally different than I did as a 5th grader. Also, when Harry and Ginny meet or when other characters make statements that come back to bite them in the butt I just get so giddy.

*There really aren’t spoilers, but there’s some alluding. Just FYI

Anyway…. here are the thoughts I had while rereading Sorcerer’s Stone:

I can’t spell “sorcerer” save my life. It’s a simple word but my fingers never type it correctly.

Vernon Dursley is a terrible human in the movies, but he’s 100xs worse in the book. I want to punch his fat face.


The line is actually: “Harry – yer a wizard.”

I got real, tangible goosebumps when Harry entered Platforms 9 & 3/4 for the first time. It was wonderful.

I wish Fred & George’s first interaction with Harry had made the movies. The twins will always be two of my favorites.

Neville was actually with the trio when they discovered Fluffy. I can’t believe I’d forgotten that. Neville misses a lot of action in the films 😦

Harry & Draco’s hatred for one another isΒ immediate in the book. Malfoy is a nasty little human.

“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.” ❀︎

During the broomstick jinxing on the Quidditch pitch F & G were circling under Harry to catch him if he was de-broomed. Have I mentioned how much I love them…?

Totally forgot about the scuffle that Ron and Neville started with Malfoy in the stands. I love Neville so much.

Compared to the movies, Neville trying to stop Ron, Harry, and Hermione in the Gryffindor common room makes so much more sense in the books. He’s with them for almost every out-of-bed, middle-of-the-night adventure.

The points awarded to him in the end make much more sense, too πŸ™‚

Firenze is such a great character. I think the forest scene is so well written.

I love the first time Ron and Hermione tell Harry that *of course* they’re coming with him- why wouldn’t they be? It’s like the theme of their friendship from here on out.

When Hermione forgets she can make magic with a wand (because she’s muggle born) πŸ˜‚

Harry and Hermione’s friendship is my favorite. I feel like the Snape task (which doesn’t make the movies 😠) is their first real moment in their relationship.

I 100% cried when Dumbledore explain the power of Lily’s love to Harry.

Then Hagrid’s photo album gift made me lose it all over again 10xs harder…

The book was better… πŸ˜‰

I was scrolling through the reviews on GoodReads and saw this:

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me laughing out loud.

39 thoughts on “Thoughts While Rereading Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

  1. I’ve actually only read the full series once, and it was as an adult, and I loved it! It’s always interesting (and sometimes annoying) what they choose to add or leave out of movies. Sometimes I just don’t get it because the book was awesome as is, so why change it???? Often I find that reading tne book helps clarify a lot of stuff bc they just don’t have time to go into it in the movie.

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    1. The details in the books absolutely floor me, especially after watching the movies. I’ve only read through the entire series once, all between the ages of 11 and 19. I love that this time around I’m learning new things and seeing characters in an entirely different light!


  2. Oh my gosh, this is a great post! Cool idea. I just pre-ordered the illustrated version of Prisoner of Azkaban last night, but somehow I never got Chamber of Secrets. I really want to sit down and re-read the entire series. I’ve been planning to do it over Nick’s deployment. It will be nice to have my old friends around.

    I can’t spell sorcerer (I wrote about HP for my thesis as I’ve probably told you a million times, but I remember copying and pasting that word cause I just could not type it!)

    Also tears actually came out of my eyes when I read, “During the broomstick jinxing on the Quidditch pitch F & G were circling under Harry to catch him if he was de-broomed. Have I mentioned how much I love them…?” Two of my favorite characters. I totally forgot about that.


    1. I think the illustrated books are so dang gorgeous. I’m glad JK authorized this set. Revisiting the stories has been a really fun and mentally relaxing experience for me πŸ™‚
      Why is “sorcerer” so hard to spell/type??!!!
      And how easy would it have been to paint F&G in that pranking yet kind light in the movies? They just look like jokers throughout the whole movie series!


  3. I have been talking to myself so much about re-reading the series over again myself & you have just lit that fire again!!!! It is so much of the little things that you forget or not in the movies that seem to stick with us more that makes the books so special.
    That comment on Goodreads is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I love clever people who do stuff like that


    1. You totally should!! This was my first time rereading the Sorcerer’s Stone in a looong time. I’m so glad I did it πŸ™‚
      The GoodReads comment had me laughing out loud.


  4. I will always read these posts just to reminisce over and over again. Lol at Voldemort on Goodreads! People are hilarious. And I also get a huge kick out of the people making fun of Dumbledore. That quote about knocking out the troll – I remember feeling the same way when I listened to the book months ago. So good!


    1. Dumbledore is totally not my favorite character so those “asshole Dumbledore” comics crack me up. They’re so clever.
      I was surprised by how much I’d forgotten… I started jotting down little things and it turned into an entire post, lol.


    1. I put it off forever and ever… If anything, snag those illustrated versions and start reading to Amelia once she’s able to sit through a whole (or half) chapter πŸ˜‰ Lol!


    1. The HP series changed my literary life. I owe much of my love for books and reading to that series πŸ™‚ I want to check Stewart’s books out! I think they’re been on my TBR list for a while now!


  5. I laughed when you said you were in 5th grade when you first read Sorcerer’s (I can’t spell it either) Stone. I was 26 or 27 years old? In fairness, it had been out for some time. I saw the movie which got me interested in the books. πŸ˜€ These books are so well written and I get so upset when people hate on them. It’s completely fine if the book doesn’t interest me because not everyone enjoy fantasy but those who just hate without reading it because it’s popular. “Yer, a wizard” is one of my all-time favorite lines from the book. Both Neville and Ginny really got short-shafted in the movies. They were significantly better characters in the book. And I love Voldy’s review!


    1. I have absolutely no problem with people who aren’t in to HP. I have an issue when people poo-poo on someone’s parade because they have preconceived notions about a series. I don’t judge a series unless I’ve read it. For example… I’ve read the first Twilight book and it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like it. In terms of Edward vs. Potter, I’ll always pick the latter πŸ˜‰ But people should totally read what makes them happy and makes them connect!
      Book-Ginny and Neville are AMAZING ❀


  6. I love Neville so much! He’s my favorite. I am so enjoying these new illustrated editions too. It’s been so long since I read them and I forgot how much MORE is in the books than the movies. I need to order Azkaban, but I can’t believe after that we’ll have to wait another year!!!


    1. Hahaha, I’m trying to NOT get so caught up that I have to wait an entire year for GoF… lol. I finished SS but I’m going to hold off on CoS until maybe winter, then pick up PoA in the summer…? Ehh, now that I’ve started we’ll see if I can actually hold off. HA. Doubt it.


  7. Okay so I didn’t actually read this (because spoilers) but just had to tell you-I just started the series for the FIRST TIME EVER. I’m in the middle of book one now. It is magic.


    1. Ahhhhhh!! I’m SO excited that you’re reading the series now! I think that no matter what age, the first read through of the books is so special and magical πŸ™‚ I hope you’re loving it!!


    1. I’ve only ever read them all the way through once, too. And it was over a large span of years. I’m excited to dive back in as an adult. So far they haven’t disappointed one bit πŸ™‚


  8. YES to all of the above. I feel like Neville totally gets shorted in the films (as does Ginny!) and it sucks because they found a great actor to play him and I always enjoyed his scenes. I’ve realized watching the movies with my husband who never read the books, that the movies make a whole lot less sense if you haven’t read them! You’re inspiring me to read my illustrated copies before PoA comes out!


    1. I know… I typically categorize the books and movie separately and *try* not to compare… but Neville and Ginny truly got shorted 😦
      I feel like I’m always filling my husband in on details that didn’t make it into the films. He’s never read them either so I’m constantly slipping him tidbits, lol.


  9. I read these books the first time as an adult about four years ago. I absolutely loved them and I still need to see the movies!!! I love reading about everyone’s enthusiasm for the series. I was so against them and thought they weren’t for me when they came out. Boy was I wrong.


    1. Whaaaat?? Still need to see the movies?! That’s totally backward from most people πŸ˜‰
      Just remember to keep them separate in your heard. You’ll be happy with the movies and the story and the actors and the music if you don’t compare it to the books πŸ™‚


  10. I still need to read the HP series for the first time! They were a pretty big deal among my college friends, but I thought they were wasting time on a children’s book. And I had to much required reading to read anything for pleasure. I love the movies and bought the book set for my kids though. I need to get on it!


    1. Ooooh, yes definitely read them πŸ™‚ I hope you love them! They forever changed my outlook and appreciation for literature! The first time reading through is so special!


  11. oh my goodness i really liked reading your recap! i need to get on thiiiiis! i agree that the movies leave out so much of neville’s badassery it’s not even fair. sometimes i randomly go through his IG and swoon over him. that’s normal, right?


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