Since I’m almost through the first month of Jenn’s Fall Film Challenge I wanted to share an update/movie review. I believe someone is doing a link-up for these updates, but I’ll amend this sentence when I figure out who/where it is… lol.

So this month I checked 8 movies off my list.

Sing | PG | 2016 | 108 minutes | IMDB
Summary: In order to save his beloved theater, a goodhearted but floundering koala puts together a musical competition, sure to bring in crowds and money. He assembles a cast of talented but distracted performers and does his very best to make his (and their) dreams come true. This movie has an all-star cast (…er, voices).
To see or not to see… If you have children or you enjoy animated kids movies, yes. This is an adorable, uplifting little film.
*a movie about hope

The Founder | PG-13 | 2016 | 115 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A dramatic biography that details Ray Kroc’s discovery and building of the McDonald’s corporation. Spoiler alert: Ray is NOT a nice guy. The original McDonalds brothers didn’t imagine or want the franchise as large as it is today… but Kroc had other ideas.
To see or not to see… Unless you love McDonald’s or you have an interest in shady business men, you can skip this depressing film.
*a movie about greed

Best in Show | PG-13 | 2000 | 90 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A mockumentary that follows five (I think) dog owners in their quest to becoming the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show winner. Sadly, though it be a mockumentary, I fear that I am one of these crazy dog-obsessed people. Ha.
To see or not to see… If you love dogs this is probably a good one for you. Be ready for weird humor and a Modern Family/The Office kind of characters and filming.
*a movie about pride

Coraline | PG | 2009 | 100 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Based on Neil Gaiman’s book, this story follows Coraline Jones as she navigates her new home. When her parents don’t have the time for her, Coraline discovers she has another mother just on the other side of the wall. It’s almost too late before she discovers everything she thought she wanted isn’t everything it seems.
To see or not to see… This movie was actually quite creepy for being a kids film. Still, I thought it was enjoyable enough. A perfect fall or Halloween movie without any gore or horror.
*a movie about temperance

Alice Through the Looking Glass | PG | 2016 | 113 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Finally the savvy and confident captain of her own destiny, Alice returns to England to find that her freedom isn’t celebrated by everyone. At the same time, in Wonderland, Hatter is fading fast and it doesn’t appear Time is on his side. Alice must confront Time in order to save her future and recover Hatter’s past.
To see or not to see… Don’t bother. I think it had potential and there were some chuckle-worthy moments, but this film was dumb and poorly made.
*a movie starring Alan Rickman

The Magnificent Seven | PG-13 | 2016 | 132 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A remake of the 1960s classic, this film throws together a band of murderous but good misfits as they assemble to save a town from a malicious and violent capitalist. A film that confirms Chris Pratt can play any role and be brilliant.
To see or not to see… Despite my distaste for violence, I loved this movie. (I also love the original.) I’m ok with the generic guns are fired/people fall over scenes, and that was a large part of this movie. Sometimes the characters are a little tough to understand, but this film does the original justice in my opinion. I’m a sucker for westerns.
*a movie released last year & reviewed here

Mr. Holmes | PG | 2015 | 104 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Aging, irritable, and increasingly amnesic, the 93 year old Sherlock Holmes returns to his countryside cottage hideaway after a short trip to Japan. Haunted by an unsolved cased, Holmes cautiously welcomes the investigative skills and friendly companionship of his underappreciated and widowed housekeeper’s son, Milo.
To see or not to see… It was a slow moving, sad but sweet, beautifully directed English movie. If that’s your kind of thing, then yes. I don’t have anything bad to say about the film except seeing stars like Ian McKellen age is incredibly disheartening. (Although he’s still 110% brilliant!)
*a movie starring Ian McKellen

Iron Man | PG-13 | 2008 | 126 minutes | IMDB
Summary: After escaping captivity in an Middle East terrorist camp, genius weapons tycoon Tony Stark feels compelled to change his tune and invent a new “weapon” to save the world from evil.
To see or not to see… This movie was a little darker than I expected. Also, I felt like Pepper could’ve been a stronger character but they were probably basing her off the comics. The villain was certainly hate-able. But I digress… Yes, this is a movie worth watching. Especially since RDJ got jacked for this movie. It’s not not enjoyable to watch…
*a movie starring Robert Downey, Jr.

|one| starring Anthony Hopkins: Thor
|two| listed on nathan bransford’s best hundred movies challengeThe Big Lebowski
|three| about charity: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
|four| starring Robert Downey, Jr.: Iron Man
|five| about envy: As Good As It Gets
|six| about faith: War Room
|seven| about greed: The Founder
|eight| about hope: Sing
|nine| starring Jeremy Irons: Casanova
|ten| about justice: 12 Angry Men
|eleven| starring Kevin Bacon: Crazy, Stupid, Love.
|twelve| about lust: The Virgin Suicides
|thirteen| starring Ian McKellen: Mr. Holmes
|fourteen| set in a castle: Gosford Park
|fifteen| about fortitude: Les Miserable
|sixteen| about pride: Best in Show
|seventeen| starring Alan Rickman: Alice Through the Looking Glass
|eighteen| released last year & reviewed hereThe Magnificent Seven
|nineteen| about temperance: Coraline
|twenty| about prudence: Driving Miss Daisy
|twenty-one| starring Val Kilmer: At First Sight
|twenty-two| about wrath: X-Men: Apocalypse
|twenty-three| set in an exotic locale: The Darjeeling Limited
|twenty-four| about gluttony: The Bling Ring
|twenty-five| set in space: Star Trek Beyond


I usually can’t sit and watch a movie but summer was so crazy that I welcomed the relaxation. Also, much of our house is packed up so I really only have access to Netflix and my library books. Not mad about it.

Did you watch any fun movies this month? Have you seen the new Magnificent Seven?

26 thoughts on “Fall Film 2017 Update #1

  1. Coraline is super creepy, I think adults are more scared of it than kids though. This one haunted house I like shows kids Halloween movies in the waiting area where they also have food and cider and stuff so it’s not just an awful standing in line experience, and I remember them showing Coraline once. The kids where all seated in front of the screen, loving it, and the adults all had the same wtf look.


  2. Oh my word… Best in Show… that kind of humor is so up my ally – I LOVE that movie – I need to rewatch it. Its been awhile since I watched it.
    You make me want to watch The Magnificent Seven. I am weird about westerns. I am not drawn to them, but usually like them if I watch it.


    1. K was so shocked that I’d never seen it. I guess his dad loves that film.
      I’m a pretty big fan of westerns. I really like the original movie and I was pleasantly surprised by the remake!


  3. I liked Magnificent Seven but I expected to love it more. I never saw the original so my expectations on what the movie was about may have been off too, so that may have affected my overall enjoyment too. Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington were still great though. Mr Holmes looks good as I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and agree that Ian McKellan is a treasure!


    1. This is going to sound so silly, but give me a boy with a cowboy hat and gun-slinging skills, and I’m a puddle 😉 Hahaha. That’s what I get for being raised on John Wayne.
      You’d probably like Mr. Holmes!


  4. i think michael’s got in in the queue for tomorrow?

    as for the films you’ve seen… i’ve not eaten at mcdonald’s since seeing that movie last month. i can’t bring myself to to do it, no matter how good those french fries are. and i’m with you on mr. holmes: it’s good, but it’s not THAT good… really slow. i was actually kind of disappointed.


  5. Not not enjoyable…lol!!! I was going to watch Sing with Zoe the other day when I thought she might want to try and take a nap but the joke was on me because she instantly decided to start crawling everywhere and I had to turn it back off. Glad to hear it was good!


    1. Man. His muscles caught me TOTALLY off guard. Welding metal in a dark cave is apparently a real turn on for me. Hahahaha! Sing is just an adorable, feel-good movie! In a few months Zoe will probably love it!


  6. I watched The Founder on a long airplane trip a few months ago, and it was strangely satisfying because I’ve detested McD’s since I was a young kid. My parents claim I used to cry if they tried to take me there.


  7. Wait you didn’t like The Founder?! It was so interesting!! This is such a fun challenge, btw–so glad you are blogging about it!


    1. Oh man… I hated it! When I watch films about business or start-ups I immediately think of Kyle. Haha. If he’d behaved like that I’D have left HIM. Hahahahaha!


  8. good to know about that alice in wonderland one. no thanks. i go through phases where i watch a bunch of movies and then go months without making it through an episode of a tv show, let alone a movie. i suck at quitting books but i am great at quitting movies, i would give up on something very quickly if it was boring or dumb lol. but this seems like a fun challenge! i might have to participate next time. i think i did last year or the year before but didn’t make it through even 1 movie lol


    1. One year I did this and watched one movie. Ha. I honestly can’t believe I got through 8 this month! And of course I watched all the Netflix/Hulu ones and the DVD player is packed so I’m going to BOMB October. Hahahaha. Whoops.


    1. Sing was just too dang cute! I’m so irritated that I’ve watched all the films on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime, lol. Now I need to start renting DVDs from the library, I guess.


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