Guys. It’s done. Last week we signed the papers & sold our house. (That sigh of relief you heard was me- there’s no one in your house or office. It was just that loud.) I am so happy!

Thank you, Jesus. Seriously. I’ve been praying hard for months.

While I know the new inhabitants will love it, there were aspects of our old house (that’s weird to say) that didn’t work for us. At times we didn’t jive with our neighbors on either side, the yard was tiny for two dogs (+ future kids), the street was a little busy, and our three cars didn’t fit well in the one-car garage. Also, if I never hear the term “flood insurance” again it’ll be too soon. But to be honest, I sure did love our house.

These are the things I’ll miss most about her…

The fireplace
Our new home doesn’t have a fireplace and I’m not really ok with that *sigh*. I will miss my mantle so much, especially around Christmas time! (This pic is post-packing… that’s why it’s so bare!)

The walk-up attic
Our attic was the length of the house and fully accessible. I’m going to miss all that storage. It was such a cool feature. During home tours I’d always show off the attic.

The proximity
We live in a fairly small town and we’re staying in this town, but we’re going from two blocks off the town square to a smaller neighborhood east of “downtown.” I won’t miss the noise or the lights, but it was sort of nice to be in the heart of it all.

I promise to share pictures and details once we’re settled in, but for now you need to know this:


Also, there’s a laundry chute.

Guys! My very own creek! And it’s a part of the creek I played in as a kid! We’re moving to the neighborhood I grew up in. The field our house is built on was where I played capture-the-flag at my 13th birthday party. Be still, my nostalgic heart.

I wanted to take & post a picture but it’s been raining and dreary all weekend/week.

I’m still sore and exhausted and we’re currently living among boxes, but it’s almost over 😉

So who wants to come play in my new creek next summer? And what do y’all know about putting in a fireplace…? Lol

36 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss…

  1. Aw, I’m sure it was so hard to pack it all up and say goodbye to that house. It’s ADORABLE and I love the front porch. I’m a sucker for a porch and it’s an absolute must for me for our next house. Also, jealous that you had a mantle. We have a fireplace but no mantle. What the WHAT? I’m a decorating junkie so I’m kind of sad about that.

    You will make so many awesome new memories in the new house! I can’t wait to hear more about it and see pics!


    1. I already miss my mantle so, so much. Haha. I can’t complain, though, because I do really like the new house. The old one will definitely be loved by its new owners 🙂


    1. I loved my attic so so so so so much. I never had to worry about storage! It wasn’t isolated or climate controlled, but it was SO handy. Haha.
      I traded it in on an unfinished basement, lol.


  2. That fireplace is so awesome, and that attic space must have been nice!!! But I am sure there are tons of things you are excited for in your new home. And how awesome that it is where you grew up!! I will always love the house we are in now, because it was our first home together. However, I will not be missing all the little annoying things that have made me incredibly picky in the search for our next house!


    1. We loved our house and when we started house hunting we both agreed we’d have to find a house that we loved MORE that checked (nearly) all our boxes. I will 100% miss my fireplace, but the new house is already starting to feel like home 🙂


  3. I love you have connections already to your new home area. I’m sure that creek is going to be the source of many pictures to come.
    It is always strange to leave the place that holds so many memories from years past. But how cool the new memories are to be made in your wonderful new home!!! So excited for you!


    1. The first few days in the new house felt so foreign. We’re both definitely still working on making it our own space 🙂 A long but fun and worthwhile process!


  4. I can see why you’d miss your old fireplace. It was so charming! And the attic – I am so jealous. My apartment has zero storage so I have major storage envy. With that said, I’m so excited that you officially sold your home and moved into your new one! I can’t wait to see all the pics!


    1. Thanks, Tanya! We’re excited, too!! I’m going to have to make the unfinished basement work for me now in terms of storage. (Which will work until we finish it. Haha!)


  5. First homes are always special! Can’t wait to see the photos of the second house. You definitely can put in a fake fireplace if that’s your thing so you can hang stockings and things, which is what we do, although we only have it up during the Christmas season!


    1. We’ve been talking about getting a fake fireplace. Haha! I might even just get a silly little cardboard one (like they sell for classrooms) for this holiday season. It’ll just be so strange without a real crackling fireplace!


  6. Congratulations, how exciting! There will always be things to miss, but I’m glad you’re looking at the new things you’re gaining. We had a creek outside my first childhood home and wow does that bring back memories. Yay for you!


    1. I am sooo excited about the creek. My goal is to create a little English garden back there with butterfly bushes and wildflowers and berry bushes 🙂 I’m so happy it’s back there!


  7. So excited for your new house but I get it, that fireplace and storage is hard to leave. I also love your old front porch. But a creek!

    In the end so so happy this is completed. I know it is stressful AF until everything is signed. Can’t wait to see pics of your new place.


    1. Oh my gosh, I am SO happy we’re done. I can’t tell you how many times I stood in our old kitchen and whined to Kyle that we were going to die in that house. Lol. A little dramatic on my end… Definitely happy to be moving on to the new place, though 🙂


    1. Overall I think the new neighborhood and creek and yard size totally outweigh my heartbreak of losing the fireplace and attic. But if K ever wanted to install a fireplace I wouldn’t fight him. Haha!
      Thank you!! ❤


  8. Congratulations on selling your house! You must be so excited!
    The attic and porch in your old house is stunning – I can see why you’ll miss it.
    All the best for the move and enjoy your creek 🙂


    1. The porch on the old house was one of the biggest draws for me. That and the kitchen and the fireplace and attic. I really did love our old house. The new one is starting to feel like home, though 🙂


  9. i totally know how you feel! we aren’t quite ready to part with our current TEENY house, but there will come a day where we will outgrow it. and i will be so sad the day we leave. so many memories were made there, and i love so many things about it! but also laundry chutes are the best! (we have one now and it’s amazing, i hope you love yours just as much! <3)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just did laundry for the first time last night and having a laundry chute is HEAVENLY. I love it 🙂

      We just felt so uncomfortable in the old house by the end. I need a little more room (lot-wise) and it was always so loud in that house. This new one has already brought a peacefulness to our evenings 🙂 I’m very grateful.


  10. um. YOUR VERY OWN CREEK?!?! that’s amazing. like, so amazing. i seriously cannot wait to see photos of your new place!!!

    you did have a super cute home and whoa, that attic but sounds like you’ve done a great upgrade with the new home! YAY! congratulations!


  11. Permanently leaving a home is such a weird feeling. There’s so many memories that are tied to specific locations within the home–have fun making so many awesome new memories in your new place!


    1. Thanks, Rachel!! When we were leaving the old home I was flooded with so many memories. I just sat and cried for a minute. I’m super excited for the new house, but closing a chapter is always bittersweet.


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