10 years ago today I was not dating a boy because my parents weren’t totally on board with it. About 6 months prior I had approached them and asked to go out for ice cream with a young man who happened to be 3 years and 7 months older than me (which is a big deal when you’re 16). They’d said yes to ice cream, but no to having a boyfriend.

So 10 years ago today, I still didn’t have a boyfriend- but then October 21st happened. After half a year of going on afternoon dates, getting to know my parents, and proving his overall trustworthiness to both me and my parental units, my mom and dad gave in to the relationship. On October 21st, 2007 “Audrey and Kyle” became a thing.

I’ve written about our relationship a dozen times, but for me it never gets old.

I’ve now spent a decade hanging out with my favorite person.

Through brown hair, red hair, orange hair, near-black hair, and blonde hair, we’ve been a thing.

Through lost-and-found cats, adopted dogs, rescued kittens, and elderly pets, we’ve been a thing.

Through high school dances and college presentations, graduation ceremonies and musical performances, we’ve been a thing.

Through new jobs, resignation letters, lay offs, and exciting business ventures, we’ve been a thing.

Through open bedroom doors, shared college apartments, tiny first-home duplexes, and two houses, we’ve been a thing.

Through cross-country travel, out of town jobs, study abroad, and family vacations, we’ve been a thing.

Through new friendships, lost relationships, weddings, births, divorces, and deaths, we’ve been a strong and united thing.

Through the good and bad, sick and healthy days, heartbreak and triumph, we’ve been a thing.

I can’t imagine life without Kyle; I haven’t had to for the last 10 years. Every prayer I send up at the end of the day has a special sentence in there thanking God for the person I sleep next to each night. We’re not perfect and we squabble, but I’d like to reserve my spot next to that guy for the next forty decades.

Happy Original Anniversary, babe. Thanks for loving me ❤︎


30 thoughts on “10 Years Ago

  1. Aww! Happy OG anniversary! =D I love that you cared about what your parents thought, and that you considered their wishes…and that they accepted it as well! So many of my friends carried on without their parent’s blessing and it never really ended up well. So I liked reading that!
    You guys make a great couple, and it’s so cool that you become so intertwined through the years.


    1. Thanks, Kristen! Since I was still in high school (16) and he wasn’t (20) we decided that for the sake of our relationship (and his criminal record….lol) we should keep my mom and dad in the loop. Hahahaha!
      Thank you!


    1. Thanks, Lindsay! K told me people are going to get the wrong idea about him and think he’s a sweetheart. Haha! He has his moments of sweetness, though. Lol


  2. Ah I love this! Happy Anniversary to you!

    Kris and I just celebrated 8 years together, it’s shocking when you think about it, but I couldn’t imagine him not being around either.


  3. Well dang, I got a little choked up … so sweet….
    It’s funny to think of all you go through together in life as a duo, isn’t it? Only brings you closer & keeps those bonds tight.
    A lifetime of love to go!!!!


  4. I love this, Audrey! Happy Original Anniversary to you and K. These days the world seems a bit dark and gloomy, which makes me feel defeated and then I read something like this. And I remember how much love and goodness there is too. You just have to look for it. And more importantly, appreciate it the way you do. Here’s to those 40 decades you want!


    1. Thanks, Tanya! My mom rolls her eyes when I celebrate little (or older) anniversaries like these, but I think the more reasons to celebrate, the better!


  5. Happy anniversary!!! If my relationship with Chris has taught me anything, it is to be there for each other through all the things like you mentioned above. It doesn’t always have to look perfect, but it stays strong because of everything you experience together! Cheers to many, many more!


    1. Ohhh man, so many imperfect moments. Hahaha. And obviously there’s been countless disagreements and arguments along the way 😉 Priorities matter, though. I’m so glad I’ve had a partner to navigate the last 10 years with. Thanks so much, Nadine!


  6. this is so sweet! joe and i still haven’t been together for 10 years, this is such a big milestone in my brain! i just love how loving the two of you are with each other (obviously not all the time, no one is perfect haha, but the overall feeling you two seem to exude).


    1. Hahaha- definitely not all the time. It’s been interesting to see our relationship change and take on new forms after 10 years. I could NOT have worked alongside Kyle 10 or even 5 years ago. I’m glad to have had him around for the past 10 years, though 🙂 Thank you!!


    1. Thanks, Alexandra! The tough moments in life are a little easier having a partner for it all. We digest and react differently to negative situations, but I think it’s very helpful for the other person. Something we’ve definitely learned over the last 10 years!


  7. this made me all teary eyed of happiness for you! i don’t think i realized that you were ‘forbidden’ from having a boyfriend (i kid, that just makes it sound so enticing). my parents had a super strict rule that i couldn’t date anyone 2 years older than me…which was probably good or i may have ended up with some trouble makers…ha!

    happy OG anniversary you twos!


    1. Hahaha. I actually had a bf right before Kyle who was two years ahead of me in school but it was such an emotionally unhealthy relationship. (He was extremely manipulating.) I was with that bf for 6 months and sooo miserable. I ended that one in January (FINALLY) and then went out for ice cream with K the following April. His age raised a red flag with my parents but the amount of joy he brought me after the amount of stress and depression Nick gave me softened them up I think 😉


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