I like to share and record our Halloween party every year. This year I abandoned the theme and didn’t implement the mandatory costume rule due to the housewarming-nature of the party, but we still had some dressed-up guests and obviously it was a good time 🙂 So without further ado…

My brother and his wife arrived Friday night and we each carved a pumpkin. (Can you guess whose is whose?) K and I spent most of Friday and Saturday preparing the house for a party and hiding not-yet-unpacked boxes and random objects 😉

On Saturday one of my best friends arrived around 3pm and helped me get last minute things done. Our first guests arrived at 4:30! (We started the party at 4 so our parent-friends could bring the kids and hang out for a bit before bedtime.) The majority of guests arrived around 8.

We had +30 people show up from 4:30 pm to about 2 am. (It was a looong night.) Some of our guests dressed up and some came as they were. Regardless, it was a fun & busy night!

The ghostbusters also had a little slimer with them but she wasn’t feeling the costume. I’m still dying over Tobin’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume.

My brother and Christina were Scooby-Doo and Shaggy!

Lylee was a cow. I think she might have lost some of her dignity… and her respect for me. Enzo’s costume was also a little degrading, but he makes the cutest little squirrel horse. 😂

Our food spread was on point 🙂 Guests brought taco dip, a veggie tray, a cheese ball-skull, jello shots, and a charcuterie board spread! On top of that I made…

Halloween cupcakes (just yellow cake mix with chocolate buttercream frosting), spinach and artichoke dip via Nadine, and my signature puking guacamole pumpkin. I also made this caramel apple dip and the world-famous Aubrey Johansen put together these incredible charcuterie boards!

We also ordered pizza around 9 pm.

The night consisted of laughing, talking, drinking, game playing, and eating. It was fun to see the new house- which was empty a month ago- filled with all our friends and family. Overall, we had a really good time.

I’ve said it before, but the calm next-morning is always my favorite part…

Another Halloween party in the books 🎃 Happy Halloween, my friends!!

30 thoughts on “Halloween Housewarming Party 2017

  1. Looks like a wonderful party! The costumes are so cool and your food looks amazing! The pumpkin is brilliant!


    1. Hahahaha. Ly’s ears are smushed by the headpiece so she wasn’t as sad as she looked. She was also being bribed with pizza. Enzo might’ve wanted to kill me, though. Ha.


  2. Looks like a fabulous Halloween/House warming party! And I love the doggies costumes. I’m going to show them to Max so he sees that he’s not the only one who has to suffer the indignity of a Halloween costume! I also adore the pumpkin puking guacamole. Such a fun idea! Happy Halloween!


    1. The dogs were 100% over their costumes by the time that photo was taken. Ha. (Max is definitely not the only one suffering through the holiday. Lol!)
      I always use store-bought guac but I carve the pumpkin 😉 Can’t do it all! Ha.


  3. That little baby. OH MY WORD – that is adorable!!!!
    People that have Halloween parties? My kinda people!!!!
    The food all looks so good!!!!
    & those fur-babies!!!! good sports!


    1. His costume almost made me cry from the cuteness!!
      I love hosting our Halloween Party 😀
      The dogs were rewarded with bits of pizza. Don’t feel too badly for them 😉 Ha!


  4. Wait your other Halloween parties had a theme?? I thought the theme was Halloween/costumes? Hahaha all that to say, it sounds like it was a blast! I LOVE the dog-horse-for-a-squirrel costume. That is hilarious.


    1. Yeah, girl! Last year was a 90s theme and the year before that was Pixar 🙂 I don’t think I had one the year before that. The first year we hosted I did a murder mystery and my guests dressed SO awesome for the characters they were assigned!
      Enzo costume made me laugh every time he trotted past me 😀


  5. Hahahaha dogs faces whilst begrudgingly posing for pictures is my favorite. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is adorable!!! Hope you liked the dip! I need to make it again soon. Sounds like you guys had a good turn out and a great party! Happy Halloween!


  6. people were over at 2am?!?! that is seriously impressive. i totally miss those after party/next morning lounging. a kid changes everything and in lots of ways very good changes – but sitting quietly and lounging is sadly not back in our vocab yet!

    your cupcakes turned out awesome!

    i totally get the ‘hide the boxes and random crap’ because we moved into our house and unpacked like 5 days before guests arrived for xmas. nuuuuts


    1. One year our party started at 6pm and ended around 10:30pm. I can’t say I was too upset about that one… ha.
      We had a good mix of friends with kids, friends without kids, and friends/parents that don’t worry about their kids. Haha. So it went pretty late…
      I looove lazy weekend mornings. That might be the hardest thing to give up someday when we have kids. Lol


  7. oh my gosh… that food spread!! 🙂 We must all be getting older (in my neck of the woods). We started at 5pm this year, and went until 11pm. I was actually very ok with this.. because ALLERGIES. Oh my lord. I was so tired and sneezy. LOL. But we had fun. Glad that you had a great party!! I love the ghostbusters themed stuff. too cute! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I would not have been mad if it had ended at 11… ha. One year everyone was gone by 11! This year was an unusually late one! I’m sorry you were so sneezy at your party but I’m glad it was fun!! It looked awesome!


    1. Without fail- the morning after everyone wakes up around 8 or 9am, we enjoy some breakfast, then all the guests/dogs/household residents pass out again in the living room. Lol!


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