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Live Your Best Holiday Life Finale

As I mentioned earlier this month, Alexandra and Shea hosted this mindful month-long challenge and I decided to participate. Their LYBHolidayL challenge was a relaxing and healing way to take on November and the holidays 🙂 Now that it's over, here's how I finished the month out! (Check out the first half here!) To kick… Continue reading Live Your Best Holiday Life Finale

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A Christmas Movie List

I was typing out the Freeform 25 Days of Christmas movie list as I obsessively do every year and I thought to myself, 'I should make an ultimate Christmas movie list for my blog!' This isn't an official challenge and you don't need to keep track or put any pressure on yourself to finish (or… Continue reading A Christmas Movie List

Holidays & Celebrations!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel like we were so overdue for a holiday, ya know? Thanksgiving arrived just in time. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends or family or pets or strangers- whatever or whomever you have that make you feel loved and grateful. I addition to all the normal stuff (husband, dogs, fam,… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Holidays & Celebrations!, Positivity

Live Your Best Holiday Life Update

(or LYBHolidayL from here on out.) Alexandra and Shea are hosting this wonderful, mindful, month-long challenge and I'm doing my best to slow down and participate. October was a hectic & rough month for me. I had fun, but it was at the expense of my patience and sanity. I'm determined to finish out the… Continue reading Live Your Best Holiday Life Update


What I Read… vol. 11

I participate in Erin's Book Challenges & when I first started doing it I was barely making time to read for pleasure. In high school I devoured books, but then college happened and I felt guilty reading anything that wasn't for a class. My habit of pleasure reading went into hibernation. Thanks to Erin, I've… Continue reading What I Read… vol. 11

Shopping & Finances


I've posted about my Amazon purchases before, but it seems like they always appear a week or so after Christmas. I wanted to share my pre-Christmas purchases this time. Maybe I'll do a follow-up after the holidays 😉 Thank you Rebecca Jo for the post inspiration! Lately I've bought... Desert Essence Whitening Plus Toothpaste &… Continue reading Amazoning