As I mentioned earlier this month, Alexandra and Shea hosted this mindful month-long challenge and I decided to participate. Their LYBHolidayL challenge was a relaxing and healing way to take on November and the holidays 🙂 Now that it’s over, here’s how I finished the month out! (Check out the first half here!)

To kick us off, here’s the second half of the gratitude log:

November 16 – Set a bedtime alarm to prioritize sleep.
We dropped the ball on the 16th because we were catching up on the last few episodes of The Mindy Project, but we’ve been going to bed around 10pm every night which has been good for us!

November 17 – Share a gratitude quote on Instagram that speaks to you, inspire others!

November 18 – Take a load of items you no longer use to Goodwill/another thrift store!
After the move I made a pile of donation items. Of course I haven’t done anything with them. Until today 🙂

November 19 – Go for a fall walk
This day was m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e. I definitely didn’t go on a hike. I went shopping. Ha. But next month I’m doing a girls’ weekend at a cabin with my friends & I’ll take my fall/winter walk then!

November 20 – Allow yourself a small indulgence this week (a sweet treat, a long bath, an item from your wish list)
I might have grabbed a Three Musketeers while checking out at the grocery store.

November 21 – Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
My nails are partially gelled (because I picked some of it off), but my toes were holding on to polish from… September? I didn’t repaint them, but I did strip the polish off my feet and give my toenails and cuticles some love.

November 22 – Unexpected color combo: pumpkin & blush
I had no blush items in my closet. K and I tried to take a mirror selfie just to record my outfit for the day, but we obviously need some practice. Lylee looks straight up lost.

November 23 – Put your phone away and just be present today… Facebook and Instagram can wait
Sooo… I kept my phone away as far as texting, IG, and FB were concerned… but Animal Crossing just released their Pocket Camp app and I’d be lying if I said I avoided that all day 😉 In my defense, I bonded with my cousins and K’s siblings and cousins over the app!

November 24 – Take a few minutes to look at old photos and reminisce
I’m in the process of setting up my office at home and every time I open a box or folder I find senior pictures of friends or prom pics of K and me. So sweet 🙂

November 25 – Have a hot cocoa date with your significant other, best friend, or other loved one
K and I woke up early to hit a hardware store. We swung by Starbucks for some cocoa (for him) and a latte (for me) before we made the trek!

The gel on my thumb is still intact so it makes for good pics 😉

November 26 – Call, text, FaceTime, etc. a friend or family member that you are not able to see this holiday. They’ll be glad to know that you are thinking of them!
As strange as it sounds, almost all my family lives near me. My uncle lives in St. Louis but he was home and we had a Thanksgiving lunch with him this day! Coincidence? I think not!

November 27 – Hand write a letter or note telling someone how grateful you are for them & why

November 28 – Discuss with family existing ideas for new holiday traditions, planning ahead will make pulling it off next month easier!
My brother & his wife live two hours away but come home for Christmas Eve and morning. This month we discussed his plan and now I know when he’ll be around and what dates we’ll have him in town for celebrating! (They head to her family for Xmas night and the days that follow.)

November 29 – Schedule 15 minutes to de-stress, break out that grown up coloring book
These are my favorite kind of puzzles to do. I can sit and fill these in for hours. De-stressing with a fill-in puzzle is the perfect 15 minute break!

November 30 – Try a new coffee, tea, or coffee creamer
I bought a new amaretto creamer! I don’t usually put anything but milk or half&half in my coffee, but it’s been a nice treat!

Thank you so much, Alexandra and Shea, for hosting this challenge! I definitely fudged some stuff in the second half, but the daily challenges were a reminder in self care and preservation. I definitely needed that this month.

Next month they’re keeping the fun going with these prompts!

I’m excited to join in when I can 🙂

30 thoughts on “Live Your Best Holiday Life Finale

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! I am going to try to do the December challenge with you!! I probably won’t get to every single one, but I like that this is pretty much a bucket list for Christmas.


  2. It sounds like you had a great month full of intentional happies 🙂 I have always meant to check out Animal Crossings game for the DS. I know a few people who are obsessed with it. I am going to try and follow along with the December one as much as I can!


    1. Oh man… I log on to that Animal Crossing game at LEAST once a day now. So much for not using my phone all the time. Hahaha. Oh well, I’m sure the allure will fade. For now I have entertainment while waiting on people or cooking dinner. Haha!


    1. Thanks, Tanya! I wrote them down in my planner so it was a little easier to follow 🙂 I didn’t so that this month, though, and I’m not doing so great. Haha. Thank you! That was a spontaneous, “Let’s take a picture” and we got those results…. ha.


    1. The creamer isn’t bad, I just never take sugar in my coffee because it upsets my stomach. I have to go veryyyy light on the creamer (and veryyy heavy on half&half/milk, lol).


  3. What an awesome idea! I love how some things are quite simple to accomplish, it’ll make you feel good when you accomplish everything. Definitely going to do something like this next year.


    1. It’s a nice mix of daily tasks (that are easy to check off) and more complex activities (that take a little planning and effort). It made me all the more mindful in November 🙂


  4. Yayy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the November Challenge! 🙂 And hey, no fudging! You do your best, when you can, and you hang on for dear life the other days. It’s meant to be flexible, and it is meant to be “made your own”! So I think you did just that! I’m excited to see what you do in December when you want to/are able to tag along. 🙂 Thanks so much again for joining us, posting about this, and sending your sweet letter!! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I really enjoyed the Nov. challenge! It came about at the perfect time for me. October put me in such a slump and being intentionally mindful each day in November was really helpful and beneficial. I’m so grateful that you and Shea hosted this!! I’m slacking (A LOT) in Dec., but it looks like you have a few more people excited to participate this month!! I’m excited to see what everyone does!


    1. It was definitely a challenge, but I think it made November extremely enjoyable. My plan is to do something like this for your and Mr. WS’s kindness challenge some year!


  5. I think these challenges are so fun! Maybe I can get in on it for January. I finally took off my early October pedi and yuck! I need to not let that go two whole months next time. Haha!


    1. My nails are clear right now and I want to paint them… but then I’m like, ‘Uh, when do you think you’ll get around to taking it off again?’ Haha. I’m organized in other parts of my life- not the nail polish part, though.


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