I haven’t post a collection of random thoughts in a quick minute so …

Well let’s kick this off with a weird one.
Sometimes, while sitting in the bathroom, I think to myself how fortunate females are because we sit down to do our business. I mean, anything we go to the bathroom to accomplish (besides throwing up), can be done in the same position. Meanwhile, if a guy steps into the bathroom to go #1 and he finds that his bowels have other plans, he has to turn around and sit quickly OR shuffle from the urinal to the toilet.
*I asked K if he’s ever had a bathroom experience were a guy at the neighboring urinal quickly changed his mind and stepped into a stall. He says never in his life. I’m skeptical.

I’m unnaturally happy about the newest royal engagement. I feel warm and fuzzy when I think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I don’t know them, I don’t keep close tabs on the family, I don’t have a crazy crush on the prince- I just love that they look so happy and healthy.

Do you say “bless me” when you sneeze? Because I do and it makes K crazy. He says you can say excuse me (for yourself) or bless you (for others), but bless me is just self-centered. We had a drawn out argument over this at work a few weeks ago… Looking for real feedback here.

A few weekends ago I went to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio with two of my best friends, Enzo, and Kayla’s dog Ernie. We hot tub-ed, hiked, drank too much wine, and just had a really fun time. If you can, take a girls’ trip 🙂 The cabin was only 2 or 3 hours from all of us (we all live in different cities in OH) and we found a weekend to just go. Your trip doesn’t have to be miles and miles away!

My brother and sister-in-law pay attention to my blog and they asked for a Christmas list. So I’m randomly throwing in some things that fall under the “want” category this Christmas…

  • Chunky knit blanket (example)… I don’t care where it comes from. I just like ’em.
  • This book preordered. It doesn’t release until the end of January.
  • A make-up holder and a brush cleaner.
  • A watch. (I don’t know what I want… smallish and minimalist, but quirky.)
  • This mug. This sweatshirt and this sweatshirt. And either this doormat or this one.
  • This poster. I really want the artwork with Leo’s story from TWW, but I can’t find one I like on etsy 😦

Is that enough stuff, Fred? 😉

Share a random thought with me. (Also, do you say “bless me”???)

30 thoughts on “Random December Thoughts

  1. I don’t say anything when I sneeze. LOL.

    German men sit down to pee! Unless they are at a public place with urinals. Some Germans even put little signs up in their house instructing men not to dare pee standing up. After nearly 14 years with a German man I still think this is the weirdest thing EVER. We have literally argued about it.


    1. Last weekend at breakfast I asked my parents if they say, “bless me.” (It’s obviously been a hot topic lately…) They both said they don’t. I have absolutely no idea where I picked that up… Kyle now says bless me after he sneezes, coughs, or burps- just to mock me. Lol


  2. I sneeze all the time so i really need to start blessing myself,
    I’m totally asking my hubs about urinal procedures. I think that whole thing is weird anyways


    1. Hahaha- I definitely say it whether I’m alone or around people! My hairdresser said, “bless me” the other day while she was doing my color and I was like, “AH HA! Someone else says it, too!” Hahaha!
      It’s a weird conversation, but I feel like it’s an important one 😉 Ha!


    1. I had such a great time!! Aubrey wanted a girls’ weekend cruise but Kayla is recovering from knee surgery and Christmas was too close so we opted for a cabin. I’m glad we did- I’m a forest/mountain girl at heart. Beaches come second for me 🙂
      I want a chunky blanket soooo badly… but I know K and the dogs will swipe it from me. Ha.


  3. I had to think about for a minute but normally I say excuse me when I sneeze publicly (when alone, I’m a heathen and say nothing) and bless you to others who sneeze. But I don’t have strong feelings and find bless me acceptable and not self-serving because I would really like to feel blessed every day! 😀 Love the girls weekend and love that you took your doggies with you. So cute!


    1. I always say bless me for my sneezes and bless you for others. Even when I’m alone, lol. It feels weird if I sneeze and say nothing. Hahaha!
      Our dogs had such a fun time 🙂 I wish I could’ve brought both of mine but that’d have been a handful and cramped cabin! Ha! (Plus K would’ve been lonely, lol.)


  4. I’m laughing so hard at the bathroom thought…I’ve never thought of that but you’re right! And girls’ trips are the best ever!


    1. I’m always curious about how the male mind works. Hahahaha. Poor K gets a lot of off the wall questions.
      We had so much fun!! You inspired me to finally plan one!


  5. I say “God bless me” when I sneeze and Matt and I have fought over it too!!!! He says the same thing – it makes me sound self-centered!! Sometimes I even say “Thank you” and that REALLY drives him nuts.


    1. Hahahaha- why can’t these boys just let us live our truths???
      Seriously, though. I have NO idea when or where I picked up “bless me”, but I’ve always said it because I thought it was rude to say nothing (and “excuse me” is for burps, lol)!


    1. It was gorgeous!! And it snowed on our second day which just made it all so magical! (And fortunately we had two 4WD cars with us so we could hunt around town for fun stuff in the middle of the snow!)


  6. OMG I never in my life have thought about the bathroom thing! That is SO funny!! That happens to me all the time though when you think you just have to pee but then since you’re there anyway……..If I were a guy tha would be so inconvenient! And how sweet that your brother & sister in law read your blog 🙂


    1. YES. I said that to K and he was like, “How do you not know what you’re going into the bathroom to do?” Sometimes your body throws you a curveball, man.
      My sister-in-law is a blogger, too, so we often read each others 🙂 Haha! (www.bgbychristina.com)


    1. I think they’re lucky because 50% of the time they don’t have to mess with toilet paper, ha!
      (Is it weird to say I LOVE your name? Marina is one of my favorite names!)


  7. Hmm.. I think I say, “excuse me” – even if no one is around… lol. This bathroom thing… so true… hmm.. going to ask KC later. 😛 Glad you guys had so much fun on your trip! Sometimes you just need time away and to relax with people who get you, you know? 🙂 OMG – same on Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. Did you see their official engagement pictures?! I now follow the palace on IG. LOL. I had no idea, but holy toledo. Amazeballs. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I sneezed the other day and whispered “bless me” because now I feel like a goof for even saying it. Hahaha!
      It was so relaxing to go on a trip with people that get along and clean up after themselves and all have fairly similar personalities and preferences 🙂
      Harry and Meghan are just the cutest. Hands down. I can’t imagine how anyone couldn’t love them.


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