Ho hum… Time for a *somewhat* holiday edition of husband conversations.

Me: Why were single-word band names so popular in the 80s?
K: I don’t know. They just were.
Me: Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Rush, Wham-
K: No. Do not include Wham with that group of artists.

Mid-November I was listening to loud Christmas music & baking in the kitchen.
Romantically wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling his chin in my neck, Kyle whispers: Hey, I’m gonna go ahead and turn this shit off.

A female colleague was stopping by later in the day.
Me: Your new girlfriend is stopping in later.
K: I don’t have a new girlfriend. Two of you is enough to deal with.
Me: Excuse me?

Me: Maybe we should get your niece and nephews stuffed animals for Christmas.
Kyle: No, Isaac still has mine.
Me: Teddy Rump-skin?
K: …first of all it’s ‘Teddy Ruxpin.’ Secondly, no it was A.G. Bear.
After kissing Kyle good morning…

K: Did you brush your teeth?
Me: …yes. Why?
K: *sniffs my lips* You smell a little like old person.
Me: Umm…
K: Did you eat an old person for breakfast?

I laid out my cabin trip outfit the night before I left:



K: Did you even pack any clothes?
Me: …yeah? Why?
K: I feel like all you need to legitimately camp is that outfit you’re wearing tomorrow.



Such a comedian.

42 thoughts on “Chats with K – Holiday Edition

  1. HAHAHA “TWO OF YOU” I’m dyingggg….also the “I’m gonna turn this sh** off” after being super romantic, also hilarious. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year’s!!


  2. So funny!!!
    Ricky & i just had a discussion on Wham this past weekend, I adore George Michaels & still devastated about his loss.
    Did you know teddy ruxpin is back out.,saw him at Christmas & was like, whoooo


  3. Hahahahaaha “I’m going to turn this shit off.” Sounds like something Chris would have done. I start the Christmas music far too early for his likings.


  4. Hahah, this made me laugh out loud. My husband always tells me I smell like band aids when I come home from work… well, I do work in a medical office … ??! I don’t know!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle // acutelifestyle.blogspot.com


    1. Hahahaha- well that makes sense then!

      The other day he said that HE smelled like old people so I guess we both do? Although I think he was smelling my lipstick that morning, lol.


    1. No festive spirit in that one. Geez. Lol.
      It probably doesn’t help that I played Xmas music at work for 2 months with him 10 feet away from me… lol


  5. I am cracking up about the Christmas music. When my husband wants me to turn something off or stop me from doing something that’s annoying him, he does the same thing.


    1. Hahaha, he’s always doing crap like that! He starts off so sweet and loving and then says something completely off the wall and borderline offensive. Hahaha. That’s alright- that’s just who he is. Lol


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