Chats with K – Holiday Edition

Ho hum… Time for a *somewhat* holiday edition of husband conversations.

Me: Why were single-word band names so popular in the 80s?
K: I don’t know. They just were.
Me: Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Rush, Wham-
K: No. Do not include Wham with that group of artists.

Mid-November I was listening to loud Christmas music & baking in the kitchen.
Romantically wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling his chin in my neck, Kyle whispers: Hey, I’m gonna go ahead and turn this shit off.

A female colleague was stopping by later in the day.
Me: Your new girlfriend is stopping in later.
K: I don’t have a new girlfriend. Two of you is enough to deal with.
Me: Excuse me?

Me: Maybe we should get your niece and nephews stuffed animals for Christmas.
Kyle: No, Isaac still has mine.
Me: Teddy Rump-skin?
K: …first of all it’s ‘Teddy Ruxpin.’ Secondly, no it was A.G. Bear.
After kissing Kyle good morning…

K: Did you brush your teeth?
Me: …yes. Why?
K: *sniffs my lips* You smell a little like old person.
Me: Umm…
K: Did you eat an old person for breakfast?

I laid out my cabin trip outfit the night before I left:



K: Did you even pack any clothes?
Me: …yeah? Why?
K: I feel like all you need to legitimately camp is that outfit you’re wearing tomorrow.



Such a comedian.

42 thoughts on “Chats with K – Holiday Edition

  1. HAHAHA “TWO OF YOU” I’m dyingggg….also the “I’m gonna turn this sh** off” after being super romantic, also hilarious. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year’s!!


  2. So funny!!!
    Ricky & i just had a discussion on Wham this past weekend, I adore George Michaels & still devastated about his loss.
    Did you know teddy ruxpin is back out.,saw him at Christmas & was like, whoooo


  3. Hahah, this made me laugh out loud. My husband always tells me I smell like band aids when I come home from work… well, I do work in a medical office … ??! I don’t know!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //


    • Hahahaha- well that makes sense then!

      The other day he said that HE smelled like old people so I guess we both do? Although I think he was smelling my lipstick that morning, lol.


  4. I am cracking up about the Christmas music. When my husband wants me to turn something off or stop me from doing something that’s annoying him, he does the same thing.


    • Hahaha, he’s always doing crap like that! He starts off so sweet and loving and then says something completely off the wall and borderline offensive. Hahaha. That’s alright- that’s just who he is. Lol


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