*Hedwig’s Theme plays while the words in this post float into focus*

If only, right? Anyway, if you caught my last post like this you know that I’m rereading the HP series as the illustrated versions are released. (Also, I’m taking my time. I know they’ve already released #3 and I’m just finishing the second one. I know, guys 😜) So anyway, I’ve collected my thoughts on The Chamber of Secrets because I know you’ve been dying to read them.

*No true spoilers, but there’s alluding. Just FYI

The movie makes the escape from the Dursley’s house much more dramatic than it actually is…

Fred and George (F&G) damn near figure out the whole mystery in Chpt 3.

You learn SO much more about the Weasleys in the books.

Lucius Malfoy actually behaves like a father in the books (but also like an ass).

I found myself reading with vigilance during the exchange with the Malfoys in the bookstore.

There’s a lot more fist fighting in the books, lol. I like it.

Prof. McGonagall will always be my favorite professor.

The scene from the movie with Neville fainting during the Mandrake re-potting didn’t happen in the book, which makes more sense to me. He had a knack for herbology. The movie makes him look like a doofus in everything but that wasn’t true.

Lockhart in incredibly infuriating. Like Umbridge, we all know someone who behaves that way and it makes them hateable in a relative way.

I feel like Jo was making a very pointed statement about the Slytherin house when she pointed out that there were no females on their quidditch team (and 3 on Gryffindor’s).

The way F&G fight for what’s right, regardless of who or what they’re defending, makes me love them so so so much.

I’d have liked to see the Deathday Party portrayed in the movie. Ha.

The dueling scene is way more comical than the film gives it credit for…

I wish they’d have included the Dursley’s Christmas gift to Harry in the movie.

The comparison of Hermione to McGonagall is 👌 perfect.

Malfoy’s a right git. He speaks so openly about killing Mudbloods. He makes the movie version likeable. Grrr…

In the book Tom has motive to report the heir… It doesn’t show that in the movie.

I forgot the spider hunt is actually Ron’s first time in the Forbidden Forest. 

The sadness in the Gryffindor common room after Ginny is taken is so heartbreaking. (highlight for name)

I think Harry & Ron should’ve gotten some credit for at least trying to put the dangerous tasks in the adults’ hands…

Things explained in this book: Hagrid’s umbrella, the broken vanishing cabinet

I loved the handful of things alluded to- especially in regards to horcruxes.

I watch the films all the time when they’re on TV but I haven’t read the books in year. I know a lot of this was comparisons to the movies. It’s just strange (and sometimes sad) to see what they left out.

If you’re wondering if I’ll ever stop fangirling for the Weasley twins or praising McGonagall’s name the answer is NOPE. Also, I’ve said it a million times but these illustrated books give me all the heart eyes. I can’t wait to crack open the third!

So what’re your thoughts on The Chamber of Secrets? How about the film?

22 thoughts on “Thoughts While Rereading Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

  1. I need to get my hands on the illustrated versions – I have a the heart eyes for them!

    Fred & George and Professor McGonagall are the best! They rank only slightly behind Molly Weasley in my eyes. Also, book Neville is SO MUCH BETTER than movie Neville in terms of his character development and critical role in events that happen.

    I plan to reread this series this year too. For how much I love them, it’s been too long since I last visited this world in the written word.


    1. Ahhh, they’re so dang gorgeous!!
      Molly Weasley is amazing. F&G just kick all the ass in those first few books. I feel like the movies just don’t give them enough love. And poor Neville gets a raw deal in those films.
      It’s been FOREVER since I’ve read the books. I love revisiting them again ❤

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  2. The books really are so good and while the movies do a good job there’s just no way that they can make them as good as the books! I remember that I reread the 5th book before seeing the movie- like right before- and I absolutely hated it! I like the movie more now since I’ve forgotten a lot of the details.


    1. I try to separate the two fandoms in my head. The books are amazing- damn near untouchable. The movies are very very good in their own respects and the actors and soundtracks are perfect. I just try to separate them. (The 5th movie is actually one of my favs. Lol)


  3. I feel like we need to make these books mandatory reading for the world. And force them to look beyond the magic, but the message. Purity is crap. Diversity and inclusivity is good. Nothing beats friends and family. The tyranny of one man and his acolytes can grow scary powerful but will always be defeated by the good people who stand against it. And no magic or evil or hate will ever defeat love. I have avoided even looking at one of these books at the store because I will want to buy them all and shouldn’t. 😀


    1. If I were a teacher I’d absolutely require my students to read at least the first book. Sooooo good- especially for all the reasons you said!
      Whoa whoa whoa…. I think you totally SHOULD buy them all 😉 They come out one per year so it’s not THAT big of an investment… hehe.


    1. I spread them out so I can squeeze other books in between. And with the illustrations, cracking open the books is such a visual reward! I love them!
      Thank you!


  4. I had forgot how fabulous the books are until I was re-reading them last year too. There is so much MORE than they can put into the movies. This one is not my favorite book. I feel so bad for Ginny the whole time – The whole year is so terrible for her! Lockhart is not my favorite either. I mean, obviously he’s supposed to be ridiculous, but I find him annoying ridiculous. My favorite side character (as I think you know) is Neville. I do think they make him more bumbling in the movies than he really is.


    1. This isn’t one of my favorites either. The 2nd and 4th books (and movies) are probably my least favs. I’m excited to get to the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s my favorite HP book (or it used to be!). I feel really bad for Ginny, too. And it irritates the heck outta me how dumb and bumbling Neville looks in the movies 😦


  5. I have actually only read the Harry Potter series once and only seen the first three films. I think I own maybe two of the books? I should re-read them some day, but there are so many good books I’ve never read! Maybe once I have kids I’ll get round to it.


    1. I haven’t reread the series in years- it’s been a really fun experience.
      The movies are some of my absolute favorites & I watch them every single time I see them on TV 🙂
      If you find time, I’d totally recommend revisiting the world of Harry Potter- either between the pages or on screen!


  6. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, but I’ve seen all the movies. I love them, but especially the first three because after them everything gets so dark and dreary. However, would reading the books only be repetitive or do you think I’d enjoy them anyway?


    1. Oh man, the books are the massive bottom of the iceberg. I’d ALWAYS recommend people read the books! So many characters and story lines and lessons and worlds are packed into the books and excluded from the films. Definitely read ’em if you get the chance!


  7. I never got into the books, but have seen the movies multiple times. I always planned to read them some day, so the box set has been on my bookshelf for at least ten years. I finally read The Sorcerer’s Stone last month and loved it. I will slowly, but surely get through the rest this year.


    1. I’m glad you loved the Sorcerer’s Stone!! Chamber of Secrets isn’t my favorite but it sets in motion SO MANY good story lines- especially ones left out of the films!!


    1. Prof. McGonagall is the freaking bomb. I think she might be my favorite literary character EVER. Especially after rereading these books!
      So far they’ve released one each October. I imagine book 4 will come out this year. Hopefully! 😀


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