When I first started blogging I got nominated for the Sunshine Award that floats around blogland every few months/years. I think it’s a cute little award because a) it means some blogger somewhere is thinking of you & your blog and b) you get to answer some tag questions (and who doesn’t enjoy that?!). Anyway, Bev from Confuzzledom tagged me for the award a few weeks ago ❤︎

sunshine blogger

The rules are… thank the blogger who tagged ya, answer your 11 questions, ask 11 more bloggers 11 new questions, and display the Sunshine Award. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

1) What is the best book you’ve read so far in 2018?
My two 5 star books of the year so far are HP & the Chamber of Secrets, which was a reread, and Three Dark Crowns.

2) If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?
(In this imaginary scenario you have the perfect conditions to keep it happy and healthy and there is no danger of being eaten.)
Let’s be real… probably a fox. But I also would love to have a hawk. I think they’re stunning. And also a wolf. And a mountain lion. Pretty much any animal… (I’m a firm believer in letting wildlife be wild. I know you can own foxes and hawks. I never will.)

3) What food could you happily eat every day?
Ice cream. Rice. Chips & salsa. Not together, of course.

4) What is your favourite thing about the place you live?
I like the size of my town. I also love all the hills, trees, and farmland on the outskirts of town. And I love living in the Midwest.

5) Where were you born?
Born & raised in Ohio.

6) Are you eating or drinking anything right now?
Coffee, per usual. Lol

7) What is one talent you wish you had?
I wish I could play the piano. I also wish I could speak another language (German) fluently. Technically those are both things I could work on…

8) Do you have a favourite board game?
It used to be Life, but I really like any board game. Clue is another fav. And Trivial Pursuit. K hates playing board game, though.

9) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
All the friends I’ve made. I also love the creative outlet.

10) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Probably chocolate covered crickets in 6th grade biology. But I’ve also had snails, turtle soup, alligator bites, and a small piece of a dog treat. *shrug*

11) If you won a large sum of money, what’s the first thing you would do?
In this order… buy land in the country and open a no kill shelter/sanctuary for dogs & cats & farm animals, build Kyle a large garage and let him fill it with cars he loves, pay off debt for my parents, in-laws, and siblings.

Those were fun! Thanks again, Bev!!

Eleven bloggers is a lot to tag so I’m going to nominate/tag some friends who I know enjoy questions like these. But please play along, too, if you want to answer them! Don’t be shy!

Alright Tanya (A Mindful Migration) & Stephanie (Not Entirely Perfect) & Rebecca Jo (Knit by God’s Hand) & Nadine (Life by Nadine Lynn), here are your questions:

1) If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with that time?
2) If you were transported to another decade, which decade would you choose?
3) What’s something you wish you knew more about?
4) Would you rather live in a castle, mountain cottage, seaside bungalow, or Beverly Hills mansion?
5) What’s a food that you hated as a kid and love as an adult?
6) Are there any “mythical creatures” (big foot, unicorns, ghosts) that you believe in?
7) What is something about you that people think is weird?
8) If you had to move out of your city/town, where would you choose to live?
9) What’s your favorite television channel?
10) What is your favorite dessert food?
11) What’s your favorite kind of writing to do? (i.e. blog post, creative, letter, etc.)

If you ladies don’t want to answer the questions I will definitely not be heartbroken 🙂 All for fun.

24 thoughts on “Spread a Little Sunshine…

    1. My plan is to get that farm/dog sanctuary with or without a large sum of money 😉 Lol. Money would just be very helpful.

      I loooove foxes. My parents have some in their backyard so I just pretend that they’re my pets. Lol


  1. I am a board game addict!! Every weekend in high school, that’s why my friends and I did. Jerry isn’t a fan either, so once in awhile, my friends and I will get together for a game night. I have a decent sized collection.


    1. We always play games at parties! I have to twist K’s arm to play anything but I can usually get him to do a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples with friends. He’ll occasionally play Mario Kart, too! Haha!


  2. My answer for #2 would be all the kitties, big and small. It is, in fact, one of my secret desires to hold a lion’s paw (I might have a slight cat paw fetish). I’m with K, though, not a fan of board games. And I love how you would use a large sum of money. I ‘d do the same things. And thanks for tagging me in! You know I love this stuff. 😀


    1. Big cats are the coolest. I love house kitties, too, but we’re a pretty strong dog household. Lol
      I always drag other people to my house to play board games with me. Lol


  3. Ahh – super fun! 🙂 I’ll totally answer these – thanks for the tag!
    & you can imagine my eyes got the size of half dollars at the eating chocolate crickets. BRAVE GIRL! .. & EWWW!!
    We were always a game playing family (Well, me & my mom were) & she always refused to play LIFE because she said it was too much like the real thing 🙂 haha


    1. Apparently I was a brave little 6th grader as far as cuisine goes… I don’t think I’d eat one now.
      (I was just talking about that experience with a high school friend, lol!)
      LIFE is definitely too much like the real thing. One minute you’re getting your first college job and the next the stock market has crashed and there are four kids in the car. Oof.


    1. Oooh, hedgehogs are the cutest! I just really love woodland animals- it sounds like you do, too!! Haha! (Have you seen Peter Rabbit yet? My woodland-loving heart pretty much exploded. Lol!)
      I will take in ALL THE OWLS if it means I can go to Hogwarts 😉


  4. I really want to read Three Dark Crowns! I’ve never spent any time in the midwest but you make it sound so awesome. I love the questions you posed – I might answer them on my blog!


    1. You should definitely answer them on your blog!! I can’t wait to read your answers!!
      When you come to the Midwest you should let me know 😉
      Three Dark Crowns is super fun to get lost in. I can’t wait to pick up the next one in the series!!!


  5. ha! i love that you would want all the animals! ravery is obsessed with hawks and can seem them forever away and always! it’s nuts. i don’t know that i’ve known anyone who super loves rice – ha! what kind? white rice? sticky rice? brown rice? give me the all the rice details 🙂


    1. Hawks are the coolest. They’re just so… talented and sleek. I love it!
      I just love rice! You can pretty much pair it with anything OR it can be a meal all on it’s own. And it takes 20 minutes tops to make. Quick sitr-fry is probably one of my favorite dinners to make. Haha! I’m pretty sure you can mix just about anything (veggies, meat, sauce) with rice and it’s delish!


    1. I love love love the movie Clue. I last played the game with my dad and he solved it RIGHT before my brother and I had it figured out. Ahhhhh. Lol


    1. You should answer some of them! Or the ones that I asked at the end!
      Thank you! Lol. I think my husband would run for the hills if I won millions and bought a farm. I’d have to keep him around with a fancy car garage 😉 Haha.


    1. Clue gets more fun the older you get because you get more sneaky and watchful. Lol. I love how you have to pay attention to others and their accusation 😀


  6. My husband hates board games, too!! Haha what is it with them 😉 I could eat rice allllllllll day every day, too!


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