2018 Spring & Summer Bucket List

Today is my Friday & I’m not mad about it. I hope you’re getting some time off this weekend, too!

I like keeping my seasonal goals separated, but I’m going to combined bucket list items for spring and summer because these two season are very bleh to me and melt together in my head anyway.

Here’s my list for spring and summer:

  • Go to a major or minor league baseball game
  • Visit the farmers market at least twice
  • Go on anniversary trip to Gettysburg*
  • Go to country summer concert with friends (K.Chesney, Old Dominion, T. Rhett)
  • Go to summer concert with K (Jimmy Eat World)
  • Finish cleaning stuff out of M&D’s basement
  • Finish purging unnecessary stuff
  • Have a garage sale at new house!
  • Go to the outdoor rootbeer stand (Fundays)
  • Go swimming!
  • Go to Trumpet in the Land (outdoor play)*
  • Follow 5 new blogs
  • Set up home office
  • Set up basement workout space
  • Scrapbook & finish year 3*
  • Summer vacation?
  • Paint the bedroom

Seriously, though. I need to make some flipping ice cream or give it all up and sell the machine. (#pathetic) The asterisks denote items on my 30×30 list. Some of these are guaranteed like Gettysburg and the concerts.

All of these are doable & hopefully I can check off some tasks that have been on the list for a while. What are your plans for the warm weather months?

Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

28 thoughts on “2018 Spring & Summer Bucket List

  1. Such a good list with fun things and adult things. I had set up home office on my list for like 6 years and I only sort of have half of it set up still lol. Next house it is happening for sure! I hope your summer is amazing!!!


    • Your office is going to be awesome in your new house!! (Fingers crossed the selling/buying process is quick and painless for you!) I’m only half motivated to do anything with my office right now. I need some energy for all these projects. Lol


    • I thought the one around here started mid-March, but I haven’t heard anything about it… Although it IS snowing today, so maybe they’re just waiting on the weather, too. Ha.


  2. Wow spring AND summer… definitely planning in advance! Concerts, a getaway/vacation, and a baseball game are all on my list as well. And purging… well, that’s all the time haha. Jealous that you’re off for Good Friday! We used to get it, but in the last few years they made it into a floating holiday… sigh. Enjoy your long weekend!


    • They get looped together in my head. I figured I might as well loop my lists together, too. Lol
      My husband owns the company I work for so I get some say in the holidays we take 😉 Ha!


  3. I literally live 3 blocks from a farmer’s market and haven’t been there all winter long. Remember, California, it’s a yearly thing here! I need to go because nothing beats fresh fruit and veggies. Technically, I make my own hours but I normally try to follow a traditional schedule but I am definitely taking Good Friday off. I plan to be lazy, watch some TV, read a book, eat a lot and then veg some more. Happy Easter!


  4. Did you just change your layout? Or did I miss something? Either way, I love it!
    Nick came home from an underway back in July and decided we needed an ice cream machine. We make ice cream all the time!! It’s so fun and the ice cream comes out so good. I hope you make some!!


  5. I love the new blog layout!!!!! Am I late to the game and you updated it weeks ago?! (I’m the worst blog reader ever and wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.) Anyway, are you going to GETTYSBURG, PA?! IN WHICH CASE WE MUST MEET UP.


    • Thank you!! ❤ Nope, I just did it. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. Lol
      We ARE going to Gettysburg!! Is that close to you?! We should absolutely meet for coffee or something! I'd love that!


  6. I have an ice cream machine I’ve never used either, so I think we BOTH need to make sure that happens by the end of the summer! LOL Ooh you’re seeing Thomas Rhett? I love him; that would be really fun! I have a couple concerts in April but then one this summer, so I’m pretty excited about those. 🙂



    • Yes, ma’am. We shall both get to work on this ice cream this summer!
      Thomas Rhett is the newbie in that group! I’ve seen Kenny and OD so I’m excited to add him to my check list!!


  7. oooh this is such a fun list! I love seasonal bucket lists. I hope you get to make some freakin’ ice cream! LOL. 🙂 This year we don’t have a ton planned, which is so odd. A wedding and a concert in april. A wedding and the food truck festival in May. Cruise in June. Nothing until T-Swift in September. hahah 🙂 Eventually we’ll plan a few more things… maybe? I love your list. Gettysburg will be fun! Xo – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • We have NO weddings this year which totally blows my mind. (Although we just got invited to a family friend’s reception in Sept.) I’m hoping to squeeze a family vacation into this summer but nothing’s planned yet. I’m really looking forward to Gettysburg!! I’ve never been!


    • We got a popcorn machine for Xmas one year and it took me 18 months to use it. And now I LOVE it and make popcorn with it all the time! I’m hoping that happened with the ice cream machine. Ha.


    • Thanks, Ashley!! When I was younger my grandparents had an in-ground pool and I swam almost every day. I’m sad that I don’t swim nearly as much now (and they sold that house- sigh).


    • Right??! Ha. When I finally make ice cream the whole dang world will know 😀 Ha!
      I looove going to concerts! I’m super excited about the country one this summer!


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