Dear Meghan

I debated writing this post. I imagine we’re all tired of royal wedding talk, but I kind of love the royals (and this is my blog) so I felt an urge to write about the wedding of the year… Also, I’ve seen and heard a lot of hate talk direct at and about Meghan Markle (now Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex). If people can use their platform to say nasty things about a total stranger that they’ve never met then I can absolutely use my platform to say lovely things.

Dear Meghan,

Congratulations! I hope last Saturday was one of the happiest days of your life (and not too terribly stressful). It’s hard to remember where to stand and when to speak in a normal wedding, let alone one with the queen in attendance and a prince as the groom! I thought you were amazing and stunning and so damn beautiful- pretty much the way you appear in every public outing, actually.

I felt the urge to write because I’ve seen people say some pretty terrible things about you or Harry or you and Harry. I can’t quite understand that. I’ve seen the word “trash” thrown around quite a bit and I’m trying to figure that out. If it’s your beautiful bi-racial ancestry that they’re so wrapped up in then I think we can chalk them up to racist garbage humans. If it’s because you’re an intelligent, take-no-sh*t, self-made woman (if I had a drink for every time I heard THAT phrase on Saturday… I’d still be drunk), then I think we can probably also toss them and their opinions in the garbage.

Personally, I find you lovely. I like your passion and your outspokenness. I love your ripped jeans and messy bun style. I love the way you and Harry look at one another. If Harry is the people’s prince then you are most certainly the world’s princess. (I know, I know… technically you’re not a princess.) All that to say, you being you under all the pressure is incredible.

I think I should add that I love your sister-in-law, too. The Duchess of Cambridge is a badass in her own right and I love that you four (I’m including the boys, of course) seem to be such jolly mates. I don’t compare you to one another and I find that you’re both incredible role models. (If I have kids I hope that they see you all and your charity and selflessness as traits they’d like to embody.)

I’m confident that marriage won’t make you shy away from activism. You’re a blessing to that royal family and it was so fun (and historic!) to see a great family become even greater. It will be so much fun to watch you change the world. I love that you already have.

So anyway… thank you for being a GOOD American featured in the news for once. Our country needs a few shining lights and I think you are one. Also, if princesses still have ladies-in-waiting and you need one send me an email. Just saying. Until then, enjoy marriage! It’s fun and exciting and so rewarding!

Let me know about the l-i-w thing. Talk to ya soon.


P.S. I love that you have a rescue dog. I am also available for the role of royal rescue dogs’ care taker. Just FYI.

I love the princes. I think William and Kate are stunning. I woke up early when I was in college to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tie the knot. I think that Harry, while a (lovable) trouble maker for a bit, is such a wonderful soul. And Meghan… don’t even get me started. The royal family is gaining a badass and I hope they don’t take that for granted.

I really did see a ton of negative things out there about the newest royal (and heard a few in person that I promptly shot down). That kind of racism/sexism/classism annoys the crap out of me. So here I am, attempting to put some positivity into the world 😉

So tell me, did you watch the royal wedding? Did you make it past the procession without crying? I did not… LOL

34 thoughts on “Dear Meghan

  1. Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi May 22, 2018 / 1:56 am

    Yes. Yes yes yes!!


  2. Lauren Becker May 22, 2018 / 8:02 am

    Love it! I still haven’t watched it (I have a couple things taped) but I saw a lot of the photos and heard details and it just sounds lovely and Meghan is BEAUTIFUL – inside and out. I’m so happy that Harry married her, and I hope they have a long, wonderful life together doing good things and spreading happiness to the world.



    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 8:53 am

      (Have you watched it yet??) I think she is just so lovely 🙂 I’m so happy for them!


  3. Ashley May 22, 2018 / 8:44 am

    I loved the wedding so much! I thought that she while her dress was simple, her veil and tiara were stunning and anything more would have taken away from those pieces! And I can’t believe people are hating on her! Like you said she’s a beautiful and classy lady, and she’s just living out the dream that we all have- marrying a prince!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 8:55 am

      I completely agree with your fashion observations! I would guess that a lot of people’s hate is rooted in jealousy…


  4. StephTheBookworm May 22, 2018 / 10:13 am

    I felt like I was missing out because I didn’t watch it at all! I don’t know much about her, but she made a stunning bride!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:18 am

      It wasn’t breaking news, but it was a nice escape from reality for a Saturday morning 🙂 She was so so gorgeous!


  5. Amanda Bumgarner May 22, 2018 / 10:39 am

    I haven’t seen anything negative about the wedding! Everything I saw was happy and fun. The way they were looking at each other is so sweet, and she is gorgeous!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:18 am

      I’m glad!! The majority of what I saw was excitement and support. Just a few bad apples on the internet tree, I guess 😉


  6. A Mindful Migration (@MindfulMigrate) May 22, 2018 / 11:27 am

    I adore Meghan (and Harry) too. It surprises me, although it probably shouldn’t, how many people were “freaked” that she is biracial and marrying a Prince. Love is love, people. And it is clear how much those two love one another, which makes me so happy. That Harry (and Will) were able to marry whom they loved versus someone “appropriate”. And I will always, always, ALWAYS refer to her as Princess Meghan because dammit, America really needs a Princess right now. And to quote The Royal We, “He will marry an AMERICAN!”.


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:29 am

      The biracial thing blows my mind. It’s 2018 folks. Get over it or get the hell out.
      America *definitely* needs a princess 🙂 I love the ladies who love the princes. I think they’re both just amazing!
      I think The Royal We really added fuel to my royals obsession fire. And I’m not mad about it.


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:29 am

      I love sleep but I don’t regret cashing in a few hours to watch the wedding 🙂


  7. Carolann May 22, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    I love Meghan and Kate! I think they are both stunning. I hate seeing them compared because they are individual women. The photos of their side by side dresses kind of made me cringe. I don’t want a side by side wedding dress photo with ANYONE let alone my sister in law!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:30 am

      I COMPLETELY AGREE. Why can’t both dresses just be beautiful and fitting for both women? I think Kate and Meghan are just stunning.


  8. lexandneek May 22, 2018 / 7:12 pm

    Wonderful open letter! Haters will always hate and get left behind. It’s better to take the high road and let love rule. It was a lovely wedding!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:31 am

      Thank you! And that’s very true- we’re better off enjoying the wedding & royal family, and ignoring the bitter peanut gallery!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Emelia Lawrence May 23, 2018 / 10:41 am

    I. LOVE. THIS. I still haven’t watched the whole thing- but the pictures and some of the wedding I did get to catch was lovely. She looks so happy- they do as a couple as well and that is most important. I was shocked how many people bashed the wedding and were so outspoken negatively about things- but I guess that’s social media and the way things can be these days. I was so proud of her (as a bride who has lost a parent) for her wanting to walk halfway down the aisle- holy independence! You go Meghan! I think it all was lovely and I’m happy you wrote this. Nice to see something positive!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:46 am

      Thanks, Emelia. I’m obsessed with all the videos and pictures that came out of their wedding. I just love how beautiful and happy and unified everyone looks! I can’t imagine what darkness lurks in the heart of Meghan’s and the royal family’s haters. So sad everyone can’t just celebrate a gorgeous event like this one!


  10. Danielle Todd May 23, 2018 / 6:11 pm

    I didn’t watch it in real time as Saturdays are my one day to sleep in, but I watched what was available later. I’m a bit of an Anglophile so I love a royal wedding. They look like such a well-matched couple. I’m sure both Harry, Meghan, William and Kate will continue with Diana’s legacy of humanitarian work and activism too.


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:52 am

      I don’t blame you for sleeping it 😉 I moved down to the couch at 5am and figured I’d fall back asleep with the TV on but I was way too into it to sleep 🙂 I made some coffee and watched 5 straight hours of coverage. I’m very excited to see what Kate, Will, Harry, and Meghan accomplish! 🙂


  11. Kristen from Pugs & Pearls May 24, 2018 / 10:08 am

    This was so great Audrey! I loved the lady in waiting part, that was hysterical.
    I watched the wedding, and I was laughing about how invested I was. My favorite part was watching all the Brits get a little shifty when the preacher started getting riled up.
    They looked really happy together and she looked like a real princess.


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:55 am

      But do they still have ladies-in-waiting…? Lol
      I CRIED so hard during the ceremony. Why the hell was I so emotional?? Hahaha!
      I loved the squirming that happened during the sermon/homily. LOVED it 😀 I also loved Meghan looking around and making that “Oh geez, is he going too far?” face.


  12. Nadine May 24, 2018 / 3:15 pm

    I dont really care about the royals enough to watch the wedding and all the hype surrounding it. But I have seen a lot of negative things being said and it is sad. I cant imagine the amount of pressure that is on this gorgeous woman to be this or that because she is marrying royalty. To be in the spotlight and constantly critiqued is quite an undertaking. More power to her!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 9:57 am

      Can you imagine how quickly and dramatically your life would change?? That just blows my mind. All the new rules and exposure and daily habits that change forever. It’d be so hard! I think she id just lovely (Kate, too!) and it was fun to escape the crappy day-to-day for a few hours 🙂 Totally don’t blame you if you’re not into it, though! Lol


  13. Heidi May 29, 2018 / 11:00 am

    YES!!!!!! Everyone’s like “let’s unite and love each other” then say hateful things about people they don’t even know. Meghan is gorgeous and brave to have entered the royal family! Plus, she’s so obviously in love with Harry (and he with her) that nothing else really matters.


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 2:51 pm

      Right??! When females are all: “I support and love other women”, but then tear down celebrities or famous people I’m like uhhhhhh…. not ok.
      I just can’t get over how happy and smiley those two are around one another. Will and Harry found excellent women to spend their lives with 😀


  14. chelsea @ the new wifestyle May 29, 2018 / 1:49 pm

    i really love that you wrote this, audrey! and i’m loooving the look of your new blog too (obviously when i was traveling i got way behind)! i think she’s a badass too!


    • Audrey May 29, 2018 / 2:52 pm

      Thank you! And thank you! I just messed with the look of the blog less than a week ago (I think?) so you’re not behind at all 🙂


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