If you’ll recall, I combined my spring and summer goals and bucket list items into one post. I don’t like these warm seasons but having some fun stuff to look forward to helps me keep a good attitude. (Full disclosure: I did NOT have a good attitude about the +90 degree days in June.)

So anyway, since Thursday was the first day of summer, I figured a check-in was smart.

  • Go to a major or minor league baseball game
    I haven’t done this yet BUT it’s physically on the calendar for July!
  • Visit the farmers market at least twice
  • Go on anniversary trip to Gettysburg
  • Go to country summer concert with friends
  • Go to summer concert with K (Jimmy Eat World)
    Also already on the calendar for July!
  • Finish cleaning stuff out of M&D’s basement
    Making progress!
  • Finish purging unnecessary stuff
    It will be sold at the garage sale or donated by the end of the week!
  • Have a garage sale at new house!
    Happening this coming weekend!
  • Go to the outdoor rootbeer stand (Fundays)
  • Go swimming!
  • Go to Trumpet in the Land (outdoor play)
  • Follow 5 new blogs
  • Set up home office
  • Set up basement workout space
  • Scrapbook & finish year 3
  • Summer vacation?
  • Paint the bedroom

I’m actually doing better than I thought I was. Yay for putting things on the list that I already had scheduled. Hahaha. Let’s bring me down a notch and revisit the goals for 2018 that I set…

Drink 64 oz. of water a day.
NOPE. I’m aiming for 32 oz. right now. Although on the day of Pride & the outdoor concert I drank over 96 ounces of water!

Read 50 books in 2018. And complete one of Erin’s Challenges.
I’m working on it… I’ve read 17 books and Erin’s next challenge start in July.

Start exercising.
Hahahahahahahaha. Nah.

Keep up with meal planning.
This has mostly been a bust. We haven’t gone out to dinner much, but dinners are either thrown together, tossed on the grill, or ordered off a takeout menu. Summer threw me off.

Practice kindness, patience, grace, and peace.
I actually think I’ve made some progress with this goal. I’ve taken steps to controlling my emotions. I’m trying to be a better, more supportive, loving friend. Obviously there’s always room for improvement. I know I’m never done improving.

Not doing so great with the yearlong goals. Lol

I’ve got one more season to knock these out so fingers crossed! I’m not sure if the painting, scrapbooking, or workout space are going to happen… but I’ll try πŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Start of Summer: Goals Check-In

  1. hahaha make some damn ice cream. Amen! I am with you, i don’t look forward to the summer weather in the least bit…so I try to think of the good things about the season as well. And try not to die of heat stroke in the process.


    1. Making ice cream has been on my list forever. It’s pathetic. LOL
      I could never ever ever live anywhere south of here. Our summers SUCK and I know I’d actually die if I lived in the south.


  2. I laughed with you on the exercise one – I’m in the same boat.
    When you find 5 new blogs to follow – share! πŸ™‚ I always am looking for new ones to follow too


  3. I really don’t like hot weather so 90+ degree days drive me nuts. Ugh. I’ve also fallen off the exercise wagon and I was doing so good. But I’m hoping to get back on track again. It’s just not fair how easy it is to quit and how hard it is to restart something. πŸ˜€ I’d like to practice more kindness and grace too but that would mean never, ever watching the news. I’ve curbed my intake to stay sane. Sometimes I feel guilty about it but my mental health requires it. I just wish more people would choose to practice more kindness – the world would be a better place. Good luck on your goals!


    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with exercise right now!! Put on that swimsuit and go to the pool right now!! Lol πŸ™‚ You’re still doing better than me!
      I wish kindness was common sense but with the world we live in it clearly is not. Sigh. We’re taking steps in the right direction, though. I feel it.


  4. Oh gosh, the 90+ days were insane. Unless I was in the pool – then I could mostly handle it. lol Good luck with the rest of your summer bucket list and all of your yearly goals. I really need to get a better handle on eating well, drinking more water, and exercising. There’s just so much to it – baby steps, I guess. hah



  5. i can’t handle 90+ degree days either. we’ve got a full week of it (and then it hits 101) but at least no humidity! have you tried consuming your water via straw? i drink waaaay more water when it’s iced and via a straw (i use a corkcicle) πŸ™‚

    there better be a whole post when you finally ‘make some damn ice cream’ hahaha


    1. This week it’s been upper 80s and 90s, and I won’t lie… I am DREAMING about Christmas and snow falling. Sigh.
      I think I tend to drink more water with a straw, too, but sometimes the extra air I intake with a straw messes with my reflux. But I definitely agree that a straw helps me consume more water!!


  6. You’re still doing really well with your goals, especially your summer goals! We really want to go to an Astros game as a family this year, and we booked our tickets this week! I’m so excited to take the girls in a couple of weeks!


    1. My younger cousin asked me to go to an Indians game with her so we’re doing that in a few weeks! I don’t think she realized that she’s helping me cross off bucket list lines πŸ˜€


    1. The rootbeer stand (actually called Fundays) is one of my favorite things about summer! They make homemade rootbeer and they deliver the trays of food to your car and it’s just so vintage and yummy!!
      Thank you!


  7. Meal prepping and planning is so hard to get into. I thought I would be a lot better about cooking over deployment but it’s way easier to make a peanut butter sandwich than start up the oven. Plus, it’s SO HOT and I don’t have AC. So it’s salads and sandwiches for me.


    1. I was doing SO well with meal prepping at our old house. We didn’t have a/c for the first 2 summers and I was MISERABLE cooking so when we finally got it I was a prepping machine. This house I can’t quite get into the swing of it… lol
      Sandwiches still count πŸ˜‰


  8. I am so late commenting on this. But I love the way you do your goals, it reminds me of how I (used to) do mine and it’s making me want to start again. I think you’re doing awesome!!


    1. No worries πŸ™‚ Thank you! I combined spring & summer but I do fall and winter separately. Lol. I write them all down in my planner, too! It helps me see them more often πŸ™‚
      Thank you! ❀


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