I have 11 drafts sitting in a folder but none of them feel *right* for today. I’m in a reflective mood; calm and mellow and ready for the weekend. I typically get this way before a busy weekend. My introvert brain needs chill-time and since I won’t be getting any this weekend, I need to soak it in pre-weekend.

Tomorrow night I’m headed to an Indian’s baseball game with my cousin and some friends. Saturday I’m boating with friends. Sunday I have a softball game and then K and I are headed to a Jimmy Eat World concert in Cleveland in the evening. Someone reserve me a nap pod on Monday morning, please and thanks. Not to mention soon we’re headed to Texas for business. Lord, help me…

So today I’m going to share some blog posts that inspired me or amused me or made me think.


  • Lindsay is starting a new series called Whiskey in a Teacup and I am here for it. In her first post she shared a very real and raw struggle that she’s dealt with for years. I love her bravery and honesty.
  • As the mom to a very anxious dog, I love it when other dog-moms share tips and tricks that work for them. Taylor wrote about dogs & fireworks in honor of the 4th and I really appreciated the advice.
  • Chelsea is one of my closest blog friends. I discovered her site when I first started LaL and I love keeping up with her. Chelsea is a writer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, badass, traveler, and NOW she’s a TEDxTalk speaker!
  • In the same breath, Aubrey is one of my very best friends IRL. She’s slightly insta-famous and extremely talented. She shared it a while ago, but I love her post about starting over and healing and reclaiming her life after a devastating break-up.
  • I will never have the need or opportunity to do it (never say never?), but Carolann’s post about flying Space A is fascinating! The process and the plane and everything about it is so new and unique to me!
  • Emma does a monthly travel link-up and this past one was on kindness while traveling. Her stories are so so sweet! I love it when a stranger makes my day (or trip)!
  • I think most of Blogworld knows about Chelsea and her uplifting blog. Hopefully you didn’t miss her recent post on falling in love with your own life. She’s wise and optimistic beyond her years 🙂

I know this is a fairly lazy post on my behalf, but I genuinely love all the things these ladies created and put out on their blogs. I encourage you to spend your time there today ❤

Have a great weekend!

24 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Weekend Storm (FAVORITES!)

  1. I know the feeling – also sitting with drafts and today doesn’t feel like the day for any of them! Sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend ahead – enjoy!
    I’ll check out the blogs you’ve mentioned 🙂


  2. I have a bunch of different posts that I need to schedule and then a ton of other ideas I still haven’t started. LOL I like these type of posts though! Thanks for sharing the fun links.



  3. You’re friends with a TedxTalk Speaker – that’s pretty cool! I gotta check her out.
    I love when you do these posts – I have found some awesome blogs this way


    1. Hahahaha- yeahhh. I might’ve overbooked myself. Especially since K was on a business trip and I usually like having the house to myself while he’s gone. Sigh. Oh well!


  4. I love it when other bloggers promote some of their favorite bloggers – it’s how I find so many amazing new blogger friends! And as an introvert like you, I need downtime to gear up for those times when I will have very little too! It sounds like a very fun-filled, jam-packed weekend though! Have fun!


    1. I’m glad! You’ll discover some great ladies with those links!
      Yeahhh… I definitely overbooked my weekend. And K is gone this weekend so I also have to try and keep the pups happy. I should’ve said no to something…. but it’s all so fun! Haha!


  5. Ahhh thank you so much for the shoutout!! And thanks for this post — I have been wanting to find some new bloggers and your list is where I will start!


  6. I love Chelsea’s blog–uplifting is the right word!! 🙂 Alsoooo can we talk about how you have 11 drafts of blog posts written?! I can barely come up with ideas haha.


    1. Chelsea is a wonderful writer. She’s incredibly uplifting and joyful. I love it. Eleven drafts might sound impressive but they’re off the wall and incomplete. Lol. I feel so uninspired with them!


  7. Aw, thanks so much for sharing our little linkup – last might’s was such a lovely topic!


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