One Monday morning, not too long ago, a co-worker arrived & I greeted him cheerfully. He gave me a sideways look because a) it was a Monday and b) it was morning. Then I saw a lightbulb go off and he laughed and said, “You’re in a great mood because it’s cold outside.”


And that is my classy intro to this year’s Fall Bucket List.

This year’s list feels a little light but life has been busy and I won’t pretend like I’d enjoy filling all my free time with traditional fall activities. I tried to stick to stuff that I either enjoy doing or stuff thatΒ really need done.

Outside Stuff

  • Go to at least one festival
  • Take a vacation
  • Family Thanksgiving trip to Williamsburg
  • Get some mums
  • Get some pumpkins
  • Carve some pumpkins
  • Do a fall craft
  • Take a dog or two on a fall hike

Inside Stuff

  • Gather the necessary items for our costumes…
  • Host our annual Halloween party!
  • Decorate the house
  • Start & finish a project I’m working on with K
  • Try out three new recipes for dinner
  • Bake a new fall cookie
  • Drinks lots of apple cider
  • Meet my cousin-in-law’s new baby! (She’s due early Oct.)
  • Celebrate my bffs’ birthday!! (One in Sept. & one in Nov.)
  • Find a new fall cocktail to make at home
  • Get a PSL
  • Get 50% of my Christmas shopping done
  • Paint the house
  • Hang 90% of all art/pics once house is painted
  • MAKE. ICE. CREAM.(If I don’t do it this time around I’m selling my ice cream machine)
  • Scrapbook Year 4
  • Order Year 5 photos
  • Continue working on office & emptying my parents’ basement

Do I already have some things crossed off? Yes. Am I ashamed that I jumped the gun? Hellz no.

I’m working on my overhaul goals, too. This month has been… rough. But I’ll recap that during Kristen’s link-up at the start of October.

What’s on your fall bucket list?

39 thoughts on “The Fall Bucket List 2018

  1. I’m impressed that you’ve already crossed things off. That’s dedication!

    I plan to try and have all my Christmas presents sorted by the end of October in case I don’t feel like doing anything after that. I’m also already trying to get lots of Christmas cards stitched while I have energy.


  2. That’s awesome you have things crossed off already. I’m so ready for fall and all the fun food and events. I have go to a fall festival on my list too – it will be up tomorrow. Fall is my favorite, so I already have lots of fun things on my calendar. LOL



    1. Thanks, friend!! I’m pretty excited about our costume this year πŸ™‚ Our theme is famous people, real and fictional. (So it actually has to be a person or character- not just a ghost or a dog or something.)


  3. I want to go to an apple orchard, some fall festivals, and I’d also love to spend a day walking around Williamsburg once the leaves change! Ahhh I’m so looking forward to those cooler days!


    1. We have a few cute little farms and orchards around us so hopefully I make it to one or two of those. We went to Williamsburg one summer and had a great time. I’m excited to experience it closer to Christmas!


  4. You’re just getting a head start on the list – no shame in that.
    50% of Christmas done… that is goals for real to me. I dont even want to do Christmas this year. UGH.
    Fingers crossed on making the ice cream so you dont have to abandon the machine πŸ™‚


  5. Yesssss I’m so excited for Halloween. I added to my tree last night and I’m in love. What a great list! I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done already and haven’t started yet ooooops haha. Maybe next year! Have a good weekend!


  6. So about this Halloween party? Do you have a theme? Does it change? How did it start? I have a former student whose family has the BEST Halloween parties… so now I’m completely fascinated by people who celebrate it and go all out.. I want to know all the details!


    1. YES! Halloween is my favorite holiday so our entire house is decorated, we have festive foods, and we typically have a theme πŸ™‚ If you follow this link ( it’ll take you to come home decor and posts from our past parties.
      I usually pick a random theme (this year it’s famous people- real and fictional), make invites, and open the house for an evening! The first year we actually owned a house I started this party tradition. So we’ve been doing it since 2013. The first year I did a murder mystery- that was fun!


  7. It’s good to have fun stuff on your list too! We don’t use our ice cream machine as much as we should. It’s just a lot of prep. You have to remember to freeze the thing and stuff. We have a smaller freezer so it takes up a lot of space.


  8. I love your list and the fact that you’ve already been able to mark things off it and it’s only the first day of Fall is so amazing and fun! I need to put a list together, too!


    1. Thank you!! I tend to jump the gun on fall activities and decorations πŸ˜‰ I’m just impatient. Haha! I hope you share your list, too! I love getting new ideas!


  9. YAY FOR FALL!!!! I love Christmas shopping early, too. I like to make gifts and this year I am goping to crochet a bunch of gifts, which is taking a lot of time but it’s so much fun. Please upate us on the fall cocktail you make. Also. Nick and I have an ice cream maker that we LOVE. Try something simple like vanilla and you will be hooked!! I just made him pretzels and stout for his homecoming.


    1. It feels so good to just enjoy December/Christmas because you have all your gifts ready to go πŸ™‚ I should look into making some gifts. I just don’t know what I’d make! Your blanket turned out awesome- your crochet gifts are going to be amazing! I still need to decide on a cocktail… That ice cream sounds AMAZING. Kyle would love that!!


  10. Hey doll!! So glad to meet you and have you join our bucket list link up. I email our group of bucket listers with the link up codes, so if you would like to join our email group, please send me a note at We will share our progress on 10.21 and 11.21 and would love to have you join us.
    Admire your ambitious list. I like the way you divided it into two parts. I have divided mine in the past, too, but this season I just alphabetized!! Ha!
    Looking forward to your fall recipes and new fall drink! I would like to do a fall soup blog-hop so if you are interested in that, let me know!
    So glad to have you join us.


    1. Thank you so much! My list is actually shorter than it typically is for fall, haha! I didn’t even think to alphabetize it, though! Smart!
      A fall soup hop sounds awesome!


    1. It’s so funny to me how I can be in such a different climate or time of year as someone else on Earth πŸ™‚ I guess that’s kind of small minded on my part… Hope you have a lovely spring and find a great dress!!


  11. Great list and well done for already ticking things off! I can tell you love fall!
    We are having spring here in South Africa and I love this time of year. I cannot wait to unpack my summer clothes πŸ™‚


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