The Fall Bucket List 2018

One Monday morning, not too long ago, a co-worker arrived & I greeted him cheerfully. He gave me a sideways look because a) it was a Monday and b) it was morning. Then I saw a lightbulb go off and he laughed and said, “You’re in a great mood because it’s cold outside.”


And that is my classy intro to this year’s Fall Bucket List.

This year’s list feels a little light but life has been busy and I won’t pretend like I’d enjoy filling all my free time with traditional fall activities. I tried to stick to stuff that I either enjoy doing or stuff thatΒ really need done.

Outside Stuff

  • Go to at least one festival
  • Take a vacation
  • Family Thanksgiving trip to Williamsburg
  • Get some mums
  • Get some pumpkins
  • Carve some pumpkins
  • Do a fall craft
  • Take a dog or two on a fall hike

Inside Stuff

  • Gather the necessary items for our costumes…
  • Host our annual Halloween party!
  • Decorate the house
  • Start & finish a project I’m working on with K
  • Try out three new recipes for dinner
  • Bake a new fall cookie
  • Drinks lots of apple cider
  • Meet my cousin-in-law’s new baby! (She’s due early Oct.)
  • Celebrate my bffs’ birthday!! (One in Sept. & one in Nov.)
  • Find a new fall cocktail to make at home
  • Get a PSL
  • Get 50% of my Christmas shopping done
  • Paint the house
  • Hang 90% of all art/pics once house is painted
  • MAKE. ICE. CREAM.(If I don’t do it this time around I’m selling my ice cream machine)
  • Scrapbook Year 4
  • Order Year 5 photos
  • Continue working on office & emptying my parents’ basement

Do I already have some things crossed off? Yes. Am I ashamed that I jumped the gun? Hellz no.

I’m working on my overhaul goals, too. This month has been… rough. But I’ll recap that during Kristen’s link-up at the start of October.

What’s on your fall bucket list?

39 thoughts on “The Fall Bucket List 2018

  1. I’m impressed that you’ve already crossed things off. That’s dedication!

    I plan to try and have all my Christmas presents sorted by the end of October in case I don’t feel like doing anything after that. I’m also already trying to get lots of Christmas cards stitched while I have energy.


  2. That’s awesome you have things crossed off already. I’m so ready for fall and all the fun food and events. I have go to a fall festival on my list too – it will be up tomorrow. Fall is my favorite, so I already have lots of fun things on my calendar. LOL



    • Thanks, friend!! I’m pretty excited about our costume this year πŸ™‚ Our theme is famous people, real and fictional. (So it actually has to be a person or character- not just a ghost or a dog or something.)


  3. I want to go to an apple orchard, some fall festivals, and I’d also love to spend a day walking around Williamsburg once the leaves change! Ahhh I’m so looking forward to those cooler days!


    • We have a few cute little farms and orchards around us so hopefully I make it to one or two of those. We went to Williamsburg one summer and had a great time. I’m excited to experience it closer to Christmas!


  4. You’re just getting a head start on the list – no shame in that.
    50% of Christmas done… that is goals for real to me. I dont even want to do Christmas this year. UGH.
    Fingers crossed on making the ice cream so you dont have to abandon the machine πŸ™‚


  5. Yesssss I’m so excited for Halloween. I added to my tree last night and I’m in love. What a great list! I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done already and haven’t started yet ooooops haha. Maybe next year! Have a good weekend!


  6. So about this Halloween party? Do you have a theme? Does it change? How did it start? I have a former student whose family has the BEST Halloween parties… so now I’m completely fascinated by people who celebrate it and go all out.. I want to know all the details!


    • YES! Halloween is my favorite holiday so our entire house is decorated, we have festive foods, and we typically have a theme πŸ™‚ If you follow this link ( it’ll take you to come home decor and posts from our past parties.
      I usually pick a random theme (this year it’s famous people- real and fictional), make invites, and open the house for an evening! The first year we actually owned a house I started this party tradition. So we’ve been doing it since 2013. The first year I did a murder mystery- that was fun!


  7. It’s good to have fun stuff on your list too! We don’t use our ice cream machine as much as we should. It’s just a lot of prep. You have to remember to freeze the thing and stuff. We have a smaller freezer so it takes up a lot of space.


  8. I love your list and the fact that you’ve already been able to mark things off it and it’s only the first day of Fall is so amazing and fun! I need to put a list together, too!


  9. YAY FOR FALL!!!! I love Christmas shopping early, too. I like to make gifts and this year I am goping to crochet a bunch of gifts, which is taking a lot of time but it’s so much fun. Please upate us on the fall cocktail you make. Also. Nick and I have an ice cream maker that we LOVE. Try something simple like vanilla and you will be hooked!! I just made him pretzels and stout for his homecoming.


    • It feels so good to just enjoy December/Christmas because you have all your gifts ready to go πŸ™‚ I should look into making some gifts. I just don’t know what I’d make! Your blanket turned out awesome- your crochet gifts are going to be amazing! I still need to decide on a cocktail… That ice cream sounds AMAZING. Kyle would love that!!


  10. Hey doll!! So glad to meet you and have you join our bucket list link up. I email our group of bucket listers with the link up codes, so if you would like to join our email group, please send me a note at We will share our progress on 10.21 and 11.21 and would love to have you join us.
    Admire your ambitious list. I like the way you divided it into two parts. I have divided mine in the past, too, but this season I just alphabetized!! Ha!
    Looking forward to your fall recipes and new fall drink! I would like to do a fall soup blog-hop so if you are interested in that, let me know!
    So glad to have you join us.


    • It’s so funny to me how I can be in such a different climate or time of year as someone else on Earth πŸ™‚ I guess that’s kind of small minded on my part… Hope you have a lovely spring and find a great dress!!


  11. Great list and well done for already ticking things off! I can tell you love fall!
    We are having spring here in South Africa and I love this time of year. I cannot wait to unpack my summer clothes πŸ™‚


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