Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!!

Tonight is trick-or-treating in my town & I’m so excited. I carved some pumpkins last night for the big day! Also, Saturday is our annual Halloween party so stay tuned for pics from that!

For today’s post I’m borrowing this Halloween tag from Stephanie. I’m adding to it, though.

Favorite Halloween movie? Beetlejuice. I don’t know if that’s considered Halloween or just creepy- but I love it.
Least Favorite Halloween movie? I don’t watch any slasher flicks, so I guess those would be my least favorite. Also… Hocus Pocus isn’t my favorite at. all. I know I’m in the minority here.

Favorite Halloween (or Halloween adjacent) song? Dave Matthews Band has a song called Halloween that I love.
Least Favorite Halloween song? I don’t really like Black Magic Woman or Somebody’s Watching Me. But I honestly don’t feel that strongly about it. Lol

Favorite candy? I don’t love candy but Twix bars, runts (the bananas!), and gobstoppers.
Least favorite candy? Candy corn is ew. Whoopers are ew. Peppermint Patties are ew. There’s a TON of candy I don’t like…

Favorite costume you’ve worn? Oh man… I don’t know. I’ve been Wednesday Addams & loved it. I was a Rockford Peach one year with Kyle as Jimmy Dugan. I’ve loved the majority of my costumes. My mom made me a princess dress one year- it was awesome. I’m SO excited for our costumes this year!!
Least favorite costume? My freshman year of college I went to a party and I was a “sexy librarian.” I was actually a mess and I HATE that I went with that. First because of the stupid “sexy” adjective but also because the costume suuuuuuuuuuucked. Shame on freshman Audrey.

Favorite Halloween related activity? As an adult, it’s our annual Halloween Party 🙂 I’ve always looked forward to decorating the house, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins.
Least favorite activity? I honestly thought I’d love passing out candy but our neighborhood is dull. Hopefully as they continue to develop it we get more kids!

Favorite Halloween decor item?  I just bought a vulture this year and I love him!! I named him Edgar. (I got him from Target.) I love all my decorations!
Least favorite…? Who are we kidding. I only keep the stuff I love and I love it all.

Favorite Halloween memory?  I remember getting dressed every year and setting out into the neighborhood with my parents and brother. We’d always run into friends in the neighborhoods behind our house, and then I’d creep around with them. We were the only kids on our street so our neighbors put together HUGE bags of candy and full size bars for us. It was great!
Also, my mom has always been SUPER into Halloween and I think that’s where I get it from. She still dresses up each year and goes all out in her 1st grade classroom!

I hope everyone has a safe & spooky & spectacular Halloween!

Share your favorite costumes or memories with me!

25 thoughts on “Happy Halloween (Tag)

  1. I LOVE that you dressed up as a Rockford Peach. A League of Their Own is one of my favourite films.

    Does The Crow count as a Halloween film? Because if it does I’m saying that’s my favourite (although I do like Hocus Pocus).


  2. I love Beetlejuice too! I’m not sure if it’s “technically” a Halloween movie but they play it constantly during October so I consider it to be one! And I still love you even though you’re not a fan of Hocus Pocus. I’m less sure if I can continue to love you knowing that you don’t like peppermint patties since they are one of my favorite candies. But since you said “ewwww” to candy corn, I can at least like you. Kidding! Still love you! I also love that you dress-up every year. I make Max wear a costume but I do not. Living in an apartment, you don’t get trick-o-treaters, which is kind of a bummer until I remember that kids on a sugar-high are kind of annoying. 😀 Happy Halloween!


    1. Meh, I’m going to count it as a Halloween movies 😉
      Hahahahaha- I know I don’t win any friends with my opinions on Hocus Pocus, candy, and pizza. YIKES. Oh well…. glad you can still like me. Hahahaha!
      I love dressing up. I was sad in high school and college when there were no good places to dress up and have fun as an adult (except clubs/bar- no thanks). As soon as we got a house I started throwing parties so I’d have a reason to dress up!!


  3. Girl – I’m jealous of your ‘not a big candy fan’ attitude – I wish I didn’t.
    Look at you Sexy Librarian – haha – I have to just laugh because that just seems so out of the realm for you …. love your other costumes here – the Brave one is fantastic!!! You are always just the cutest.
    & Beetlejuice is a great classic movie – I havent actually got to watch ANY this year.


    1. *Sigh* I have plenty of other food vices. Haha!
      Oh man… a “friend” recommended the sexy librarian thing and I was desperate. NEVER AGAIN. Lol. Brave was such a fun one to be!!


  4. You aren’t a big fan of candy???? I cant seem to keep my hand out of Zoe’s goody bag from this weekend lol. I wish I didn’t like it. Beetlejuice is a good movie, but Hocus Pocus is my favorite.


    1. I have a weakness for certain candies- like Twix. And of course I bought the fun size ones for trick-or-treaters waaaay too early and I ate a million of them throughout the month of October. Oops.


  5. Your couples/group costumes are IMPRESSIVE. Lovin it! (Except how can you like the runts candy….and especially the bananas?! If I wanted to break a tooth on something nearly flavorless I’d chew on rocks 😉 )


    1. Thank you!
      Hahahahahahaha- I LOVE RUNTS!! I’d always pick them as my movie theater treat 🙂 Banana ones are the best ever. Perfect for cavities. HA.


  6. I wish I didn’t like so much candy. That would be so helpful, but i’m like no…give it to me! LOL Your childhood neighbors sound kind of amazing. My street never did much for Halloween because there’s never been a ton of kids – I usually went to nearby neighborhoods with friends, which was fun!! Trick or Treating is tonight, and I hope it’s not a complete wash out, because my nieces and nephew are going to be adorable (they are all doing a Wizard of Oz character!) I love Halloween – it’s definitely my favorite. I can’t wait to hear about your Halloween party!



    1. Even though there weren’t kids on our street my mom would make use visit the houses because the older people who lived there had stuff for us. It was our Halloween obligation. HAHAHA. We always joined up with my friends after that, though. I have nothing but awesome memories of Halloween 😀


  7. Nick really isn’t into Halloween so we never dress up together. There is always a reason why – like deployment or living far from each other or something, This year, our friends had a Halloween party and Nick was going to keep his streak up because he was supposed to be working overnight. However, his schedule changed at the last minute so he had no excuse not to come to the party! My friends and I dressed up as the Sanderson sisters and it was honestly my favorite costume ever. I made Nick Billy. I know that it’s not super original but it was so fun and perfectly Halloweenie.


    1. Yay!! I love that Nick got to (had to? LOL) participate this year! Perfect costume choice for him!! I saw pictures of your costume, too. SO PERFECT!! I’m always so impressed by people who flawlessly execute their Halloween costumes. Your ladies were the perfect Sanderson sisters!!


  8. You’re crazy, Hocus Pocus is the best! Totally agree about the candy though, there’s just so much that’s meh. I’m not a candy person at all. But that’s good, it’s not like it’s a good thing to be eating. More for the kids! I used to sell my Halloween candy. I’d go trick or treating and then sort it all and line it up on my dresser with price tags and my mom would leave coins while I was at school because she ate all my candy. My cousins would come for my bday in November and Thanksgiving with allowances in hand just to buy the candy I still had!


    1. Hahahaha. I know I’m in the minority on Hocus Pocus. I find it quite fortunate that I’m not a candy addict 🙂 It makes it easy to walk on by when there’s a big bowl. We leave candy corn out for guests all October long but neither one of us picks at it. Other people LOVE it, though.
      Your Halloween candy shop is a freakin’ genius idea!! That’s hilarious! Hahaha!


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