I’ve been hitting the Christmas movies hard this year. Have you watched any Hallmark or Netflix movies yet? I took my Christmas streaming list seriously and decided to report back. If you’ve watched any of these cheesy love stories let’s discuss in the comments!

Road to Christmas (Hallmark 2018)
Good: I really loved the cross-country trip. The map visual was cute. I felt like the chemistry between Maggie and Danny was great, too.
Bad: The snowman contest left me going w.t.f.
Cheesy: The draaaamaaa was ridiculous, both between the bros and between Maggie & Danny.

Christmas Wonderland (Hallmark 2018)
Good: The acting is surprising really, really great in this movie. Even the kids are talented.
Bad: Her job behavior is sh*t. I think she enjoys her job and I think she’s good at her job… but everyone gives her crap because she moved to NYC to paint and now she’s an art dealer with no inspiration or free time. She’s just a successful adult. *eyeroll* Also, she treated her boss and assistant kinda sh*tty, too.
Cheesy: The godawful dance scene. Things were so good until that point.

The Princess Switch (Netflix 2018)
Good: The setting for this movie is stunning. I also appreciated the deception with minimal drama.
Bad: I wanted her baking career to be more of a thing. She’s not excited about it and it seems like no one else is either.
Cheesy: I mean… the acting is a little cheesy. And the romances. But that’s why we watch, right?

A Christmas Prince (Netflix 2017)
Good: Princess Emily. She was quick and witty from the start but not in a bratty way. I thought her bond and honestly with Amber was a plus. And the prince before he shaved. And the scenery.
Bad: The prince’s bad acting when he’s in proper royal mode.
Cheesy: I hate Amber’s acting. I won’t lie. It all feels forced- including the chemistry.

A Christmas Prince: The  Royal Wedding (Netflix 2018)
Good: It’s a different character, but her dad is great. I love him. Same with Mr. Zabala.
Bad: The peak moment with the bad guy was anticlimactic. That could’ve been cooler.
Cheesy: The wedding itself. YAWN.

The Holiday Calendar (Netflix 2018)
Good: I thought the love triangle was tastefully done.
Bad: Josh’s hair. Sorry, but it’s distracting and I don’t like the style.
Cheesy: The stupid camera thing Abby and Josh do. Honestly. *eyeroll*

Christmas Inheritance (Netflix 2017)
Good: I definitely started crying during the snowstorm when Ellie helped out. Also, the self awareness of the cheese factor is refreshing. I liked it. The letter reading part made me sob, too. WTF.
Bad: The drama for the sake of drama is a little much at times- especially regarding Ellie and her image and her reputation.
Cheesy: The change of heart when she holds a baby. Apparently her ovaries woke up & saved the day. Also, the end, but that’s a good thing since that’s what we’re all looking for.

I also watched:

  • The Grinch (2018)
  • White Christmas (1954)
  • The Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – FINALLY

My favorite was definitely Christmas Inheritance. Let’s hear it for the film where the leading lady DOESN’T have to give up her career!

What was your favorite? Which one(s) didn’t you like?

26 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, & The Cheesy

    1. We have everything- Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Cable… I WISH we didn’t. It’s a point of contention in our house. LOL
      I can’t believe I hadn’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life until this year. My parents watched it with me and my dad was surprised that he hadn’t seen it either.


  1. I haven’t seen any of those, which seems crazy since we’ve been doing a Christmas movie per day!! I need to check them out!!!!!! 🙂 Have you seen Merry Friggin Christmas? underrated and amazing 🙂


  2. You should also check out The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix…I really liked it, though it does have that cheesy (made for kids obviously) factor.


  3. I’m hoping to see the new Grinch movie next week after Christmas. I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime and there have been some really good ones. I need to actually check out some of the Netflix ones!



  4. The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding… drove me NUTS how bad Amber looked – that hair. COME ON. do something with it – she’s supposed to be royalty. The whole time they were getting their ‘portrait’ done, I was screaming – FIX HER HAIR!!!!!!
    I’m in total agreement with the Princess Switch too – I wanted more baking … & those cakes in the end in the competition. HAHAHA – yeahhhhhh…..those looked real… yeahhhhhhh
    But I can take corny movies so much better at Christmas time 🙂


    1. I agree. I try not to overanalyze those Christmas Prince movies… too much to roll my eyes at. LOL
      The Princess Switch was cute but why wasn’t anyone pumped about the baking??!! Haha!


    1. We don’t typically watch a ton of movies but K was gone for a few days this month and I filled the void in the house with movies 🙂 Four Christmases is cute. The Family Stone is one of my favorite modern holiday movies.


  5. I’ve only watched 3 so far this year, and they weren’t any of those ones! I try to watch as many Hallmark Christmas movies as I can though, so I’ll report back if I get to any of those this year. 😉


  6. So I went to the *dark* side and started listening to Christmas music by choice a few years ago. It was dark days I tell ya. 😀 But I have not become a huge Christmas movie fan – of the Lifetime, Hallmark, Netflix variety … yet. I’m sure I’ll get there but right now I’m squarely an Elf gal. I’ll also watch White Christmas (my one sappy old timey movie) and a few animated cartoon classics, like Rudolph and Grinch. Also I feel very Grinch-like this Christmas (which does truly bum me out because it is my favorite holiday) and watching a Hallmark movie seems risky. Like I might accidentally throw something at my TV and break it. Oh she’s a mean one, Ms. Grinch. I hope you and K and the puppies have a wonderful Christmas!


    1. Hahahaha. I think I’ve always loved Christmas music. I have NOT always loved the cheesy movies. That’s pretty new to this year. Something about the mindless feel-good story has sucked me in. (But I can only take so many!) I love White Christmas and the 1970s stop motion classics! Those will always be my favorites. I hope you find some holiday cheer and grow your heart three sizes when you’re visiting home!! 😉 Merry Christmas!


  7. I love Christmas movies! I watched Bad Mom’s Christmas the other day and enjoyed it all over again. Four Christmases is also brilliant. I haven’t watched many Hallmark movies this season so far. This month is going so quickly!


    1. Bad Moms Christmas is hilarious 🙂 I saw that last year, I think. Four Christmases is cute, too! I enjoy The Family Stone as far as contemporary Xmas movies go!


  8. Love, Actually is on Netflix and it’s one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies! It’s not 100% Christmas themed, but it is enough that it makes you feel “in the spirit.” Aside from that, I love The Family Stone and of course, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!


    1. I’m a fan of Love, Actually. The Family Stone is one of my absolute favorites! It’s so honest and raw as far as the dynamics of family and the flaws we all have deep down. I really love that movie. Have you seen the new Grinch?? It’s adorable!


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