Every year I try to reflect on major moments and special memories. I do it a little differently each year. Usually there are pictures and paragraphs involved. I’m a creature of habit so…

one year down at PI | E&T’s birthday | OMEA | off to TMEA | CLE with friends | winter party | Easter | WGI | 5 yr anniversary pic
Gettysburg anniversary trip | Cinco de Mayo in CLE | F’s bday & Mother’s Day in C-bus | nephew’s hs graduation | grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary | landscaping | PRIDE in C-bus | Kenny Chesney | Queso!
Indians game | boating | Jimmy Eat World | DCI in Texas | DCI in Indy | NASCAR H.O.F. | Darlington Raceway | E & Q | Ben Rector
a wedding | a sunset | a dog & a book | Kayla’s bday | new deck | fall decor | my bday | water taxi to Daufuskie | Daufuskie
Halloween | mother-in-law’s surprise party | hike with E & my sis-in-law | party in Indy | PASIC | Williamsburg | Thanksgiving | Xmas tree | work mtg

Looking back, this year was predominately good for us. We were so busy with trips and parties and home improvements. We went to Texas, Indianapolis, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Tennessee. (I think that’s it- although we drove one of the Texas trips so… everything in between, too.) I read lots of books, K swapped his truck for a Jeep (and another truck for the business), and the pups got a new deck to sun themselves on.

We painted the house and hosted Easter. I went to an Indians game, went boating, and went to my first PRIDE event. We went to lots of concerts. I was sick twice this year- both times affecting trips. (I had to skip one completely.) I had pleurisy at one point. In the middle of the summer I played on a softball league and had a garage sale and cheered as my in-laws got their wine company off the ground.

It was a busy busy busy year, but a good one. And I’m grateful that I feel that way.

If your 2018 was rough or turbulent, I hope you 2019 is spectacular. And if you had a good ’18, I hope your ’19 is even better! ❤︎

Happy New Year!

26 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! I hope your 2019 is an even better one with no sickness to contend with. Wishing you a year full of fun travels, good times with family and friends and all the happiness in the world.


    1. K started the year off sick (and he still is!) so I will definitely take those well-wishes!! Thanks so much, Bev! Truly hoping you have a very happy and healthy and positive year, too!


  2. Arent pictures just the best to look back over your year???
    Happy New Year to you & your family. Praying 2019 is just full of abundant JOY & happiness… so deserved!!!


    1. I love looking back over our pictures from the year. I always forget to snap pics so when I do I try to remember to flip through them often!
      Thank you!! Same to you ❤


  3. Happy New Year! I was looking through my camera roll on my phone and I can’t believe how much happened this year! It looks like you had a great year too. Cheers to 2019! Hope it’s a great one.


    1. Sometimes when the year feels like it flew all it takes is a scroll through my photos to realize we did SO much. That’s essentially how this year has felt. Lol.
      Thank you! Wishing the same for you!!


  4. What a wonderful year full of great memories. Love all the pictures. Here’s to a great 2019! Happy New Year beautiful!


    1. It was a great year 🙂 There were definitely lows, but the pace was so fast and the highs were so frequent we didn’t notice them too much. Thank goodness!
      Thank you!


    1. I hardly EVER snap pictures. I can’t believe I had all of these! Lol. And some of these are the only pics I have of that event or moment. LOL.
      It was great following along with you, too, last year!! Same to you!


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