Every once in a while I play along with The Blended Blogger prompts. This month was a fun one so why not?

1 | Books I’ve Read Multiple Times
Honestly, I don’t like to reread books. Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter are the exceptions.

2 | Favorite Book/Author of All Time
This is tough. I love AiW & HP, but I haven’t read Rowlings other books. I also love The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer) but her other books don’t quite touch the fairytale series. So I don’t know. Ashley Weaver is another author I read religiously.

3 | Favorite TV Show to Binge
The Tudors & The West Wing

4 | Favorite New-is TV Show
I’d say The Good Place and Superstore. I don’t watch a bunch of tv but I’m all caught up on those ones!

5 | Favorite Movie of All Time
It’s a toss up between Clue and Beetlejuice. And Talladega Nights. But also add The Mummy and Fantastic Mr. Fox in there.

6 | Movie You Are Looking Forward to Watching
The new Fantastic Beasts.

7 | First Concert You Attended
Fallout Boy, From First to Last, Hawthrone Heights, All American Rejects

8 | Ultimate Concert
Let’s imagine a two-night “Rock n’ Chill” kind of set up. Night 1 The Used opens for Panic! At the Disco who opens for the headliner- Foo Fighters. Night 2 is the chill/pop portion with some Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, and Dave Matthews Band.

9 | Favorite Music Artist/Band
I don’t even know any more. It all depends on my mood. My current album rotation includes Kelly Clarkson, Old Dominion, Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Ben Rector, & P!ATD.

10 | How Do You Listen?
My Spotify account is my life source.

22 thoughts on “Entertainment Tag | TBB

  1. Favorite authors can be tough if you’ve only read SOME of their books, or you only really LOVED some of their books. I do say J.K. Rowling for me though because I’ve read her non-HP books and love those too. I really like your dream concert idea. I’d go to that!



  2. i can name favourite books until the cows come home, but favourite authors are pretty impossible. just because i like one book or series doesn’t mean i will like others. i love all but one of jane austen’s books and she’s not my favourite author. i feel like naming a favourite author is more pigeonholing than naming a favourite book. perhaps i am overthinking this lol.
    The Mummy! love that movie. I only watched Clue for the first time last year, or the year before, i think? it was HILARIOUS. loved it.


    1. I agree! It’s really tough because authors’ voices change with each story and I just don’t relate to every single thing a person writes. And then there’s a matter of the person themself! Haha!
      I love The Mummy. Such a great movie! Clue is SO good- glad you agree!!


  3. Okay, so I watched the first episode of The Good Place (maybe even episode 2 – can’t remember) but I wasn’t all that impressed when it debuted. But everyone and their dog seems to love the show and when I hear people talk about it – it seems really hilarious. Is it a show that got funnier and found its groove as it went along? Or maybe it’s just not my jam, which is okay too. I am a huge rereader but I’m not sure if I have an all-time favorite book or author because it really depends on my mood. Like you, I love HP but not all of JK Rowling’s other books.


    1. I would say that yes, it does get funnier and falls into a better groove as it goes. Season 1 was great, season 2 was ok, and season 3 has been so so funny! Give one more chance, then write it off if you wanna 😉 I love HP but I haven’t even read The Casual Vacancy… Lol.


  4. I dont know what I’d do without Spotify myself!
    I have very few books I re-read. I’ve done it a few times – but only by accident when I get half way & thought, “oh yeah, I knew this sounded familiar”
    I’m just now starting to watch Superstore & loving it!


    1. I use Spotify every single day- and sometimes nights, too! Haha!
      Superstore is so cute and funny. The secondary characters are truly the best on that show!


  5. I LOVE The Good Place! If you’re looking for another great show, check out Jane the Virgin. I’m on a mission to convert everyone into being obsessed with Jane. I always wrote it off because I thought the title was dumb but its one of the funniest shows while being over the top dramatic (it’s a spoof on telenovelas) and very relevant to the current climate in the US.


    1. I’ve been meaning to check that out but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I don’t balance a ton of TV shows well so I try to limit myself, but I only watch two so I should sneak that one in.


    1. I put up such a fight when it came to purchasing Spotify premium. I’m so so so glad I have it, though. It’s almost ALWAYS on- at home, at work, in the car!

      Yes! Go rewatch it 🙂 I just love it so much!


  6. “the good place” is seriously SUCH a well done TV show, i can’t get enough of it.

    also – you should totally check out Jk Rowling mystery novels (under the name ‘robert galbraith https://robert-galbraith.com/writing/). they are goooood (though warning – they are intense and gruesome at times)


    1. Me neither! I hate that I’m all caught up with it!
      I still need to read The Casual Vacancy. I can’t decide if I want to jump into the Galbraith novels or not! I don’t usually read thriller! Lol!


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