Good morning & Happy Tuesday!

I’m in for a busy work week and a super social weekend so I’m trying to charge up my introvert battery today & tomorrow. Does anyone else think of it like that? Because I definitely do.

This past weekend my best friends came to visit me. One lives in Cleveland and one lives in Columbus, so when we all meet up in one of their cities we have the option to go out or wander Target or hit up a bougie brunch spot. When they come to see me in our home(small)town, we tend to eat and lounge.

After work on Friday my bffs arrived, dropped their bags, smothered their dog-niece and nephew with kisses, and we headed out to our favorite Chinese buffet. From there it was a lovely, relaxing, do-what-we-wanted kind of weekend. We wandered around the mall for a minute (and bought face masks and Super Mario Party), stopped to see my parents (because they love my friends almost as much as I do), and snacked at home until the wee hours of Saturday morning, playing Mario Party and watching The Great British Baking Show.

On Saturday I took them to my local yoga studio, we ventured to Amish country for brunch (a buffet again!), and we wandered around a large gift store until our waistlines retracted.

No agenda. No major plans. Lots of deep conversation and catching up and cursing (mostly during the video games).

A true weekend that fed my soul.

I hope you had a nice weekend, too. When I wasn’t being social with friends I was being antisocial with books. Just how I like it. What did you do this weekend? How do you feed your soul? Are your closest friends local or do you have to put in the miles to see their faces?

25 thoughts on “Chinese Food & Yoga

  1. What a luxury! I miss the times I spent with my friends in my room just hanging out. It’s almost impossible to do that as an adult! It sounds like you guys had the perfect time!
    And yes, I am 100% a person who has a battery for socialization. You are SO smart though to think of that ahead of time. I’m always trying to recoup afterwards. It’s a great idea to take it easy before you do a lot of socializing.


    1. It’s definitely tough to plan these weekends in advance. It certainly wasn’t a spontaneous weekend. Lol
      Man, my social battery is drained. I need to hibernate this weekend again. We leave for a week of crazy work stuff in just over a week. YIKES.


  2. That’s my favorite kind of weekend with my people! It’s a true luxury as an adult to just be together with no agenda, lounging around as you are. I love it and am so glad that in addition to the stuff you do in other towns that you can get together in yours and do this.

    +1 on introvert recharging


  3. You just have a pure joy that shines from your face when you’re around friends. I love that about you & how you value them.


  4. What a perfect weekend! Sometimes weekends with friends (especially out-of-town friends) can be too organized and it sucks the fun right out of it. I love the lounging and just doing whatever moves you at the moment! And yes, as an introvert, I need my downtime, even if I loved every minute of being with friends, family or whatnot. 😀


    1. We had such a great time! We planned to get together but planned nothing about the evening/next day.
      Downtime is so essential. Needing some this week for sure!


  5. I love this, just going with the flow and doing what feels good is always a great idea. Glad you had such a good time!


  6. Jordan is super introverted, and he definitely needs to “charge his battery” ha! If he knows we are going to be doing something, he always wants to spend the days before by himself. And… he really doesn’t do well with spontaneous plans. Meanwhile, I am super extroverted and love doing things all the time! We get along super well 😉


    1. I’ve tried to handle spontaneous plans and last minute changes a little better than I have in the past. K is an introverted extrovert- so it doesn’t bother him much. He’s good with time at home (although he likes me “around” somewhere) but he’s good with hanging out with close family & friends, too. He absolutely KNOWS to leave me alone with a book after a crazy weekend. Ha.


    1. We always switch up the location but it’s been a while since they’ve both been here! I loved it! Oh yes, my parents are obsessed with my friends. Hahaha!


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