Are you surviving the polar vortex this week? My snow loving husky mix is refusing to go outside so you know it’s cold out there. Hopefully you have a strong furnace, warm blankets, and plenty of tea or coffee or coco.

Today is the last day of January. Can you believe it? I know lots of people insist that January 2019 has lasted 89 years, but I honestly thought it felt short. Do you still have your tree/Christmas decorations up? (No judgement if you do.) Technically mine are away BUT we still have lights on the porch (it’s too cold to go out there) and my winter-wonderland ledge is still up. There’s a lit tree up there but it’s more wintery and less Christmasy. It’s still winter & I love my ledge, thankyouverymuch.

As most of you know, I have some pull with my boss. I tried desperately to get yesterday off because of the cold. NOPE. And today we’re on the road traveling. Lol. (I love my job. I love my job.) (I love my husband. I love my husband.) I’m not seriously complaining- I really don’t mind 😉

Anyway, today I’m taking a page out of Steph‘s book. Here are my More & Less lists for 2019:


  • dog snuggles
  • time off with K and without K
  • vacations
  • bath bombs and face masks
  • focus at work
  • organization and cleanliness at home
  • walks
  • yoga/barre/rowing classes
  • books
  • writing (here and not here)
  • but also coffee
  • sleep
  • early mornings
  • cruelty-free products
  • washing my face
  • mindfulness


  • stress
  • shouting
  • mindless tv shows
  • empty junk food
  • bending to the hate
  • electricity
  • waste/plastic/trash
  • wasting money
  • wasting time
  • scrolling
  • biased news
  • arguing
  • investing in hurtful or hateful people
  • high heels
  • chemicals/toxins
  • bad blood & grudges

And what are you hoping for more or less of this year?

25 thoughts on “More Less 2019

  1. I love these lists, I sit & shake my head like YEP! to so much of it
    Less high heels – try NEVER high heels 🙂 haha
    & yes, my bare tree is STILL sitting in my living room. It’s just going in the trash so I dont know why its still there… but alas. It’s like a ghost of Christmas past at this point


    1. I very very very rarely wear heels now. Only if I’m wearing booties, lol.
      Our tree has been gone but I just love my ledge too much! I think it might need to go soon, though.


  2. Stay warm, friend. We’re supposed to get some rain (which means chilly weather) but it’s nothing like y’all are experiencing. I’ve lived through negative wind chills when I was in MN and it ain’t fun. I love the list and have to borrow this idea – completely onboard with all the less and my favorite was less high heels. I’d seriously like to punch whomever created them and the person who made women think we HAVE to wear them.


    1. We had the polar vortex, then K flew to California and wanted warm weather. NOPE- he got all that rain y’all got. LOL.
      I bet a man came up with high heels….
      Borrow away!


  3. This week has been HORRIBLE with the weather. Oh yeah, and that 75% of your coworkers decide not to show up to work most days this week. Which kind of sucks when you work in healthcare. But our bosses did decide to give those who actually showed up $50 gift cards (I work in a small office)! Stay warm and safe my friend!


    1. Ooooh, nice of your boss!! We worked through the snow and cold. Fortunately everyone showed up. My husband (the boss, lol) would’ve been SO mad if someone made excuses!


  4. I LOVE this idea for a post, and I’m so with you on these things. I definitely hope 2019 has lots of great books, dog snuggles, night swims (in the summer of course), dance classes, and writing on my WIP. Definitely less stress, anxiety, bad food choices, etc.



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