I’m not planning to do these every month, but I am tired today and my brain can’t handle much. Plus, I love gushing about my circle of people. So today, in honor of Valentine’s Day I guess, I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for some relationship-related questions.

1 | Who is your oldest friend? How did you meet?
I have a friends from church & elementary school that I still talk to occasionally, but I met my oldest best friend in 5th grade. I was visiting her elementary school and ended up at her table and she was SO loud. We still laugh about my first impression of her 😉

2 | Tell us about your circle of support. Who are your people?
Obviously K is my person. I have three best friends and a handful of very very close friends. K and I are very close with most of our family. My brother and siblings-in-law are also in my close circle.

3 | How did you meet your partner?
We were both band nerds. We met when I was 15 but we didn’t start dating until after my 17th birthday.

4 | How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your home?
It’s not. The last few years we’ve been on a business trip over the 14th. We typically go to dinner but we don’t put much effort into V-Day.

5 | What is your love language?
I know they can change, but last I checked it was Quality Time. This gets tricky because we work together, but I don’t typically see time in the office as “quality.” I think K is somewhere between Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation.

6 | Flowers or chocolate?
Flowers for sure. But books are even better.

7 | What is the most meaningful gift you have ever been given? 
Hmm. I’m not sure. My husband is incredible at getting personalized gifts for me. He once bought me a frame with original film clips from each HP movie. This past birthday he got me orchestra tickets to see HP and the PoA in concert. My best friend Erica gave us a custom Lylee ornament one year for Christmas and I love it with all my heart. Gifts based around HP or my dogs tend to warm my heart.

Feel free to answer all or some of these in the comments! I love hearing about how people met their s/o or how long you’ve been friends with your closest pals!


18 thoughts on “Relationships Tag | TBB Asks

  1. This is so sweet, love hearing more about your relationship! Chuck and I met at work- he was so persistent asking me on a date. I finally gave in- almost cancelled and ended up having the best time ever. Hope you have a good day!


  2. HAHA – when I read you were both “band nerds” I instantly was like, “So what concerts did you go to together? Which concert did you meet at”… haha – I didnt think school band. I just envisioned you out there rocking the 80’s hair & fishnet tops with neon… you can tell what era I grew up in … & that I married a Rocker 😉 haha


    1. Hahaha. Well, marching band brought us together but SO MANY dates were concerts. Fallout Boy, Dream Theater, Foo Fighters, etc. We love going to concerts 🙂 And K is a drummer! So we’re more similar than you thought!! Haha!


  3. Awwww, how sweet! I love that K gives such personalized gifts. I know some people who are very loving and supportive partners can still really suck at gift-giving though which drives me nuts because I’m very big into personalized gifts! 😀 I agree that books are always a good gift, but I won’t turn down the chocolates or flowers either. And maybe a cat toy for Max, because love me, love my cat!


    1. Ha- I barely get separate birthday (October) and Christmas gifts from him. He tries to combine it and I’m like NOPE. So I definitely don’t expect Valentine’s Day gifts. Hahaha.


  4. “Flowers or chocolate, books are even better” HAHA I love it. This is such a fun list of questions! My love language is quality time too.


    1. He got me a Kindle for my birthday one year so he knows what’s up. LOL
      On the flip side, I also love my alone time so allowing me to have quality time by myself is part of that language for me I think! Haha!


  5. Oh you and K are high school sweethearts? I love hearing about people who meet at 15 and are still in love.

    “Flowers for sure. But books are even better.” – This spoke to my soul haha


    1. Ha. We’re KIND OF high school sweethearts. He’s a few years older than me so when I was in hs he was freshly out of it. But we knew each other and started dating after my parents finally gave in 🙂 Now that we’re older it’s barely a difference at all.


  6. Books are definitely the best, but I always prefer chocolate to flowers because I never know what to do with the flowers once they’re dead (like I literally don’t know which type of “waste” I’m supposed to put them in here). Ha, total first world problem 😉

    Jan and I met in a student residence we were both living in (I was on my year abroad). I was with someone else at the time and I’m not sure we exchanged even 5 words in the first 3 months we knew each other.


    1. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate and I love looking at flowers 🙂 That waste confusion would definitely be an issue, though. Haha. I can never keep that kind of stuff straight!

      I love your Jan story! K and I were friends for almost 2 years before my devilish little brain decided I wanted to pursue him. Haha! I went through a serious crush/friendship and a different boyfriend from the time I met K til I dated him.


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