Happy Thursday.

I’m linking up with the beautiful, amazing, talented, strong, inspiring Kristen from See You In A Porridge for some What’s New With You?!

Reading… I just finished A Man Called Ove Tuesday night. I’m reading The Girl Who Knew Too Much and I’m starting Jurassic Park. (Fun fact: I’ve never seen the movie.)

Watching… The Masked Singer. K and I are hooked. So dumb but so addicting. Also, I started watching Land Girls (BBC) on Netflix. On a recent trip K binged season one of The Good Place so now he’s FINALLY willing to watch with me! (And I definitely don’t mind rewatching episodes.) I’m also watching The Bachelor. No shame here. Anyone wanna discuss it?

Eating… before 8pm. I’m still working through my Overhaul Goals. (I did awesome last month, thankyouverymuch.) I am struggling with this month’s goal: no eating after 8pm.

Stressing over… a huge professional shift. Also, some upcoming flights. But I’m not as stressed about flying as I’ve been in the past.

Planning… a for-fun trip! a.k.a. vacation! With Kyle! We spent 2.5 days in Gettysburg for our anniversary last year and we did a long weekend in Myrtle Beach a few falls ago, but we’re taking SIX WHOLE DAYS and going to Phoenix together- just us!- this spring and I AM SO READY FOR IT.

Traveling to… Texas for work soon. Have to go for work, get to go for guac & margs. San Antonio for anyone interested.

Grateful for… our new dog sitter. My parents for helping us out professionally and personally. My in-laws for always making sure we’re doing ok emotionally.

Missing… my brother and sister-in-law. And other family/friends. I live in my hometown and during the holidays people are always passing through and staying for a day or two. Post-holiday loneliness is a real thing.

Tell me what’s new with you & what’s you’re currently up to!

36 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Yay for a trip just the two of you! Thats amazing.

    The girl who knew too much sounds pretty interesting.

    Ive seen the first jurrasic park and glimpsed the one that came out recently when Danny was looking at it but I have no desire to look at it. I get scared way too easily.


    1. I am SO excited to take a few days off together. We definitely need it.
      I usually get swept up in Kindle books but I’m still working on The Girl Who Knew Too Much. It might be because I have a book hangover from JP. I LOVED that book!


  2. I’ll always discuss The Bachelor with you 🙂 haha…. & that I think I’m the only one who is NOT a Cassie fan. UGHHHHH
    & I’m thoroughly convinced the Peacock is Donny Osmond (the wig is from Joseph & the technicolor dreamcoat play) & the rabbit is NO DOUBT Joey Fatone – sounds JUST LIKE HIM!!!!… I’m still anxious to find out who the monster & the lion is. I’m so obsessed with this show!


    1. I’ve missed like the last three episodes. I was a Cassie fan but I know there’s been drama lately so I’m not sure any more. I’m going to have to tune in next week. Colton is kind of boring and wishy-washy. I’m not his biggest fan (although I’ll take him over Arie. Ha).
      I heard the internet guess T. Pain for the monster. I have no clue on the others!! I think they’re unmasking two tonight!


  3. aw shucks, i am blushing. you’re the sweetest. i laughed at you being afraid of dinosaurs, but i can’t talk as i used to be afraid of pirates and wouldn’t watch pirates of the caribbean. i do have that book on my tbr though, i’ve heard it’s great. yay for six whole days in phoenix! sounds super exciting. i love going away with just KC. we used to travel a lot with friends, but now we do just us and i dig it.


    1. 😉
      Oh man… I am TERRIFIED of the idea of dinosaurs. I want to cry when I accidentally catch scenes of JP when it’s on TV. Lol. That said, I freakin’ loved the book. Loved loved loved. And I didn’t even have any weird nightmares! Yay! I plan to move on to the next one soon!
      I am SO excited for Phoenix!


  4. I totally watch The Bachelor too and I’m always ready to discuss! This season started off really terribly with everybody talking about Colton’s virginity, but I feel like now it’s starting to get good! And hooray for our trip to my home state! Definitely get your fill of Tex Mex while you’re here, and I hope that you enjoy San Antonio! Also hooray for a vacation! That’s going to be so awesome!


    1. I hated the laser focus on his stupid virginity. WHO. CARES. Lol. Now it seems like he can’t keep any girls there. Haha. I’ve missed the last two or three episodes but I’m tuning in next week for hometowns 🙂 Bummer we don’t get to see Demi’s family.
      So much Tex Mex in San Antonio! I felt kind of crappy the whole trip but I think it was anxiety. I’m really looking forward to Phoenix!


  5. Jurassic Park the movie is the best one of the bunch. The book is good, but different from the movie, of course. It’s actually a bit more technical (science stuff) and I enjoyed the movie more, which is rare. I love book 2, The Lost World, and hated the movie. LOL! 6 days with K on vacation is awesome! Phoenix is really pretty but hot, although it shouldn’t be boiling in the Spring. And eat some guac and drink a few margaritas for me while you’re in San Antonio!


    1. I LOVED Jurassic Park! (The book!) Your comment makes me super excited to read The Lost World, though! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to handle the films…
      I’m SO excited for Phoenix. I just can’t wait to go relax for a bit.
      I had plenty of margs for both you and me while in San Antonio 😉


  6. Jurassic Park is a fantastic book. The movie is good too. But I’m biased because I like seeing a shirtless Jeff Goldblum. But the book is truly fantastic. The Lost World books is WAYYY better than the movie version just an fyi in case you ever see them. The Good Place is hilarious!


  7. Ooooh San Antonio sounds SO fun. I hope you have a good time, even if it’s for work 🙂 Help and support from family and friends with house and dog stuff is so so nice, love that you have that! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. I was feeling crappy for most of our San Antonio trip 😦 I hated that. I did get some yummy drinks, though!
      I’m so grateful for the close circle of local friends and family here!


    1. I wish that I’d have enjoyed Ove more than I did. I tried.
      I love The Good Place. Maybe eventually your husband will see the light 😉 It took mine a good 2+ years.


  8. The Girl Who Knew Too Much was awesome!! Hmm, I would never eat dinner if I didn’t eat after 8pm as I don’t usually get home till past 8pm after work and gym! 😉


  9. Go watch Jurassic Park!! It’s one of my all time favs. Even though it’s older, it still holds up!
    I’m so excited for your upcoming vacation! Well deserved!
    And amen to having a good pet sitter. It’s amazing I ever lived without ours!


    1. I loved the book. I’m still so unsure about whether or not I can handle the movie. (I’m terrified of dinosaurs, lol.) I am so excited for Phoenix, too! I am so ready to just r.e.l.a.x.
      I value our pet sitters so so so much!


  10. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movie series. The book was actually pretty good too. I always get super snacky around 10 PM. I *unfortunately* send my husband out for Taco Bell WAY too much.


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