Hello! I’m here! I know it’s only been a week and a half but when you post twice a week (fairly religiously) it’s weird to be away without any kind of warning. I’m not ill, I’m not pregnant, I’m not recently single. I’m just crazy stupid busy and my personal life took a back seat.

But hey, I’m here today and that’s what counts.

Did anyone else get a poop pile of snow dumped on them yesterday? We did. And while it made the drive to work a little treacherous, it was gorgeous and I kind of loved it. The second half of yesterday was 46* so all my snow is slush now. Sigh.

Speaking of work, our entire company up and moved. So… in addition to two trade shows (one in Ohio, one in San Antonio, Texas), I’ve also been relocating my life. Haha. It wasn’t a very far move fortunately (2.3 miles to be exact), but we moved our offices and our 16,000 square foot warehouse into a new 23,000 square foot space.

There are many amazing things about this move (and some incredibly stressful things- YIKES), but my very favorite part is MY BRAND NEW PRIVATE OFFICE. In our old shop, I shared a room with the kitchenette, the conference table, and another employee. Also, K’s office was right off the main room and he didn’t have a door. So it was essentially one big room with three people crammed inside. Now I have my own room with a door. We all do. It’s amazing and I love it. PLUS I have a huge window AND one of my walls is painted yellow (per my request). I am so in love. I might move in, honestly. There’s even a little doggie bed by the window for my pups. I’ll share some photos once I have everything arranged just right 🙂

The move is partially why I’ve been absent. It took over my brain but I didn’t want to share anything until we were actually in the process/near the end of it. We got burned pretty badly on a different location a few months ago and I was a little jaded.

So anyway… I’m back and it feels good.

Texas was ok. I felt crappy the whole time but I think it was stress (nauseous, low appetite, dizzy- again, NOT pregnant). I was completely overwhelmed by finances, the company move, and flying. Not a great combo for my poor little brain. I lost 5 pounds, though, so yay I guess. Ha.

I’m so happy to be home. The dogs are happy we’re home. Family is happy to have us home.

Now I just need to find the motivation to clean my home and cook in my home and wash clothes in my home. Lol. The happy dogs could use a bath, too…

But now I’m just rambling about my never ending to do list. My b.

I’ll have a more structured post on Tuesday. Today was a quick catch up. Thank you for being patient and loyal, bloggy friends!! ❤️



28 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. HI! Sometimes life happens. Glad to see you back here though!
    And congratulations on your own office! I really understand what you mean about sharing a space-that’s how our office is set up too. It’s usually no more than 3 people, but when we have clients come in and I have to answer the phone..it’s a little hectic. Having a door would be a dream!


    1. Man, life has been happening in overdrive lately. Lol
      When I joined the corporate world I shared an office with three people. Then I switched jobs and had a desk in a public room (essentially a hallway) that I shared with one person. Then I moved to a private room with one person. I finished my last year and a half at that company in my own office. Then I went to work with/for K and was back in a room with two other people. LOL. It’s nice to have my own space again 🙂


  2. So happy to hear how excited you are about the move, that’s awesome! Your yellow wall sounds absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see pics. Take care of yourself, sometimes things have to take a backseat and we all understand. Stay warm, xo!


  3. Congrats on the move! That’s fantastic, and how wonderful you all have your own private offices now. I’m sure that’s VERY exciting. And I love that you have a dog bed in yours for the pups. So adorable. I wish I could bring my dog to work. Granted, she’d hate it because she’s not great with people she doesn’t know. hah

    Good to hear from you!! Have a lovely weekend.



    1. Thank you!! I don’t bring Ly because she’d hate being stuck in my office all day with the busyness going on around her. Enzo comes once or twice a week 🙂


  4. Moves are stressful and I can understand why it was sucking up so much of your brain juice, not to mention time and energy. Glad, though, you’ve successfully and most importantly – have your own office. I remember when I had my office, no windows (boo!) but privacy was so awesome.


  5. There is something comforting in knowing you can shut a door & keep the world away for a bit… & a yellow wall is always something that SPARKS JOY 🙂


    1. Yes yes yes! I agree completely. I was having a bad day yesterday and the ability to just SHUT my door was a blessing. And the yellow forces me to be a little cheerful even on the off days.


    1. It’s funny how quickly it gets cold, snows, and melts again this time of year! I don’t mind the extra snow but I’m kind of over the bitter cold…


  6. YAY for a new private office! That is so exciting. I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I hope you will have less stress now that the move is over!


    1. Thank you! Now that we’ve been home a while most of my symptoms are gone. It’s nuts, but I really think I was just under a super high amount of stress.


  7. Life happens! Good to hear you’re not sick, pregnant, or newly single though.
    No snow here, because I live in Texas. Yay for moving! We moved twice within three months year before last. It’s not fun.

    Ash @ JennRenee Read


    1. Oh man… That’s a lot of moving! Wow… That’d be awful!
      We were in Texas for a week last month and it was a nice break from the cold! 🙂


  8. Hey there friend! I have been absent from the blog world but I am committed to making my way back! Congrats on the move, it sounds like a great new work environment! I hope that you start to feel more settled and less stressed soon. Trust me I understand 🙂


    1. Hi hi hi!!! Welcome back (for now until life strikes again- no pressure)!! Thank you!! Moving stress is the WORST kind because there’s not where to retreat that feels like yours or home! Hoping you feel settled and less stressed soon, too!!


  9. I am barely managing to post these days, and when I do it’s just link up after link up, and I don’t even have stress as an excuse. I mean, relocating AND trade shows is a way better excuse than tired and uninspired!


    1. I think winter/life can be everyone’s excuse. It’s just tiring sometimes. No shame, friend! Writing should be fun, not forced! I enjoy your posts when you make them, however often 🙂


  10. Go you at two posts a week! I am lucky if I can do the linkups I am involved in. LOL. That’s only like 2 per month. No I mean… buying a house last year and doing so much with that kind of got me out of the blogging groove. Trying to ease back into it. Some evidence: I am reading and commenting on blog posts.. holy toledo! halt the presses! LOL. I can understand, every time I travel I feel that way too. Even when it is fun travel and it is the WORST. I think I am going to talk to my Dr. about it because it’s just so unpleasant. Seriously, I don’t want travel to not be fun. And also, our flight back from Florida for our Cuba trip was so turbulent I thought we might die. 😦 So now I have that anxiety which is cool. Congratulations on the move and on your own office! Wooot! Hoping that March is calmer for you! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. Two posts a week has been a struggle! And I used to do THREE. Yikes. That was one job and much less responsibility ago. Lol. The 4 or 5 a week post-ers truly amaze me. Writing should be fun so when life makes it unfun I definitely get the urge to noted anything. It can be tiring. I think you’re doing great! You have a lot going on!
      Ugh… I feel so torn on traveling. I like new places and beautiful places and experiencing new things… but the pre-trip prep and the leaving the dogs and the FLIGHT ANXIETY just really, really gets to me. And I think it’s much worse with work trips because I also have to be professional and in the zone the whole time, too. I really do enjoy it and feel lucky… but all the trips right after one another is a lot to handle.
      Definitely talk to your dr.!! I did! That’s what’s been helping most, I think 😉


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