Coming at you live & late this morning.

For being a short month, we’ve sure packed a lot into February. We’ve had business events in three cities so far (Cleveland, San Antonio, Dayton) and zero free weekends. We’d planned to stay home & recuperate this past weekend, but my mother-in-law planned a surprise cabin trip for my father-in-law and we were whisked off to the woods for a night.

That said, it was still a relaxing, fun, slow paced weekend.

My father-in-law turned 60 on Saturday. We celebrated with lots of family, pizza and a taco bar, more cake than anyone deserves, and games. It’s rare to get everyone together with no agenda. We played Cards Against Humanity (some folks for the first time LOL), Mario Kart, and other games. We also went hiking- which might have been ill-advised given the high winds warnings. #LiveLifeOnTheEdge

K and I got home late Sunday afternoon, finished watching the NASCAR race, and I did some dishes, laundry, and picking up. After a quick shower, I was about to grab some food & settle in to watch the Oscars. And then we lost power.


We ended up in bed at 8:30pm with two dogs & multiple blankets. Monday morning was a chilly one. Ly is a husky mix so she stayed home and was quite comfortable. Enzo came to work with me. We finally got power some time around noon.

And that was our weekend.

Will next weekend be a quiet one at home…? Only time will tell.

26 thoughts on “What a Weekend

    1. I love being in the woods. If only we could’ve had the pups with us! The wind was a little scary but the weekend was so slow-paced and I really loved that.


  1. Sounds like a fun and exciting weekend! Sorry about the power loss though. I worked on Sunday, and our power at work flicked off 3 times for a few seconds. No loss at home though.

    I love that cake and cupcakes! LOL.


    1. It was a great weekend with the family! The power loss OF COURSE didn’t extend to work. Lol. I was kind of looking forward to a random (albeit cold) day off! Ha!


  2. There is just something awesome about tucking away in the trees in a cabin… to me, that’s soul feeding. Add in a poop cake & even better 🙂


    1. K’s aunt is a baking genius! She’s so talented! This past weekend was very relaxing & at home. I’m glad we had the opportunity to join the family the weekend prior, though!


    1. K’s family is so much fun! Always good food and drinks. Always someone to talk to or play games with 🙂 I do like being home, too, though 😉


  3. Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend! Family time to celebrate birthdays is the best. 🙂
    Hopefully the power came back quickly!


    1. Truly a really great weekend 🙂 K’s family is so much fun to be around.
      We got power by noon on Monday so no harm done, I guess. LOL


    1. Yes! I love the woods, too, but I usually bring a dog or two along and the ticks are TERRIBLE around here!! We try to use the weather to our advantage, too. Best to go when all those pests are DEAD.


  4. the cupcakes….LOL, saw them on intsa and lol’d. love them! looks like such a fun family weekend. we lost power early too, think i was in bed at 8:15…which was good to get some sleep before Bella woke up sick at 2 am. I was so thrown off and had to take a sick day monday from all the madness lol. hope your week is great and next weekend brings you some rest!


    1. K’s aunt is a baking wizard. Seriously- everything she makes is amazing AND delicious!
      In hindsight, the power loss was a blessing. We slept so long and so well. We always sleep better when it’s a little cold 🙂 Bummer about Bella’s sickness!! Hope everyone is feeling better now and spring is on its way 😉


    1. Fun! It’s the year of 60! We threw my m.i.l. a surprise party for her’s last November. This cabin in the woods was a real surprise for my f.i.l., too 🙂 Both parties were fun!


  5. I love that you all had a cabin getaway for your father in law’s birthday. How fun! Hopefully you get a more chill weekend coming up though. We all need those. Sorry you weren’t able to watch the Oscars. I was down in Lexington with my mom and sister that night, so we watched it all in the hotel.



    1. It was really cool 🙂 The cabin itself was gorgeous and we weren’t too far from home which was nice. I don’t plan my life around award shows but I was looking forward to the downtime with my snacks on the couch. Oh well. Lol


  6. What a busy month! Did you at least enjoy slightly warmer weather in San Antonio?

    The poop cake and cupcakes are brilliant.

    I didn’t even know the Oscars were happening until I saw Facebook posts the next morning.


    1. The San Antonio weather was LOVELY. It was so nice outside- much different from Ohio! I forgot that K also went to California last month for a weekend and the weather SUCKED. Cold and rainy. We’ve had bad luck with weather (other than TX).
      My aunt-in-law is a master baker for sure!


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