10 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About Me

After (finally) writing last Thursday’s post, the scribble bug bit. I have a few different topics cooked up but today I’m doing 10 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About Me. Blogging is weird and I don’t think I have a bunch of new readers, but this is fun for newer and seasoned readers alike!

|1| I love the color yellow.
I am not super loud when it comes to color and I mostly wear black, grey, and olive, but I have always loved yellow. I once had a yellow car and yellow was one of our wedding colors and I like painting walls yellow.

|2| I have 0 piercings.
Nope, not even my ears.

|3| My first car was a (yellow) Volkswagen Beetle.
I had it for four years and three days. Then I hit some black ice & totaled it. RIP Lenny.

|4| Every single dog/cat K and I have had has been a stray or rescue.
When I was a kid I didn’t know you could get dogs anywhere but the pound/shelter. Bruno, Lylee, Buckeye, & Enzo were rescue dogs. Rascal, Sandy, Melody, Paul, Aladdin, Jafar, Rajah, and Abu were strays. Heidi was from an unplanned litter of pups that some friends had. I will admit there have been hamsters, lizards, birds, fish, and rabbits that were purchased. My extended family all have rescues and strays, too.

|5| Up until I started working with K, I had NO idea what to do with my life.
I love my job now. I want to start a dog sanctuary some day, but besides that I am professionally satisfied.

|6| I don’t put sugar in my coffee.

|7| I played baseball/softball for eight years.
I have retained 0 skills.

|8| I don’t hate the word “moist.”
But I do hate a certain word. It means “turned on” and it rhymes with corny.


|9| I don’t eat duck, lamb, goat, veal, or lobster.
I don’t eat the first four because they’re cute. I don’t eat lobster because of how it’s cooked. I actually love lobster, but I refuse to eat it because of the cooking alive process. Honestly, some day I’d like to cut meat out. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, though.

|10| I’m convinced I’ve had two ghost encounters.
I was super young when I saw my first one but I have a strong memory of my late great grandpa (whom I’d never met) helping me find an Easter egg at my grandparents’ house. When I saw the second ghost/spirit, my brother was with me. He will confirm the story. It was NYE and the ghost essentially warned us about an oncoming car that had its lights off. It kept us from getting hit and probably saved our lives. Freaky, I know.

And that’s 10! Those were kind of challenging to come up with. If you’ve been around a while, you might have heard some of those facts. If not, which surprised you the most? Have you ever seen a ghost? What word do you hate? Is there a meat that you won’t eat?

30 thoughts on “10 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About Me

  1. Yellow… me & you girl! .. but I cant rock that lipstick – you look AMAZING.
    No sugar in your coffee? Actually I dont either, but I load it up with creamer. What do you put in yours?
    You could make the transition over to less meat – believe me. I know. Ask my hubs – he knows too – he swore he’d never be able to give it up.
    I love the ghost story one. I know its not really “biblical” for people to have spirits here on the earth – but man, how do you deny some of these things????


    • I’ve loved yellow since I could rattle off a favorite color πŸ˜€ Thank you (but I think you could totz pull it off)! That’s my favorite lipstick color!!
      I just use half n half. Nothing else.
      I would definitely love to start reducing the meat in my diet!
      Ghosts… angels… spirits. Definitely people looking out for us πŸ˜‰


    • I almost ended up with a red beetle but I failed my test and my mom refused to let me have a car without a license. Once I passed we found the yellow one!! I LOVED that car.


  2. Yellow is seriously one of my favorite colors too. I think i started loving it because it was sort of under-loved. Everyone’s favorite color was pink or blue or purple. LOL Yellow is so happy and fun! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you are enjoying your job with K! A dog sanctuary is a seriously awesome goal for someday though! I hope to someday like my job or know what I want to do! πŸ™‚ I don’t eat lamb or veal because they are the babiest babies and it just creeps me out. Also anything like, “suckling pig” – ALSO EW. I haven’t had goat, but was recently thinking about it and on the fence. Duck doesn’t come up a lot for me but I could never eat foie gras.I looove lobster, but can’t say i think about that very true reality. : / I love eating veggie, I’m not sure if I have a long time goal to be a full vegetarian… but I enjoy eating less meat for many reasons. “retained 0 skills” is cracking me up. LOL So many words out there that just suck. I agree, that one is really not great. LOL XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • Agreed. Most little girls pick pink. I like purple, too, but yellow is my #1. It’s such a perfect pop of brightness. I couldn’t have picked out this job back when I was in school. It’s a weird and fortunate example of things happening at the right time. I am so determined to open a dog sanctuary, though πŸ˜‰ Ew. The term suckling pig makes me want to vomit… I’ve never had goat either. I just never plan to πŸ™‚


  3. Oh wow, that second ghost story is crazy, but how awesome it basically saved your life! Love it. I don’t have any ghost stories, but I do believe in them. I’ve never eaten goat or duck and yeah, not going to start that anytime soon. Boiling lobsters makes me sad! I don’t think I could ever go meatless, but there are definitely some animals I just will not eat.



    • It was nuts. We were about to make a left hand turn around a somewhat blind corner (which is actually more safe at night because you can see headlights), and this big glowing sphere-like thing appeared and we just stopped and stared. And then a car without headlights on came FLYING around the turn. They’d have slammed into us for sure if we hadn’t stopped.


  4. People who have left the world are 100% still with us. It depends on each person if they’re open to that to receive it.

    I always want to do these then think I’ve been blogging since 2011, what do people not know at this point? LOL

    I also love the color yellow, don’t put sugar in my coffee, and dislike the word H-ny but don’t care about moist


    • I agree with that completely.
      I’m sure some of my facts are well known to some people πŸ™‚ You should do it!
      Twins! πŸ™‚ Haha. I only put half n half in my coffee (or heavy cream or milk if h/h isn’t available).


  5. Yellow is such a happy color. It is unfortunately not a color that looks great on me though. I definitely put sugar and creamer in my coffee, although not the gobs I did when I was young. πŸ˜€ All my cats have been shelter or stray cats too and I loved them all so much. I don’t hate your hated word (although I don’t love it either) but the word I hate is weird. It’s got. And I don’t hate it when it’s spoken but I don’t like using it when writing. And of course, sometimes you GOT to use it. And sometimes I go out of my way to avoid using it because it makes me cringe. Weird, I know. Also, weird is I have something similar planned for next Monday. We’re all on the same wave-length, which I’m not sure if that’s cool or scary! Or both!


    • I agree! I don’t wear a lot of yellow clothes but I do have that hat and a sweater or two πŸ™‚ I just add half n half to my coffee. I just saw a little thing about adoption saying that you save two lives when you adopt- the animal you picked to love forever and the animal that now gets to take their place in the warm shelter ❀ Got is a weird word now that I've read it a few times. LOL
      Can't wait to read your post like this!!


  6. I really really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. I love that you love yellow, it reminds me of sunshine and you look great in it. My mom had a VW bettle too, sorry to hear someone wrecked Lenny! The ghost encounters- a little scary but I believe in that sort of stuff and while it freaks me out a little I do think that our loved ones can talk to us in many ways. Hope you have a great weekend!


    • I’m so glad! πŸ˜€ I was so sad when Lenny was declared “totaled.” He was an awesome car and my wreck could’ve been SO bad but somehow that little car kept me safe. I think I’ve had other ghost encounters, but those two are the MOST prominent in my memory (and I have a witness for one of them!).


  7. I’m so intrigued by your ghost encounters! I haven’t told many people because I sound like a crazy person, but the night he died, I think my Dad came to say goodbye to me. It really opened my mind to the possibility of ghosts and supernatural stuff in general.


    • I completely and totally believe it. Honestly, the second one that prevent the car accident was incredible. After it happened my brother and I were both quiet for a long time until I said, “Did you see…” and he just goes, “Yeah.”


  8. My husband’s favorite color is yellow. Mine is pink!

    I don’t like lobster, so that’s why I don’t eat it. I try to buy meat sourced ethically, but it’s a challenge. Not only do I enjoy meat, but I currently can’t eat many of the vegetarian protein options because they upset my digestive system. My husband and I do buy a chicken substitute, though, which we alternate with real chicken. It’s not as good, and it’s more expensive, but it’s a small way to encourage meat alternative research.


    • My husband likes orange πŸ™‚ Orange & yellow for us.
      I really love lobster- all seafood actually- but when I discovered how it was cooked I swore off it. We try to be conscientious of our meat choices. We buy local for pork and beef. We actually used to raise our own pig for the year. Chicken is the only tough one. Some day I want to have chickens but when I make that switch I don’t think I’ll be able to eat chicken anymore because they’ll be my babies. Lol


  9. I love yellow! I painted my kitchen yellow and got a yellow chair for my living room, and painted the front door yellow. It makes me so happy.

    My first car was a VW Beetle too! Except mine was red. I miss it every day.


    • I would LOVE a yellow front door πŸ˜€ And I’m a big fan of your chair. I hate the color hot pink but when it’s paired with yellow I actually love it.
      I ALMOST had a red one!


  10. I had a ghost friend as a kid. She came only at night, only occasionally, appeared through my closet to play with me. And I did not have a very active imagination, I was always an old soul, never had imaginary friends or made up stories. So even my mom believes it was real ghost. Hey, they need friends too!


    • I think that would’ve freaked me out as a child, but then again I had no issue accepting help from my ghost great-grandpa. So who knows. I didn’t have imaginary friends- I had imaginary pets! Haha!


  11. I totally think ghosts are a real thing and that some people are just more tuned into it than others. I don’t eat any of the things you mentioned either. Well, except I think I’ve had lobster dip at a party before. It was delicious, but I don’t like to think about how they’re cooked either. All I see is Sebastian from little mermaid and think nope, can’t do it!


    • I agree. I don’t have any issue accepting communication or help from another world, lol. I don’t seek it out or anything, but I’ll take all the help I can get πŸ˜‰ Man… poor Sebastian. We’ve been invited to a lobster boil before and K was like, “That’s going to be a HELL NO from Audrey…” He was right. We didn’t go. lol


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