Good Morning. Happy Thursday. We’ve almost made it to the weekend. Keep Going.

Linking up with Kristen today for What’s New With You?.

Reading… The Girl Who Knew Too Much. I’m finishing it up. I feel like I’ve been reading it forever. I just bought The Lost World & A Picture of Dorian Gray, too. Starting those soon!

Watching… The Voice with K. It’s like a Monday/Tuesday night ritual for us and I like it. I just finished the series Land Girls on Netflix and I watched episode 1 of The Umbrella Academy. I plan to binge it on our flight to Phoenix.

Listening to… “You Must Remember This.” Lindsay got me hooked last year and I just can’t stop.

Eating… not fast food. The Overhaul Goal for March is no fast food. I won’t lie. It’s been tough. Fortunately, coffee doesn’t count.

Drinking… water & coffee. Almost exclusively. I drank a lot of water in Texas last month and it made me feel so healthy. I’m trying to keep it up now that I’m home.

Looking forward to… this weekend with my best friends. I’m headed to Cleveland on Friday with Kayla to visit Aubrey. I love spending time with them. We usually pig out, work out, and lay out (on the couch in the winter). Lol

Dreaming about… summer. I’ll be honest, I love fall and winter but even I crave the sunshine by the time March hits. I’m also looking forward to the NASCAR Bristol race that we just got tickets to!

Wondering… where the hell February went. I had no problem writing “2019” when the year turned but I’m struggling to remember it’s March… I keep dating things with a “2.”

Loving… my dogs. I always feel bad when we go on vacation. We have a new dog sitter, though, and I know she showers them with love and attention so that makes it a little easier.

Counting down… the days until we leave on vacation. It’s so soon & I’m so excited!

Enjoying… my new office. Pics soon. I promise.

Saving… moneyyy. I’m giving up shopping for Lent. I know there are a few things I’ll have to buy (dog food…) but beyond the essentials, I’m giving the wallet a break.

That’s all I’ve got. I actually planned to list way less prompts but I got carried away. Ha.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

32 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I also keep wanting to date things for last month instead of March – taking me a while to get into the new month!
    Our seasons are opposite so we are slowly going into autumn and while I love summer I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures because we’ve had some super hot days and evenings and sleeping isn’t always easy in the heat.
    That March goal is great – I need to do something similar sometime with eating out. Lazy dinners are enjoyable but not always healthy and I need to remember this.


    • I know… 17 days in and I’m still not used to it. Autumn is my favorite- I’m in need of some sunshine and warmth, but after a week of it I’ll be ready for fall 🙂 You should try taking small steps. Go without fast food or eating out for a week, then two, then a whole month!


  2. Good for you and no fast food, I’ve already had Chick Fil A twice in a week hahahah. Sometime you come to Cleveland we should meet up- I’m not far away! Have a great weekend, enjoy!


    • Chick-fil-a is my weak spot… We had In-and-Out Burger while we were in AZ and we had McDonalds at midnight on our drive home from the airport… But other than those two trips I think I’ve been good!
      We should absolutely plan to meet in Cleveland some time!!


  3. I’m ready for sunshine too and still literally cannot believe it’s March. January lasted 12 years but February and March are flying by. I hope you like The Lost World. I just finished it a month or two ago and it was a lot different than Jurassic Park, but I loved it very much.


    • We broke twice while on vacation (which I said was ok from the beginning, lol). We had In-and-Out Burger because it’s a west-side of the US thing to do and we got McDonalds on our way home from the airport at midnight because it was a necessity. Lol


  4. I never thought I’d see that day that YOU said you were dreaming about summer! LOL!
    Oh man, I need to give up shopping too. So many shiny new things I want… nothing that I actually need.
    Can’t wait to see the new office!


  5. YAY best friend weekend on the horizon!

    If you’re dreaming of summer, we have reached Code Red of winter. LOLOLOL

    I am very pleased with my anti-shopping ways in 2019. I do have a few birthday gifts coming but I’m not mindlessly out buying so far this year and I love it.


    • It was such a fun weekend! (Although I think the spin class broke my legs. For real- I still hurt.)
      RIGHT?! Honestly, though, just give me a week of warmth and I’ll be ready for the next round of fall/winter 😉
      I broke my shopping ban for six things so far… but two were for the dogs, one was Drain-o, one was for dinner, and two were on-vacation purchases. Not bad *shrug*


    • I’m glad to hear that! I’m shocked that I haven’t read it yet. Classics can sometimes be a miss for me but I think that one will be a hit 🙂 Vacation was lovely. A little chilly, but lovely.


  6. I always enjoy currently posts for a peak into everyone’s lives! It’s so neat to see what you are up to.
    I hope you have an awesome time with your friend and that your doggies have fun with their new friend! Dog sitters make life so much easier! Especially when you’ve found someone you can count on.


  7. Shopping… I like that idea of giving it up for Lent. My bank account would really enjoy that.
    So is “you must remember this” a podcast???
    I need a dog sitter so badly. We’ll never be able to go on vacation again because I trust NO ONE with our dogs. It’s really bad.


    • Shopping has been a good one 🙂 I’ve had to make 6 shopping purchases, though. At least I’m conscious of what those six things are, I guess…
      ‘You Must Remember This’ is a podcast! It’s about forgotten and untold stories of old Hollywood. I am OBSESSED with it!!
      We’ve had two dog sitters so far and I’ve loved them both! Both of them I’ve known since I was young. That helps a lot!


  8. I was just thinking this morning I really need to increase my water intake. And veggie and fruit intake too, if we’re being honest. It makes me feel a little less weird to hear other fur momma’s feel bad leaving their babies because I pout terribly whenever I leave Max. I really loved Lost World (the book) and very much disliked the movie version. 😀


    • I am terrible about drinking water. Absolutely terrible. I swear my body is always dehydrated…
      I HATE leaving the pups. Worst part about traveling. And that’s coming from someone with flight anxiety.
      I just started it last night on the plane! Love it so far!


  9. I, too, am dreaming about summer… I hate to wish away time, but this winter and all the associated blah and bleakness that goes with it has done me in.

    Have a great time with your besties! I’m going on a trip with my BFF next month and I swear it can’t get here soon enough!


    • I am a fall/winter girl to my core but I just need a week or two to warm up. We JUST went on vacation to Arizona, thinking it’d be warm and sunny, and we got 6 days of 60-something degrees and some rain. UGH.
      Have fun on your trip!!


  10. How did you feel about Land Girls. I think I have… 3…? episodes left. I wanted it to be better. I thought it would be kinda epic, but it wasn’t quite what I had hoped for. My in-laws keep talking about The Umbrella Academy. 🙂 There are so many books. I am having trouble focusing. heeh Good luck with the Overhaul goal (going to check out that post) and your shopping one too! Have a super fun vacation. I am JONESING to get outta here. LOL and also for spring/summer which is also not usually me. *shrugs* XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • I hate that so many characters and their stories just… go away. I think that’s weird (and kinda lazy?). Also, I’m guessing that they weren’t planning to end with Season 3 because there is one serious cliff hanger.
      So far I’ve enjoyed The Umbrella Academy. It’s a little violent, but I try to hide my eyes through that stuff. LOL
      Thank you! Vacation was chilly but nice. I’m still wanting a week of that warm summertime air… but then we can go back to fall/winter 😉 Lol


  11. It’s been ages since I’ve read Dorian Gray, I think it was for high school on some reading list! I don’t watch the voice, but Chris and I absolutely love going on YouTube and watching the “best” from each season. Incredible talent on there!


  12. oh i’m excited for your thoughts on the umbrella academy. KC and I watched it together, we don’t watch a whole lot together so it’s rare to find something we both enjoy. I ended up liking it more than him but he stuck it out until the end. i am shocked you are craving the sunshine! i’ll bring you over to my side eventually 😉 jk. i need to give my wallet a break, seriously. it’s insane. yay vacation!


    • It’s a liiiiiiittle violent for me, but I love the X-Men-ish vibes and I’m kind of attached to the characters now, so I’ll stick with it 🙂 K doesn’t watch it with me for whatever reason.
      I only need a week or two of summer/warm weather at this point. Then I’m ready for fall & winter again. LOL


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