Well howdy.

Let’s chat, shall we?

We got home from vacation Saturday night (from Arizona) and the hits have not stopped coming.

Enzo has a large mass on his back (under his skin) that we’re getting check out today.

I am sick with what I believe to be the WORST sinus infection known to woman.

We are working through this upcoming weekend with a business trip so TGIF doesn’t exist.

Sigh. I shouldn’t complain and I know it. With the exception of Enzo’s ailment (which does have us a little freaked out), everything is going to be a-ok and we’ll survive unscathed.

So today I’m deflecting & sharing some blog posts that have really inspired me lately:

See? Recommending some all-star blog posts (and bloggers) is much more productive than me complaining. So go see them and leave me to my wallowing. LOL. I kid- we’re gonna turn this week around… starting right now!

(But seriously, send some good vibes to little Enz. He’s had a rough few weeks.)

24 thoughts on “Whine and Dash

    1. Ugh. He’s had such a rough time. I got a call yesterday from the vet about his lab work. Fortunately it’s a big lump of harmless scar tissue from his shots. Sigh. Those vaccines were the gift that kept on giving.


  1. I really hope Enzo is a-okay! Poor thing. All of those things add up to a whole lotta stress, I’m sure. Thinking of you!
    Thank you SO much for sharing my post!! I was really proud of that one, even though it didn’t get as much blog traffic as normal. I’m so so happy it resonated with somebody. You are awesome!


    1. Turns out it was inflamed/scar tissue from the vaccines. That’s never happened before. I’m glad we tested it anyway.
      You’re welcome! I really liked that post!


  2. Poor Enzo! I understand the freak out as I would be in that state too. Any good fur Mama would be! Sending good vibes and healthy energy to both you and Enzo! And I kinda feel like it’s okay to whine and gripe when life is crappy because life is crappy sometimes. Get it out and move on, like you’re doing. It’s far healthier than bottling it up and letting it fester, ask me how I know this. 😀 This too shall pass, my friend!


    1. Thank you! The lab results came back yesterday and it’s just inflamed/scar tissue from his vaccines. So odd- that’s never happened before. I’m very grateful that it’s nothing serious, though! 🙂 I think I can see the light at the end of this stress tunnel!! Lol


  3. Sending good thoughts for Enzo… praying its nothing serious. Our yellow lab always had the biggest mass on her chest – it was nothing but a fatty tumor. Never bothered her one bit. Praying this is just a NOTHING for your baby as well!!!
    Your sinuses are probably freaking out after all that dry air too… dont want how to handle real pollen & humidity & anything else but dessert air right now


    1. The vet called yesterday with results. Scar tissue and inflamed cells from his shots. It might go away and it might not. Poor baby- those vaccines really did him in. I’m just glad it’s nothing scary and dangerous! Thank you for the prayers!!
      I didn’t even THINK about going from dry to humid! You are so right! My throat dried out nearly every night while we were in Arizona and then we came home and it was like BAM spring. Huh. I bet that kick started the misery! Lol! It’s a little more under control now thanks to Zyrtec!


    1. Thank you!! The results came back yesterday and I guess it’s scar tissue from his vaccines. So odd. He’s never had a reaction like that! (Or the hives earlier…) Sigh. I think the lyme one did him in. lol


  4. Watching Jordan deal with his sinus infections, I really am so sorry! It’s okay to complain for a minute, because those sound so nasty! Hopefully Enzo is okay too. That’s scary for sure!


    1. Ughhh. When it sneaks up on me and I can’t fight it off with meds before the infection I really suffer. I think I just about have it balanced out with Zyrtec now. The pressure is soooo painful.
      I guess Enzo got a whole bunch of scar tissue from the vaccines earlier this month. Super weird but totally harmless (thank goodness).


  5. I’m so so sorry to hear about Enzo and your sinus infection! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you had a great vacation. Thank you so much for sharing my post, I appreciate the love. Hope your week gets better asap, xo!


    1. Thanks, Emelia! Enzo is all good 🙂 The vet called yesterday and said it’s a big ball of scar tissue from getting vaccines. It might go away, it might not, it might just shrink a little. But regardless it’s harmless 🙂 Fortunately my allergy medicine has helped a lot, too!! Thanks so much for your good vibes! ❤


    1. Thanks, Steph! ❤ The results came back yesterday- just some scar tissue from getting vaccines. That's never happened before, though! It definitely freaked us out! I'm glad it's a harmless lump, though. I think that lyme vaccine really did a number on my baby. Lol


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