Hi ya. I group my goals into quarters, so today I’m reporting back on Q1.

I only have a handful of goals each quarter, so I’m revisiting my yearlong resolutions, too.

Winter Goals

  1. Finish Year 4 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (January, February, March)
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Meal plan every week
  5. Finish Xmas shopping & enjoy the parties and off time we have coming!

I only listed five goals because I wanted a shot at achieving ALL of them. I finished my scrapbook (yay!) and obviously I finished Christmas shopping. I got all my books read, too. I didn’t get to the yoga studio every week. I have no good excuses there. Also, we traveled A LOT so I didn’t meal plan every week, but I did do it quite often.

Spring Goals

  1. Start Year 5 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (April, May, June) & finish Erin’s Challenge
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Figure out fall travel: friends trip
  5. Figure out and work toward financial goals (IRA, credit cards, etc.)

My yoga package expires in May, I think, so I have to squeeze in all my remaining classes before then.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read 40 Books I’ve read 11/40
  • Work on my marriage habits
  • Keep a gratitude journal Not doing great with this one.
  • Budget Carolann suggested “You Need A Budget.” I tried it for a free month. I’ve been taking notes from Stephanie, the budget guru, too.Still working on this one.
  • Work on sticking to a consistent schedule Fail on all accounts. Travel tends to mess me up and we’ve been to multiple states this year already.

Just as a side note, I’ve been working on my Overhaul Goals as well.

So… not stellar, but not terrible. We have a few more weeks of travel, then we’ll be home for a while. I do better with my goals when we’re not leaving the state. Lol

What are your spring goals? I always feel like calendar-ly speaking, spring flies by.

20 thoughts on “Goals Update Q1

  1. Ugh we are trying to come up with a budget right now too. I want to get better about setting aside a certain amount into savings each month and figuring out where all our extra money goes. Retail therapy, probably lol.


    1. I feel like I think about my budget when the money is low and there’s nothing there to budget. Hahaha! It’s definitely not one of my stronger skills.


    1. YIKES. That hurts. I just sent up an appointment next week to get our IRAs squared away so hopefully that motivates me to keep this savings train moving forward.


  2. When it comes to routine type goals – meal planning, working out – those are the ones that are the hardest for me because they initially seem so doable and easy IF you have a normal week. But when does one EVER have a normal week? Even if on paper it seems like a normal week, something unexpected (both good and bad stuff) comes up to throw things out of whack. So then you have to get back on track, pray for a normal week and then remember you’ve got travel or a trip or guest coming. It’s a vicious cycle! But still girl, you’re doing great. Way better than me! 😀


  3. Good luck with your spring goals. I also bought a yoga package a few months ago that I’ve been using and I love it. It makes a huge difference to my mood and to being mindful – I hope you can tick this one off your list at the end of your spring 🙂


  4. I’m sure sticking to a routine with a busy job and traveling like yours is not easy. I think you’re doing great with your goals! We are working on budgeting too…it’s always a work in progress haha


    1. The traveling definitely throws me off a bit but I know if I could lock down a habit it wouldn’t be an excuse any more. I just need to work a little harder and smarter! Good luck to you!!


  5. Oooh, I geek out over finance and budget goals. Our finances were improving a lot before we had Holden and I went out on leave. Now we are recovering from that, but making some progress!


    1. I really need to be much better about finances. This year feels like the year to get it all in order, though. I think we’ll be able to crack down and funnel our money into the right avenues! Good luck to you on budgeting!


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