Catchy title, right? The other day I was thinking about all the things that INSTANTLY piss me off. I could lie and say it’s a short list but that’d be… well… a lie. But I’ll try to edit it #fortheblog.

When someone tosses their cigarette out the window.
When people ask me why I don’t have children.
When someone other than me or K yells at my dogs.
When I turn down alcohol and people immediately want to know why.
When someone says something will cost one price, and then somehow that number doubles.
Domestic abuse.
People being rude or impatient for no bloody reason.
When someone says, “She must be on her period….”
When people use marriage or kids as a success benchmark.
When people dismiss or discredit mental health, therapy, and medication.
When people abandon animals. Or abuse them. << that makes me murderous
When people talk down about their body.
When someone cuts me off on the road.
When someone tries to one-up me on tiredness or stress or whatever.
When K leaves his shoes in the dining room.
When Lylee ignores me and won’t come in the house.
(Enzo never pisses me off. He’s an angel.)
Racism, sexism, homophobia, extreme nationalism, xenophobia… etc.
Love triangles in books.
People who listen to videos in public w/o headphones.
When one person sh*ts all over another person to make themself feel/look better.
When men call women chatty or catty. (Sorry bro, dudes have those traits, too.)
Our government.
When I stub my toe.
When my teeth or ears hurt- INSTANT bad mood.
When my hair gets tangles for no g.d. reason.
When people assume I’m a secretary. Nothing wrong with a secretary AT ALL, but my title is Director of Operations because I am the Director of Operations.
When my phone drops a call.
When smart people act stupid.
When I have to repeat myself because you’re not listening.
When people in the two-lane fast food drive thrus don’t get it.
When I vacuum or clean and then a dog pukes.

How’s THAT for an uplifting blog post? Lol. This is all in fun (kind of?). No one has made me mad today… yet.

What pisses you off?

24 thoughts on “How to Piss Me Off

  1. John asked me what I would do if I knew I only had a few more days to live and it took me .5 seconds to answer ‘find and murder as many animal abusers as I can before I go.’ #priorities


  2. Love this list.

    Love triangles ANYWHERE! Spare me.

    I almost punched someone in the face yesterday for listening to videos at full volume in the quiet ride car without headphones.


    1. Love triangles are just tiring! I don’t mind if they resolve themself in the first 1/3 of the book, but do NOT drag that sh*t out for the duration of the novel or (heaven forbid) multiple books!

      It makes K murderous to be in a public place and hear a video on someone’s phone. OR if they’re on speaker phone for no reason.


  3. Ricky does that – pulls out his phone & watches cartoons out in public if we’re waiting somewhere – I’m like RUDE DUDE! He keeps it up loud even though he thinks its low. He doesnt get how aggravating that is!!!!!
    & the asking about babies… girl, it will NEVER END until you have babies… I’m 47 & nearly shriveled up ovaries & I STILL get the question… & when you have a baby, it will be “When are you having another?” – I DONT GET IT – why anyone else’s reproductive system matters to anyone else, but yet, the questions always come… mainly from women. which PISSES ME OFF EVEN MORE. So there’s my answer 🙂 haha


    1. Hahahahahaha. My husband gets even MORE mad than me about public-video-watchers. Especially in airports or on planes. LOL
      That question… It’s like… do you actually want a play by play of my sex life? Or are you more interested in my reproduction/ovulation/menstrual cycle? And if I WAS pregnant, is THIS how you want me to break the news to you? A random conversation in presumably a random place? So thoughtless!


  4. Amen to every single one of these! Now I don’t get the “when you going to have babies”, instead I get asked “when are you going to get married” – more when I was younger, which was hella annoying. Now I get the slightly, pitied look as though I’m a dried-up, old maid when I say I’m not married. Uh no. My choice, people. I want to marry someone I want to actually marry and spend my life with versus because I “need” to be married. Had friends that did that – never works out and is infinitely more painful in the end then it sometimes sucking to be alone.

    I can’t stand people who abuse animals. It literally makes me see red. And love triangles are just freaking stupid. It’s always freaking clear who the “winner” will be and it’s just dumb. So dumb. DUMB I tell ya! I also really hate asshole bros. And I always wonder about the women in the lives – do their mother, sister, aunt, grandma, female friends/co-workers and heaven forbid spouse – know they act like this? Or is this something they do “anonymously” in social media?

    But what doesn’t piss me off is the picture of the angry cat in your post. That makes me laugh my ass off. 😀


    1. People use marriage and kids as success benchmarks and it’s AWFUL because I believe that 50% of those people (married ones and parents) are MISERABLE. They probably rushed to get hitched or have kids because society told them to! And now what?? It’s the pressure to be miserable like the rest of society! (Not everyone… those who do it in their own time have a much better time- I’m sure!)
      I can’t understand people who hurt animals (or people, honestly). They’re wired wrong and completely messed up.
      I once heard women bitching about women being catty and I wanted to be like… you are terrible hypocrites. Find better friends and be a better one yourself.
      I love that kitty!! LOL


  5. Bahahaha! I love this.

    I stubbed my toe SO BAD the other night. Jerry flipping goes “oh wow, that must hurt really badly. Your toe is going to be bruised.” THAT pissed me off too. LOL. Mr. Sympathy…. sheesh!


  6. When people ask why we chose to have children so far apart. Ummmm I didn’t he’s my stepson, but if I did…it’s NONE of your business hahhaha. Or when Chuck throws things towards the laundry basket but not IN it.,…come ON DUDE! ugh! haha


    1. HOW IS CHILD (or marriage) DECISIONS ANYONE’S BUSINESS?????? I don’t mind the are you have kids question because whatever. It’s an easy no or maybe or someday answer. (As long as the interrogator doesn’t push further.) But why don’t you have kids? Or when are you having kids? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.


  7. Ha! This was fun to read. Love triangles in books is interesting. There are so many books with love triangles! What do you think about love triangles in movies? There’s probably even more of those. Does that annoy you too?


    1. If the love triangle is resolved in the first 1/3 of the book or movie I don’t mind as much. And honestly, I don’t watch a lot of rom-com so I don’t see it in movies THAT often. But even then, it just drives me nuts! Someone is going to win, someone will lose, and the drama or lying or double-living that will ensue makes me roll my eyes. Hahahaha!


  8. Lol I’m on book 24 in a series where there is a love triangle, and I’m so over it and want her to Justin pick someone already!!! (Stephanie Plum series) but yes to all of these!


    1. People who don’t understand the struggle with mental health probably (hopefully, honestly) never will. And those who have struggled, know. I’m sure it’s tough for people that don’t experience it, but it’s never ok to dismiss or discredit other people’s feelings.


  9. LOL yes to so much of this. I haaaate to repeat myself. Sometimes KC will sit there and think to try to decide if he heard me rather than re-ask. LOL. Not sure that’s my favorite either but at least he tries and is cognizant of it. The mental health stuff: yes.The videos in public without headphones or GAMES on phones in public without headphones. UGH. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I think sometimes K wishes I would sit and try to figure out what he said instead of saying, “What?” lol. My attention is usually only bad when he tries to talk to me while I read. He should know by now, though. Ha. I don’t understand people who just play things loudly on their phone in public!! What the heck?!


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