While my hometown does not have Uber (yep, we’re that small), when I travel for work or when I go out with my friends their big cities, we take an Uber. I don’t even have the app on my phone. For the handful of times I’ve been in an Uber, I sure have some weird stories, though.

Demigods | Cleveland, OH
HANDS DOWN THE WEIRDEST RIDE OF MY LIFE. I hopped in the back of a beat up Uber with 4 other friends. (I refuse to sit in the front seat.) The radio was playing this demonic scream music and apparently the drive was listening to this tape that kept repeating things like, “The demigods are pleased. You have made the demigods happy with your sacrifice. The dark lord is pleased with your sacrifice.” I could not hear this, but Aubrey was in the front seat and witnessed all of this. And the driver didn’t speak a word to us. After we got out and Aubrey shared the extent of the creepy drive I scolded her UP AND DOWN about how it was HER JOB TO GET US OUT OF THERE. Sheesh. Talk about traumatizing.

Train Trapped | Columbus, OH
We were on our way to a concert and we were all a bit buzzed. Our driver was awesome, though. We were safely crossing a double set of train tracks WHEN THE GATES STARTED TO COME DOWN. Our car was between the two tracks while trains went past on either side of us. There was plenty of room for our car on that little stretch of asphalt, but it was still SO freaky and surreal.

Meet My Son-in-Law | San Antonio, TX
First and foremost, this Uber ride was a total bust. We were headed to a diner featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and when we got there they were closed due to a busted pipe. The driver took us back to our hotel but on the way he saw his future son-in-law unloading a truck and put the window down to point him out to us and have a quick hello with him.

We once got an Uber driver to take us through the Taco Bell drive thru. That was a great night until I fell on my face. LOL. We also had a driver get us stuck in TWO HOURS OF POST-CONCERT TRAFFIC. He then started watching IG videos of the concert WE WERE JUST AT on his phone (my personal version of Hell). I almost murdered him.

Honestly, I think Ubers are so weird. Our parents specifically told us NOT to get in random cars with strangers… and that’s the whole concept of Uber. Handy? Yes. Safe? Eh. Jury is still out in my opinion.

How about you? Got any super weird Uber stories?

25 thoughts on “My Weird Uber Experiences

  1. I kind of love that there is no Uber in your hometown! I never used Uber in Hawaii but in DC I use it a lot. I honestly think it’s pretty safe as long as you are smart and pay attention to the car you’re getting into. Just as safe as a taxi, if not more so since everything is monitored on GPS. I always double check the license plate! I haven’t had any weird rides yet but one time Nick and I accidentally got into the wrong Uber. That’s what happens when you rely on other people and don’t check the license plate!! Luckily the guy was really nice and brought us where we needed to go anyway .


    1. I very very rarely miss the utility of Uber in our town, but maybe once or twice a year it’d come in handy. Ha. I feel like 50% of the time I Uber I’ve been drinking so my senses are probably a little dulled. That said, I’ve never Uber-ed alone and don’t plan to 🙂 I’ve never thought to check the plate but I’m going to do that from now on!


    1. It definitely gives me a story or two to bring to the table. Haha! My Cleveland and Columbus friends used to live in Ubers so I always expected to hope in one when we’d go out. They’ve cut back a little now. Lol


  2. lol right? “don’t get in cars with strangers, don’t meet people off the internet” uber: “your parents were wrong.”
    the train tracks one omg, I would have flipped the f out.


  3. Ahahaha at all of this! We have Uber around here but we’ve never used it. WTF with the weird Demigod thing?! Makes me wonder if he did it on purpose to be funny or creepy or something?! And that train track one is so freaky!


    1. I have NO idea. He was so creepy from the start. And Aubrey heard all of it and said nothing. I flipppppped out on her. I was like, “You should’ve come up with an emergency for us to get out! I’d have paid for the entire ride just to escape!” Lol


  4. So weirdly all my Lyft (my preferred) experiences have been really positive. Good, friendly and efficient drivers. The kind that ask you about music preference, are chatty if you want to be chatty and quiet if that’s what you want. But I have had multiple bad cab experiences and all of them occurred in LA. Like I was once ready to bolt out of the cab at a stoplight kind of bad. And yes, it is ironic that we willingly get into a car with a stranger because that just sounds like the first page to a murder mystery. 😀 The train tracks story, though, I’m pretty sure that I would have minimally needed to change my underwear afterwards. Yikes! 😀


    1. Thank goodness! I’m genuinely happy for you! Haha! A weird/scary Uber is not fun. We’ve had ok/normal taxi experiences, but I’ve taxi-ed much less than I’ve Ubered. One time I left my cell phone in a taxi! Fortunately it was on Nantucket which is super small and we were able to track the taxi down!


  5. HAHA – I’ve never used an Uber but I feel like it would freak me out a little…
    the guy screaming about the demonic music… I would have jumped out while the vehicle was moving…That’s terrifying!


  6. OMG these are too wild. I’ve only rode a handful of times…no really crazy stories. One time in Miami we took a Lyft and it was his first night on the job. He had bottles of FIJI water and mints for us. Super nice, but don’t think that would last long lol. Also, we had an Uber XL in Orlando for our friend’s birthday dinner and had an older driver. He was the cutest thing and kept telling us jokes along the way. hahah


    1. I love it when they have water or mints or candy. But then I’m also like…. ok, stranger on the internet, got in a random car, AND I’m taking random candy from this stranger. BE SMARTER, AUDREY. Hahaha!


  7. OMG Audreyyyy those are all so crazy! Totally confirms that it’s the best/worst way to travel haha. My mom had a 90-year-old heavily Russian accented old man pick her up in a beat up old Taxi that had plywood where the old taxi plexiglass used to be and the door handle didn’t open from the inside. SO SO SKETCHY!!!!


    1. Wow wow wow! That is super duper sketchy! I’d be so so so uncomfortable!!! I’m hoping and praying I never have to uber or taxi alone in the future! Yikes!


    1. Yeah, I kind of have a rule against Uber-ing alone. I’d just never prefer to do it! I’m surprised more people don’t have wacky stories like these. Haha. Now I know how unusual they are! Lol!


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