Saturday is our sixth wedding anniversary. I say it every single year, but I don’t know how it’s been six years already. And I don’t know how it’s only been six years.

(C)Ryan Armbrust Sniper Photo LLC

We went on our first date 12 years ago. How anyone (other than my parents) puts up with me day in and day out for 12 years is beyond me.

Last year I wrote about K’s crows feet. They’re still there and I still love them. This year I’m going to be a little goofier and share with you all the dumb things we fight about- even after 12 years.

Whether or not nachos are an appropriate dinner.

Whether or not snacks in general are an appropriate dinner. (They are.)

Me refusing to learn people’s names and using my own nicknames.

Someone promising to pick up the dog poop in the backyard if we got a puppy (me). And now someone brings that up any time I make a promise he knows I won’t keep. (It’s been five years, dude. Geeeez.)

Why someone needs 100 pairs of shoes.

The cable. We still have it. And Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I think we have a Swing account, too.

Someone’s overall behavior and language when playing video games (also me).

Halloween decorations.

Christmas decorations.

Pretty much any decorations that aren’t our “every day” decorations.

Real tree vs. fake tree. And white lights vs. color lights.
(Every year I win with a real tree & he wins with white lights.)

The amount of dog hair in my car.

“Let’s get a third dog.”
“For the hundredth time: NO.”
“I know. I was just kidding.”
“No you weren’t. And you need to pick up the dog poop in the yard.”

Backing into the garage and how close someone (me) gets to the workbench.

Bathroom counter space.

The habit of setting multiple morning alarms and ignoring them all.

Clothes that can’t find their way to the laundry room.

Which living room blanket belongs to who.

Appropriate conversation to have right before falling asleep.

Happy Anniversary to my shoe-hoarding, Halloween-loathing, blanket-hogging husband. I can’t wait to celebrate the next 80+ years with you ❤️

28 thoughts on “Six Years A Mrs.

  1. Happy anniversary! You ate such an amazing couple 💜

    We seem to do a lot of talking in bed after lights out. I’m sure other people would consider 90% of the conversation inappropriate for immediately before sleep. 😂


    1. Thanks, Bev! You’re so sweet! K doesn’t *usually* mind weird conversations while laying in bed, but if he’s super tired he gets annoyed pretty quickly. Lol


  2. I Love You both so very much! I always look forward to reading your blog and some ( like this one ) make me smile from ear to ear because I get to see some of it first hand. I knew the first time he brought you home that you would be family and I’m grateful every day that you are. Happy Anniversary ❤️


    1. Thanks, Kristen! When we were in the middle of one of the nacho “fights” we both stopped and were like, “Are we seriously having this conversation?” Hahaha!


    1. Hahaha, thanks!
      He’s not into ANYTHING paranormal or creepy so I’m just grateful he stays pretty quiet when the house is decked out in skeletons and ghouls 😉


  3. hahhaha I LOVE THIS, so so cute. Great post for your anniversary. Happy 6 years and many many more to you both! xo!


  4. I literally took a picture of a shirt & pants that was on the floor – INCHES from the laundry basket – to text to the hubs & ask WHYYYYYY?????
    … I always say, Christmas trees could very well be the basis of divorce for us. & I’ve since given Ricky the job of bringing Christmas decorations up from the basement & that’s it – his job is over. If we are going to survive, we dont decorate together. haha
    … GET THE 3RD DOG!! JUST DO IT! 🙂 A perfect anniversary gift to one another – haha
    Happy 6th year of Happily Ever After!


    1. Right?? K leaves shirts and stuff in the dining room/kitchen- which is connected to the laundry room. There are hampers in the laundry room specifically for him. Lol. SIGH.
      I don’t make K do anything but buy the tree with me and get it in the house. That’s a lie… There are like 4 or 5 ornaments that are his from childhood and I save them for him to put on. Sometimes they sit on the table next to the tree for days. Lol
      We were verrrrrry close to getting a third dog this weekend. A local dog shelter get 28 husky puppies in from a hoarding situation and we almost drove there Saturday to get one!


  5. Happy Anniversary! I’ve only ever had a fake Christmas tree, although open to at least trying a real tree, but I am 100% with K when it comes to the white lights. 😀 And yes, nachos and snacks make a perfectly acceptable meal! I am seriously surprised, though, to learn that K does not like Halloween since you throw a party and both dress-up. He’s a secret Halloween lover, just playing hard-to-get for you! Here’s to another 80 years of happiness, laughter and love!


    1. He is SO anti-color lights. I’m hoping when we have a kid or two they’ll side with me and convince him 😉 I would snack for dinner every single night if I lived alone 🙂 I love it.
      He is a super good sport for Halloween. He doesn’t *hate* it, but he’s not a fan of creepy or paranormal stuff. I can usually get him on board by letting him have lots of say in the costume 🙂

      Thank you!!


  6. Blanket-hogging applies to my husband as well! I always have to pull them to me in the middle of the night LOL And congrats! That’s awesome! I’ve known my husband for 4 years, been married for almost 2 years and I can’t wait for many more!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters


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