Happiest of Thursdays to ya.

I’m linking up with Miss Kristen today for What’s New With You?.

Reading… ehhhh. I’m in a lull. Hopefully my summer list kicks me into shape. I’m still limping through The Lost World, the Saga series, and now Wundersmith.

Watching… not much. We watch The Voice together but we’re not into Game of Thrones or the Avengers so you will find no spoilers here.

Eating… a mix of healthy snacks/salads… aaaaand ice cream and fried foods. Warm weather foods are such a great mix. Haha!

Drinking… lot of water. Or I’m trying to anyway.

Planning… not much. Just trying to get some stuff done around the house- deep cleaning, outside landscaping in the back, hanging artwork and maybe getting some furniture for neglected spaces.

Shopping for… the bridal shower and baby shower I’ve got this weekend. (Different ladies, lol.) Also, Mother’s Day and my little brother’s birthday. May is going to leave me as broke as December.

Praying for… health. Ugh. Family members that are on the mend and a husband who’s nursing a cold and me who’s STILL trying to kick that exhaustion in the wake of being sick. Bleh.

Looking forward to… evening fires outside, lounging in the sun (or more likely shade) after work, grilling all our dinners from now-ish until fall. Cookouts, swimming, warm but not hot dog walks.

Dreaming about… a vacation. I KNOW we just got back from Arizona and it was fantastic… but summer makes me think of the beach and we don’t have anything planned for the rest of 2019 and I just really want to lay in the sand for a bit. Haha.

I feel like I’m rambling. I’m going to wrap this up. Tell me what’s new with you!

34 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!

    The weather here has been crazy so one day I’ll think it’s so warm, I’ll have a salad then the next day it’s rainy/cold and I find myself reaching for the warmest most comforting foods because I’m freeeezing.


  2. Let’s run away to the beach together!! May is an expensive month for me, too. Between Mother’s Day, friends’ birthdays, and my brother’s graduation, it’s going to be busy!! Plus, my mom’s birthday was two weeks ago. I am also in a reading rut and I don’t know how to get out of it!


    1. Yessss! I *think* I might have a trip to FL in the works for October (YAY!) but that’s just sooooo far away! Lol! Good luck with your reading. When you figure it out let me know 😉


    1. I am SO tired of feeling sick and tired. Sigh. I don’t mind shopping for showers but I HATE when someone else gets the bride/mother-to-be the same thing I did. I used the registry!! I did it right!! Grrrr. Lol


    1. Lucky girl. I think my next full week off/vacation is planned for October. SIGH. I’m going to need a few mental health days between now and then. Ha.


  3. My allergies have been all over the place this week. Terrible one day, which means I take benedryl and then am just wiped out. Fine for a day then bad again. It’s a roller coaster I do not wish to ride! 😀 Summer foods are crazy. On one hand I crave the lighter dishes, lots of salad and fruits, grilled meats but then I want ice cream and sundaes and milkshakes. 😀


    1. Ugh. I truly hate spring because it’s muggy, the allergies are nuts, and there are SO MANY BUGS. It is my least favorite season. Bleck. I agree completely about summer foods!


  4. NOT A MAN COLD!!!! 😉 haha
    Laughed that you clarified that the bridal & baby shower were separate.
    Vacation plans are always on a working girls mind.


    1. Until this very moment, I forgot I had a goal of reading for 30 minutes a day this month. Yikes. I’m bombing with that. Sigh.

      I don’t usually mind bridal or baby showers- but two in one day was tough. Glad I could send K with the gift!


  5. i swear, the exhaustion that comes after being sick is almost as bad as being sick.hope everyone is better soon! we just got back from a cruise but have nothing planned for the rest of the year and it’s making me kind of antsy and want to plan something lol. hope you get your reading mojo book soon, wundersmith and saga are both soooooooooooooooooo good.


    1. I agree. I’m constantly asking, “Am I still sick… or just tired?” Lol.
      We finally have something on the books… for October. I don’t think I’ll last that long without something in between. Lol


  6. Oof I was there in March. I felt like pretty stagnant in everything. Good luck snapping out of it. It helped me to plan a few small things and add stuff to my countdown app (even just like the live action Aladdin movie, lol). 🙂 We are planning a big trip at the end of the year and thought we wouldn’t travel in between.. but… yeah, the beach. LOL We’ll see! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I might have to try planning some smaller stuff in between the big things. We finally have some plans to travel in October but I don’t think I’ll make it that long. I want a summer trip. Haha!


  7. I could go for a relaxing vacation right about now. I am ready for some swim time though! It’s the only thing that makes me happy about hot days. LOL I don’t watch Game of Thrones either, but I do like the Marvel movies. Still need to see the new one.



    1. A relaxing vacation is the best way to kick off summer- even in you’re not technically “off” for the summer. Haha. My grandparents used to have a pool and I miss it every day. Sigh.


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