I can’t decide what I talk about today so I’m link up with the beautiful Rebecca Jo for her weekly Thankful Thursdays ❤

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Time with my brother & sister-in-law.
My brother lives two hours away and I only see him once every month or two. He came home for Mother’s Day this weekend but my mom caught the flu Friday night so Fred & Christina stayed with us Sat. & Sun. We did dinner, breakfast, and dinner again while they were here. And I finally played Ticket to Ride for the first time! I’m sad my mom was under the weather, but I had extra time with F&C because of it so… silver lining.

My friendships.
I have a very small circle of friends. (I’ve written and deleted many posts on the topic.) Even though it’s a small group, the women that surround me are incredible. They’re supportive & invested & compassionate. We’re all in totally different stages of life with major changes/growth/struggles on our plates… but I’m so grateful that they’re always there for me regardless.

Gourmet Dinner.
The way to my heart is cooking me food- specifically something I request. While I cook 70% of the time in our house, there are a handful of foods that I eff-up every time and K excels at making. Grilled cheese is one of those foods. On Tuesday, after I was feeling drained and under the weather all day, we got home from work and K made me soup and grilled cheese. I just laid on the couch while he made it AND brought it to me. Literally the best.

What are you thankful for this week?

22 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Love that extra time with family, it always feels so good! Chuck makes me grilled cheese, I’ve never made one in my life LOL it seems like a lot of work…and I just requested one last week too 😉 Love the thankfulness…have a good day!


    1. I agree- especially when you don’t see them often.
      I’m terrible at grilled cheese. The bread gets mushy and the cheese never melts. K has a technique and I’m more than happy to let him do it 😉


  2. I love all three of these points. I mean like not your mom being sick but the silver lining of it.
    So hard to describe what the people in your circle mean to you, right?


  3. Sorry your Mom was sick for Mother’s Day but at least you still got to spend some quality time with your brother and sister-in-law. I don’t have many friends either but firmly believe when it comes to friendship: it’s really about quality over quantity. Something I didn’t really understand why I was younger and thought more friends meant I was popular, etc. In reality, though, they were shallow friendships. Not the people who show up when you’re hurting but only for the “fun” stuff. I love that K makes you grilled cheese. And seriously, a great grilled cheese is harder than it should be. The toast gets burnt or under-toasted. Or the cheese isn’t melted. Now I’m 100% craving grilled cheese for lunch and only an okay grilled cheese maker! 😀


    1. She bounced back pretty fast 🙂 I had lots of friends in elementary and middle school, paired in down in high school (to people that were NOT good influences), and finally found a pretty good group in college and post college. But funny enough, it’s people I’ve known since I was 10. So weird how all that works out.
      I am cravinnnnnnng another sandwich, too! Next time K is in LA I’ll send him to you and tell him to make you a sandwich 😉 Haha!


  4. A close circle of good friends can be more of a blessing than a large group of acquaintances. Friends who are always there for you is a good thing to be thankful for! 🙂


  5. It’s definitely not the quantity of friends that matters, but the quality – all the way!


  6. Thanks for linking up with me!!! So happy to see you join us.
    I always think of that meme that says, “Can we talk about the real miracle – that Jesus had 12 close friends at 33 years old” 😉 haha


    1. Thanks for hosting!
      Hahahaha- yes! How the heck does anyone have 12 close friends at 33??! The last time I had 12 friends I was in 3rd grade. Lol


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