Girl Seeking Mojo & Happy Weekend!

Hello, friends. To say that I have been uninspired lately is a true understatement. I have a stack of books to read, a fresh idea for a novel burning in my brain, and multiple blog post topics I want to cover… but I just don’t feel like it.

I took (most of) last Friday off and I had plans to deep clean my house. Here’s what I got done: our bedroom and our master bath. Plus I dusted the whole banister, vacuumed part of the “loft” area, did the dishes, and got all the laundry done. And Enzo got a bath. But seriously… a whole day dedicated to the house and that’s all I had to show for it.

I don’t know if that means our house is a mess or I am a mess…

I’m not complaining, I’m just confessing. I know my mojo will be back soon.

I think many people get rejuvenated in the spring (and tend to feel how I’m feeling in the January/February months). I am the opposite. Spring and the start of summer are so draining to me.

I’m not feeling doom and gloom. I’m just feeling tired & lazy. And I will snap out of it soon 😉 So until then, here are some memes that I relate to:

every. single. vacation/trip.

Have a Happy Thursday and a great (& hopefully LONG) weekend!!

22 thoughts on “Girl Seeking Mojo & Happy Weekend!

  1. The weather has been so up and down that I go in and out of funks. I feel overwhelmed lately and try to stay ahead of things and then sometimes just shut down, so I feel you! Hope you have a great long weekend 🙂


  2. Well, I gotta be honest, you cleaned way more than I would have accomplished in one day. Aaaaand I live in an apartment, which I suspect is much, much smaller than your house. So I’m not sure what that says about me. Oh yeah, I’m a terrible, terrible lazy cleaner. Also true! I am sorry to hear, though, that your mojo is low. Mine hasn’t been great either but my allergies have been acting crazy and allergy meds just make my brain a bit foggy so I feel constantly out of it, which I hate. It’s interesting that Spring is draining to you. I am the opposite – right after Christmas is where I just feel exhausted and often get sick. 😦 I hope your mojo finds you again! Have a good, long weekend!


    • Ugh. I felt so unaccomplished to have only gotten one full room done. (And we cleaned the garage over the weekend but you should see my kitchen now. YIKES. Lol.) Allergies are the worst. They’re not affecting me too badly this year fortunately! I love love love that post Christmas cold and dreary. I know that’s totally strange 🤣


  3. Those funnies!! I love the Hogwarts one. & I’ll totally think of that dog one now next time I leave a room & the whole herd follows.
    I feel ya too – I’ve been so unmotivated in ALL THINGS LIFE right now. UGH!


    • Enzo is like glue. And it’s funny because he hates hardwood so he won’t *actually* follow me into the kitchen, but he follows me to the edge of carpet and just sits there and waits. Lol


    • I agree completely. When K got home that night I told him we were moving to a smaller house. Our first apartment was about 400 square feet. I wanted that place back in that moment. Ha.


    • So so true. Fortunately, Enzo is my easy one. He fits in the tub and listens to me. It’s just a mess to clean up afterward. Poor Ly *really* needs a bath and I even had everything loaded up in the car to take her to the public dog wash buttttt……. we still haven’t gone. Haha.


    • I really thought I’d clean all the windows and wipe down all the fan blades and.. and.. and… Hahaha. I barely got to the fan in out bedroom (but at least I did that one!).


    • Lol, I don’t blame you one bit. Usually if I make the bed and straighten up the couch first I’m less inclined to collapse on it and mess it up halfway through my chores. Haha. Good luck this week!!


  4. Hah! I love the one about the dog coming with you…so true. And bringing a second book just in case, when you’re almost finished with one. I mean, WHAT IF?! I’m not feeling all the inspired lately either. Kind of sluggish and blah. All this warm weather makes me tired. haha



    • SO true about the dogs- esp. Enzo. I always bring like 3 or 4 books on a trip, plus my Kindle. Ha. I’m glad I’m not the only one affected by the weather (although I hope EVERYONE gets their mojo back soon!).


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