Thank you for all the baby love, friends ❤️ You guys are seriously the greatest people I’ve never met 😊

Today I have a bunch of chats with K that I never got around to sharing!

Me: Shoot! Did we miss Jeopardy?
K: Nope. I’d say you’re about 70 years early.

I paused Dirt and got up to let the dogs out. K picked up my book (Daisy Jones) to mock me for reading 2 or 3 minute at a time when I can (like when he lets the dogs out).
Me: You’re so funny.
K *pauses because he’s actually reading a small part*: We’re watching a movie about sex and drugs and music… and you’re reading a book about sex and drugs and music.
Me: Yeah, it reminded me that I wanted to watch this movie.

*walks into K’s office* Me: Have you seen the news?
K: About the thing in France that’s on fire?
Me: “The thing in France“? THAT’S NOTRE DAME, KYLE!
He’s not really one for international landmarks.

Me: I figured cereal would help my heartburn because of the milk but I think the cereal part makes it worse.
K: Want me to take one for the team? I’ll eat the Fruity Pebbles and you can have the leftover mi- No, I don’t want to give up the best part.
Me: Literally any other cereal milk, Kyle. Not that gross crap.
K: The sugary cereal makes the best milk- Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Cheerios.
Me: …Cheerios don’t have sugar.
K: Yes they do, when you eat them correctly.

Me: While we’re in Phoenix would you rather drive to the Grand Canyon for the day or take a train ride through the desert canyons?
K: Ehh… I’ve seen Back to the Future. I know how train rides through the desert go. Somewhere out there there’s a bridge that isn’t finished and I don’t want to come across it.
Me: …are you kidding me?

Me: How do I look?
K: Different…
Me: That’s not a compliment. “Different” and “bad” are not good answers.
K: You don’t look bad………. you just look like you stole your wardrobe from the cast of Little Women.
Me: Still. Not. A. Compliment.

Such a way with words, lol.

20 thoughts on “Chats with K

  1. That thing in France 😂😂
    The only thing that helped my heart burn was drinking almond milk. It doesn’t taste the best (to me) but it worked. My midwife dais you could also take the kind of whole almonds that still have skin on and suck them. I never got to actually try that though.


    1. He’s ridiculous.

      I actually just got some almond milk about a week ago. I don’t really drink glasses of milk but I love cereal and it’s not too noticeably different on cereal. I’m just happy to have SOMETHING. Haha!


    1. Lol- honestly, I can’t remember what I had on. Probably a long skirt and flowy top… but I have no clue.
      Man, I LOVE jeopardy! K puts up with it- probably since it’s only a half hour long. Lol


  2. This cracks me up, we’ve been addicted to Jeopardy James and WILL NOT MISS IT. Also the cereal milk. hahhaa so true, and hilarious!


    1. He loves himself some Back to the Future. I would bet he’s never seen Little Women- except when I was in the play in hs and he came to watch. LOL


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