Happy 32nd Anniversary to my mom & dad!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer so I’m recapping my goals from the second quarter of 2019 and sharing my Q3 goals.

Life got a little nuts this past quarter & my goals suffered.

Spring Goals

  1. Start Year 5 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (April, May, June) & finish Erin’s Challenge
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Figure out fall travel: friends trip
  5. Figure out and work toward financial goals (IRA, credit cards, etc.)

I’m in the process of moving my home office/studio into the den (so the room can be a nursery). Despite the upheaval, I did manage to start my Year 5 scrapbook. I did not manage to read three books per month. I think I finished 2 in April and 0 in May. This month I’ve finished 1 so far, but I think I’ll squeeze a few more in.

When I found out I was pregnant I stopped going to traditional yoga classes, but this month my studio offered prenatal yoga on Saturdays so I’ve been going to that weekly. I didn’t do it all quarter, though, so I’m not counting it. Fall trip to Tampa is booked. Financial goals are hashed out and started (but it’s definitely ongoing).

Summer Goals

  1. Finish cleaning out room & paint nursery
  2. Organize basement
  3. Read and finish 3/4 of Erin’s Book Challenge (I have until Oct. to complete)
  4. Find out gender & plan reveal event
  5. Assist in baby shower prep
  6. Continue financial goals
  7. Visit Aub in Florida!!
  8. Finish the registry

…half of these goals center around baby prep. It’s kind of on our minds, lol.

I have made a TON of progress on the basement already and I’m in the midst of planning a family get together for the reveal so those goals are in progress. Since we have a little more to do I upped my goal number to 8 for this quarter. I guarantee I will have much less/easier Fall goals, lol.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read 40 Books I’ve read 18/40
  • Work on my marriage habits 
  • Keep a gratitude journal I jumped ship here. LOL
  • Budget I purchased and downloaded Steph’s Zero Based Budget Template & it’s been working well for me!
  • Work on sticking to a consistent schedule Getting better. Bed by 10pm, up around 6:30am… I’m working on it. Meals are kind of planned. Lol

I can’t remember what I meant by “work on my marriage habits.” That said, things have been really great & fun between us so I think I’m meeting that goal. Hahaha. The book goal & budgeting goal are going ok, too. RIP gratitude journal, lol.

And that’s it for now. How are your goals progressing this year? Do you still remember what 2019 resolutions you made (or what you meant when you made them, lol)?

26 thoughts on “Goals Update Q2

  1. Such fun goals! And you’re sure to accomplish them – I mean how could you not complete something as exciting as a nursery for your very own baby!

    If this ivf is actually successful I will not be doing any prep or buying anything until AT LEAST 24 weeks. I’ll probably end up giving birth then having to send Jan to buy something for the baby to sleep in when they come home. Lol.


    1. Fingers crossed. We’re pretty big procrastinators, lol. Some of this really NEEDS done, though, so hopefully we’ll check a bunch of things off!

      I don’t blame you one bit. I’d be the exact same way. I was so nervous to tell people are first and K had practically no reservations.


  2. Gender reveal parties fascinate me. Like on one side, weird. Seriously to the dude who caused a wildfire with your gender reveal fireworks, chill the eff down. But on the other hand, so freaking exciting too! Errr … just don’t start a wildfire. 😀 I’ll be honest, June goals haven’t gone quite as well for me, but I’ve had some things weighing heavily on my mind so that’s been a distraction. That’s life. Sometimes you can cross off goals like a boss and sometimes the boss gotta do other stuff.


    1. Super weird. I agree. Very millennial as my family pointed out to me. Haha. I told them if they don’t care about the sex they don’t have to come 😀 Lol.
      June was rough. May was rough. I’d love for July to be easy going but it’s looking pretty busy sooo…. it might al be rough. Lol


  3. Inquiring minds want to know when the gender reveal will be!

    LOL @ forgetting what you meant by a goal. Been there.


    1. LOL! We’re aiming for a family bbq on Sunday July 7th to share the news 🙂
      K and I are control freaks, though, so we’ll actually find out at the end of this week and keep it a secret for a week. Lol

      I have NO idea by what I meant with that goal. Haha!


  4. 32 years? Happy anniversary to your Mom & Dad! To be fair you’ve had a rather interesting distraction from your goals 😉


    1. Yep, 32! Kind of amazing 🙂 Although I don’t know anyone else who’d put up with them like they do each other. Haha!
      Yikes- a big ol’ distraction! Haha! Definitely threw me off last quarter!


  5. You’re so productive. A reveal is so fun- I had so much fun planning ours and can’t wait to see what your baby is! Reading seems to come in waves for me- so I get you there! Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. I love planning parties but this one just seems stressful. Lol. July is a busy, busy month for us and our whole family. A Sunday cookout should be mostly relaxing, though 🙂 Sending you lots of good summer reading vibes!!


  6. Awesome goals and progress! OMG can’t wait until you know the gender…. EEEE!
    I’ve been thinking of getting Steph’s budget sheet as well. I’ve been SO BAD about budgeting and spending ever since we had Holden. I think the stress of adding another little fella caused me to lose focus there. He’s so worth it though! Haha.


    1. We find out so soon! It’s driving me nuts! Haha!
      I really like Steph’s budget. It forces me to be active in my budgeting but also takes care of some steps, too. And I like that it’s tailored to me and I can see the percentage of where my money goes (although it’s a little scary).


  7. I think you’re doing really well on your goals. Obviously finding out your pregnant changes goals and what you can and cannot do, so I think overall, you’re on the right track. Good luck with this next quarter’s goals (some of those are fun though – yay baby events!! I have a baby shower to attend this weekend).



    1. Haha, thank you! My goals were definitely derailed a bit last quarter. Hopefully we check off lots of goals this time around. He doesn’t know it yet, but K is getting drug into a bunch of these 😉


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