My last “currently” post was in May so I’m due for one.
Linking up with Kristen from See You in a Porridge for What’s New With You?.

Reading… The Lost World. Still. I’m such a putz. I’m also reading Cocaine Blues and I’m finishing Columbine.

Watching… nothing really. I watched season 1 of High Seas (Netflix) and loved it but I’ll mention that in another post.

Listening to… Influenced the Podcast as well as lots of 90s/00s Women of Country and 00s Rock Alternative. I know that’s a weird mix. Ha.

Eating… random things. So many things still don’t sound good. Ice cream, cereal (which gives me heartburn), and pb&j sandwiches always sound yummy, though.

Wearing… athletic shorts, tank tops, and layers. I’m trying to stay cool on the 85º+ weather days but some days start in the 60s, spike to 80, and return to 50 or 60 before I can get home to change. Ohio is a weirdo.

Praying about… Ly’s anxiety (summer storms suck for her), bringing our human baby home to our fur babies, the health and safety of loved ones. (And of course the terrible, shady things going on in our country.)

Looking forward to… vacation in Tampa at my best friend’s house! It’s not until late September but I don’t care. I’m excited!

Planning… a trip for a NASCAR night race. We weren’t going to go, but now we are. And K and I are in charge of booking the hotel room.

Worrying about… all the stuff we have to do before we add a kid. Much of it is not done. Lol. We have 9 mostly free weekends (out of 17) until her due date weekend. Yikes.

I’m going to share a pregnancy update next week. Similar to this post, but specifically about pregnancy thus far (halfway!).

So tell me… what’s new with you?

32 thoughts on “Currently…

    • Sounds like we’re trip-twins in September 🙂 I’m looking forward to chilling on the beach, nomming on seafood, and just r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g. Hahaha! Hopefully it’s warm and sunny (and Ohio has gotten a little less warm and sunny by then).


  1. September will be here before you know it! Start that countdown.
    I equally love days like that with a temp fluctuation – love those cool mornings & evenings – but yeah, its a nightmare to dress for.
    I’m going to ignore you said the “c word” 🙂 HAHA – see, it gives you heartburn – STAY AWAY FROM IT – COME TO MY SIDE 🙂 LOL


    • I stressed over wedding details, too, and when the day came I let it all go. Hopefully that’s my outlook by the end of this pregnancy with all the to-do things, too 😉


  2. I always find people’s pregnancy food cravings to be fascinating, especially when it’s for something they normally don’t like. Did baby somehow get a taste of it and decide that Mommy should like it now too? 😀 I’m always impressed when people can read multiple books at the same time as it something my old coot brain cannot do. I start confusing plots and characters. LOL! It’s great that you got some fun stuff planned to look forward to this Fall (besides baby) and I have no doubt you’ll get everything ready in time for the baby. And I hope everyone is praying for our country because we are freaking mess right now.


    • I wasn’t much of a pasta eater before pregnancy. Now I really like settling in with a big bowl of noodles. Haha. Peanut butter never tasted that great to me before but now I load my pb&j sandwiches down with it.
      I struggle to read one book at a time. My brain needs something to switch too.


  3. I basically ate plain crisps (potato chips) for most of my pregnancy. Not because I craved them but those and mints were the only thing that stopped me feeling sick. Then when that finally stopped I had about a week of feeling good before acid reflux kicked in and EVERYTHING pretty much triggered that, including plain water. The only thing that seemed to help was almond milk.

    I am sure you will get everything done you need to. And if not it’s fine – babies only need a place to sleep, food and love. A fully decorated nursery is nice but mit essential.
    Your trip sounds so fun! I have no travel plans for the rest of the year and I’m kind of sad about it. It’s just really hard for us to plan ahead right now.


    • Potato chips definitely trigger reflux for me. But like you said, most everything does. I tried the almond milk thing and just can’t get used to the taste. Sigh.
      Very true. We’ll get done what we get done and fudge our way through the rest. Haha!
      Oh no! You need some spontaneous trips!


    • The doggy anxiety has been an issue for years. Storm season is the worst, though. And we’re trying to find a way to help her calm down before we have to focus on baby. Honestly, I think I’m just stuck sleep on the couch during thunderstorm nights, lol. Between Lylee and baby I will never sleep again. Ha. Good thing I love them both.
      The problem with The Lost World is that I really LIKE it. My reading mojo is just crappy right now. Haha! When I do actually pick it up I’m really into it. I am DEFINITELY finishing it this weekend. No more excuses!
      High Seas is RIGHT up your alley! You will LOVE Eva and Nicolas!


  4. Vacations are always such good things to look forward to! As someone mentioned above, what pregnant women crave has always intrigued me, too – especially some of the “creative” combinations of items! I’ve never been pregnant, so I have no experience with this firsthand, but it is such a fascinating and weird phenomenon.


    • I don’t love flying, but I’m so excited to see my bff and the beach in Sept so I don’t even care. Haha!
      I’m glad I haven’t had any SUPER weird cravings or combinations. Just a few things that I don’t normally want. Haha!


  5. I love that you’re thinking about your fur babies while adding your new human baby! I think it can be a tough adjustment for dogs because they’re used to all the attention. It was tough for Dakota!
    I read Columbine years ago and it was such a hard read, but SO SO well written. It’s a book that I’ll never forget and will re-read in the future.


    • I think our dogs will be a little conflicted. They love people, but they love our attention. It’ll be confusing for them to have another human in the house all the time. And a helpless one that can’t pet them at that. Lol

      Columbine was definitely a tough one, but I feel like I learned a lot without too much gory exposure!


  6. I am on the wait list for Columbine, should be coming in a week or two from the library. Don’t worry about getting everything done, you will. That nesting really kicks in high gear there towards the end and you will get more done than you can even think about now! It was a hard adjustment for Mac when we brought Zoe home. We had lost Gracie when I was pregnant, and he has never been the same since losing her. And then we brought a new baby home and things were chaotic for awhile. But they have adjusted to each other, for the most part.


    • Hope you get it soon! I hope no one has been waiting on me. I know it took a few weeks to get through it. But I’ve also been reading pretty slowly. Ugh.
      Ly is high anxiety but very loyal. I think she’ll just need to learn to be a little gentle. And honestly, our kid is going to get knocked over and stepped on as she starts to get mobile and she’ll learn how to combat that, too. Haha. Enzo is just going to have to get used to sharing his mommy but he’s a big fan of kids so I think he’ll take to her pretty quickly. If Kyle and I show that we love the baby, I think the dogs will follow suit. Fingers crossed, anyway.


    • Honestly, this kid might BE a McDonald’s chicken nugget at this point. And I know how gross that is but dang. They always sound yummy. Hahaha.
      By our wedding day I had let everything go and just went with it. I’m hoping I take on that same attitude when birth arrives. Haha.


  7. Dog anxiety is so hard. Ours are like that when they smell smoke outside. Also, if I burn something in the kitchen and there’s smoke. They flipped out over the grill last night :/
    By the time you get close to your due date, 9 weekends will seem like a LOT 🙂 I found myself baking cupcakes just to literally have something to do to waste away the time lol.


    • Dog anxiety IS hard! I hate that I can’t explain to her that things are ok. They don’t mind the smoke, but once the fire alarms go off they freak out. Poor babies.
      I HOPE I’m finding ways to pass the time! Haha!!


  8. It will get done…don’t worry. I was in the hospital for 2 months and we had only bought a few things prior to that happening and it still turned out okay. You will get it all taken care of! Just do a little at a time 🙂 Your trip to Florida will be great, I really like Tampa. Have a good week!


  9. I love people with a broad taste in music – I’m just as bad, from classical music to Good Charlotte to the occasional bit of House!


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