We had some of these conversations months ago but it was before baby was public news 😉

K: That’s a good hospital but it’s kind of far away for taking care of the dogs.
Me: We’ll work that out before hand and have a sitter on call.
K: But for me to go home at night.
Me: …Ha. No. You’re at the hospital with me. You sleep on the couch or chair in the room.
K: WHAT? What if my back hurt?
Me: Your chiropractor is in the area. It’ll be perfect.
K *grumbles*: But I won’t be allow to leave the prison to go.
Me: The next 18 years are a prison, baby. 

A few months later he tried this one…

K: What hotels are close to the hospital?
Me: Why does that matter?
K: So I have some place to sleep.
Me: You do- in the room on the couch.
K: Maybe you could let me sleep in your bed.
Me: Keep this up and you won’t even be around 💀

Me: So are we gonna go maternity pictures or newborn-
K: I can’t focus on that right now.
Me: What? Why?
K: because I’m about to Night Rider right over this truck. 

Me: No you’re not. 

Me: I’m so nervous.
K: You don’t have any control over it.
Me: You need to practice your empathy.
K: *says nicely* You don’t have any control over it.
Me: Saying it nicer isn’t empathy. 

Me: I even scrubbed the stove today!
K: Look at you! You Maria Canoodle-d that stove!
Me: …what?
K: Those cooked-on stains and charred foods didn’t bring you joy and you got rid of them.
Me: Wow. Marie Kondo and that’s not exactly how it works.

If our kid gets his wit and humor I will never run out of conversations to share. Lol

20 thoughts on “Chats With K

  1. hahahhah i love this. Those recliners are not comfortable, but it won’t hurt him for one, or two nights 🙂 ask for extra pillows and schedule an adjustment with the chiro a few days later hahaha. These always make me laugh, thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m impressed he even know anything about Maria Kondo – he wins points for that one.
    AND for not Night Rider-iing that truck 🙂 LOL … boys, never grow up.
    Yeahhhh – when that baby is in his arms, he aint leaving.. he just doesnt know whats in store for him. 🙂 & that’s in every good way. His heart wont want to leave that baby & you… ahhh – getting closer!!!


    1. I agree. I can’t believe he came that close to her name. Haha! He is SUCH a boy when it comes to cars. Definitely one of his favorite hobbies and I think he really does dream of ramping one off something like that some day. LOL
      Oh he’ll for SURE never leave the hospital without his daughter. Me? Maybe. But he won’t wanna go home without her 😉


  3. I need to Maria Canoodle the shit out of some stuff around my house too Hahahaha. Chris wanted to check out early when I was at the hospital with Zoe. He had the sniffles and wasn’t comfortable on the couch. I said, that’s too bad, I had my stomach cut open and my organs rearranged and we are staying here as long as they us!!!! Are they kidding with this stuff?! And don’t answer that, because I know they’re not.


    1. HAHAHAHA. The sniffles. Ah, that inconvenient man-flu. LOL
      Yeahhhh. K is definitely not checking out early. Ha.

      I have a long ass list of things to Canoodle. LOL


  4. Oh Lord, he will be sleeping on a terrible fold out chair and he will SMILE about it. LOL. Jerry complained that he was tired because the chair was so uncomfortable and I just about slapped him as I told him I was tired BECAUSE I JUST BIRTHED A HUMAN!!!


    1. Hahahaha- hopefully K wasn’t hoping to garner any sympathy with this post. LOL
      He will definitely be trapped in that hospital with his wife and he best smile his way through it. LOL


  5. Maria Canoodle FOREVER! LOL! That was hilarious and you did Maria Canoodle the heck out of that stove, even if that’s not Marie Kondo meant. In fairness to K, you probably didn’t love those stains but … yeah. And Knight Rider. Oh man. I used to love that show. It’s completely ridiculous but it was so much fun. I miss those kinds of dumb, fun shows! Always enjoy this chats with K and yes, if your kids get his sense of humor, you’ll always be amused and never lacking in conversation.


    1. I definitely did NOT love the food stains. It pretty disgusting how gross I let it get. Gas stoves are tough, though, because you have to dismantle the top to clean anything! Lol
      I’ve never seen an episode of Knight Rider! K is obsessed with all car things, though.
      If my kid has his wit and humor I’m in deep, deep trouble. But I guess I’ll always be laughing.


  6. Maria Canoodle! I’m dyingggg. That’s hilarious.

    When we went to the hospital open day last year we were told partners could stay if you got a family room but there are only so many and if you had a shared room and there was another person in the with you then the dad would have to leave at night. Jan got to stay when I lost the boys because the second bed in the room was luckily empty – I think they kept it that way on purpose but obviously if they were completely full an actual patient would have taken precedence.


    1. Man, I’m so glad he got to stay. That would definitely have been lonely and even harder without your partner in the room all night ❤ I *think* the hospital we're going to has individual rooms for maternity. We take our tour in October so K can check out his 48 hour living space 😉


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