I know way back in the day pregnant women smoked and drank, ate whatever they wanted, and did all the things. Luckies…

Don’t get me wrong- I appreciate that research and science have found new ways to be responsible and healthy during pregnancy, but dammit I miss a lot of stuff right now.

Sleeping on my stomach.


Cold cut turkey sandwiches.

Wine. And cocktails. A mimosa sounds like heaven.

14 espresso drinks a day or unlimited coffee. (I still drink a cup a day.)

CAESAR SALAD. Lord help me. I want one from Texas Roadhouse so badly.

Lifting things without someone going, “Should you be lifting that?” It’s very sweet, but hush.

People Strangers not trying to caress my abdomen when they walk by. I’ve been strict but I’m willing to lighten up with family now that there’s a bump and it’s not just fluffy fat.

People not looking between my stomach and my eyes when talking to me. Like, I see you looking! Just look if you’re going to look. Lol

Leaving the house and not using the bathroom every place I go.

Tucking my shirt into high waisted pants.

…high waisted pants in general.

Not groaning when I roll off the couch/bed.

Reaching my feet to tie my shoes/put on socks. I can still touch my toes, but the whole getting dressed process is harder.

Not feeling full all. the. damn. time. I think my stomach now lives inside my kidneys underneath my lungs. And the kid beats up that cluster of organs often.

I know I’m complaining, but it’s all tongue in cheek. I’ve had some very nice moments:

A flight attended handed me my own liter of water when I boarded the plane and said, “Gotta stay hydrated. I remember those days!”

A bartender gave me free ice cream because I couldn’t have a cold beer with the other people in our group.

I’ve heard, “You look so good!” more times than I can count. And I don’t even care if they’re just being nice- it’s lovely to hear. We should say that to all women all the time.

People have randomly sent me her gifts and getting happy mail unexpectedly like that is the best thing ever.

Honestly, I’m just being a baby. Yes the heartburn is rough and it’s getting harder to move around, but it’s all good.

(Seriously, though. I will have a turkey sandwich waiting for me at the end of labor & delivery. It’s one of K’s assigned duties as DAD.)

28 thoughts on “Things I Miss

    1. Might I suggest NOT going to New Orleans where it’s perfectly ok to drink 24/7 for every single meal when you’re strictly no-alcohol? Not awesome. I imagine living in the bourbon capital of the world might suck a little, too, when your life is dry. Haha.
      Thank you! ❤


  1. You really do look good – I’m not just saying that. Maybe you’re just hiding all the photos where you look less than amazing. Ha, joke!
    I don’t remember missing anything specific while I was pregnant, but I did miss just being able to eat like a normal person and not have to figure out whether I was actually allowed to eat/drink something. I actually find it harder now, doing IVF – I’m trying to be as healthy as possible/give my body the best possible chance of a transfer actually working one of these times, so I’ve had 3 cups of coffee this entire *year* and I rarely allow myself more than one cup of black tea a day. At least if I was actually pregnant I could convince myself it was maybe worth it 😉


    1. Oh there are DEFINITELY moments and photos of me not looking my best. Hahaha!
      I googled EVERYTHING at first… Food, make up ingredients, activities. Honestly, once we got out of the first trimester I calmed down a little. And when we hit 20 weeks I really started to feel ok about my habits. I cut out caffeine all together at first and the dr. was like, “Why? You’re healthy. You can have a cup a day.” I can’t imagine adhering to the health limitations for IVF. I know it’s brutal and you question everything. It’ll all be worth it someday, lady! ❤


      1. Yeah, for most people it’s totally okay. I remember my former colleague cut down to 3 cups of coffee a day when she was pregnant (I don’t even know how many she wa drinking before – 5? 6?). But since I have no idea what’s causing me to be infertile I decided to cut out coffee but allow myself black tea.
        It doesn’t help that the regulations are different everywhere. I was happily following the NHS rules during my pregnancy since those are the ones I know then my Swiss midwife was like “you know you’re not supposed to eat pre-packaged salad leaves?”… so basically no salad since the only thing that doesn’t come pre-packaged in a bag is Iceberg lettuce!


        1. 3 cups! Wow! I try to limit myself to one. Sometimes if I’m really, really dragging in the afternoon I’ll have a pick-me-up but it’s not usually a full cup.
          Definitely responsible and healthy choices on your end. I had no idea about package salad… I’m very sure I’ve eaten that in that last 29 weeks.


  2. Ahh – nice flight attendant. Dont you appreciate it when people can relate to what you’re going through?
    unlimited coffee – that made me laugh.
    It always freaks me out that lunch meat is a no-go for PG ladies… I’m like, why would you want to eat it at all after you had the baby if you obviously cant eat it while carrying a newly forming body? NOPE!!!


    1. The flight attendant was so kind! Just today I had to stop myself from getting a second cup. LOL

      I know the big issue with lunch meat is listeria (because it’s a cold meat)…. and it *does* freak me out a little that it’s not a concern for non-pregnant people but…. THE CRAVINGS ARE REAL. I think once I have one sandwich I’ll be good to go. Hahaha.


  3. Have a turkey sandwich and a bottle of champagne to cheers your hard work during delivery. That sounds like the perfect combination to celebrate your daughter’s arrival!


  4. It is somewhat crazy how women basically did whatever (or mostly ate/drank whatever) back in the day and now there are so many rules. It’s good, as you say, but strange, especially for people like me who aren’t really versed in what pregnant women can and cannot do. I’d be the one to bring you a turkey sandwich, not realizing it was a no-go. 😀


    1. I agree. My mom and grandma look at me like I’m nuts every time I turn something down and say, “I can’t have that.” I won’t lie… I’ve cheated or slipped through the cracks in a few grey areas. I’m trying to be good for her sake, though. Lol. I HAVE managed to avoid lunch meat and alcohol.


  5. What’s wrong with Cesar salad??? This is a real question. Also for Turkey sandwiches, I’ve been eating them lately and I just put the meat in the microwave for like 12 seconds before it goes on my sandwich. Not totally the same thing, but they’ve been tasting so good lately! I miss a margarita haha.


    1. I guess most restaurants that make their own dressing use raw egg whites. So if you buy it in bulk/from a store it’s usually ok… but not at most restaurants. Or so I’ve heard. Sigh.
      I wonder why so many pregnant women crave lunchmeat?? Hahaha! I want a crisp, cold sandwich so I haven’t done the warm it up trick. I just dream about it tasting SO good on delivery day. Hahaha! We brunched a lot when we were in New Orleans and I was so sad to pass up the mimosas. Ha.


  6. Totally hear ya on all this! I mostly missed Diet Coke and turkey sandwiches too since I don’t drink coffee or alcohol anyway. I made sure to get a turkey sub brought to the hospital for me the day after Holden was born LOL. You will get one and it will be the best damn turkey you have ever eaten in your life. Now I’ve only had one probably once or twice more in the year since Holden was born. You definitely want things more knowing that you can’t have them!


    1. Originally I cut out coffee/caffeine but at my first OB appointment my doctor was like, “Why? You’re healthy and one cup a day won’t hurt anything.” So I just limited it to one (…or two) caffeine beverages a day. What’s up with the turkey cravings??? Man, I can’t wait for that sandwich 😀


  7. So the lifting things one…I get comments ALL THE TIME about whether I should be lifting Anthony. I get it, he’s 30 pounds, but he’s also not even 2 yet, and I have to lift him to get him out of his crib, into his high chair, etc. It’s not like I can avoid it. Haha.


    1. That’s how I rationalize it with other people! If I already had a kid or two I’d be picking them up while pregnant so I figure I can carry that much weight (20-30 lbs) without worrying. I’ve read that once there’s a bump you should stop carrying things against it- so I use my hips.


    1. I have a stock pile of wine ready to go for when I’m not pregnant but still homebound. LOL
      I don’t eat raw fish, but I really love California rolls. They say you still shouldn’t have them since they’re all made on the sushi bar but…. I still eat California rolls. Ha.


  8. Girlfriend you’re allowed to complain! I missed sleeping on my stomach the most, that’s how I sleep every freaking night! I missed the hot tub too, not that we have one but I had to sit out on opportunities when I could have got in one. Random, but I never felt bad about not wearing pants around the house when I was home alone (sans Ethan obviously) and eating ice cream out of the carton LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .LET ME LIVE, I’m pregnant over here! You DO look amazing, I smile every time I see a pic of you and baby girl 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I think my at-home outfits entertain K. It’s usually super soft stretchy pants, a loose shirt, and definitely no bra. Ha. Man… I miss sleeping on my stomach so much. And with it being summer I haven’t had many opportunities to miss the hot tub but I take SUPER hot baths and I’ve cut them out since getting pregnant. Sigh.


  9. I’ve never been pregnant, but you can totally complain about the things that you miss or are rough – it’s okay! I’m sure I’d be complaining about a lot of things. LOL yes, it’s wonderful, and good things happen too while pregnant (love the nice compliments and things people have done for you!!) but it’s still rough for all women, on some level. I love that you have a turkey sandwich planned for after the baby. haha



    1. We’ve had a very very stressful year so there are moments I miss winding down with a glass of wine the very most. But usually it’s just turkey sandwiches and sleeping on my stomach 😉


  10. I just don’t understand strangers touching pregnant ladies bellies, I mean, just no! You don’t touch someone’s boob, right!? Why do those rules changes when there’s a bun in the oven?


    1. I agree COMPLETELY. Fortunately the situation hasn’t happened to me too many times. And my family knows how untouchy I am so most of them ask anyway. Haha.


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