Ok, technically Monday was the start of fall but I’ve been celebrating since Sept. 1 so whatever. I live by my own rules.

Before we dive into fall let’s check out how summer went…

Summer Goals

  1. Finish cleaning out room & paint nursery
  2. Organize basement
  3. Read and finish 3/4 of Erin’s Book Challenge
  4. Find out gender & plan reveal event
  5. Assist in baby shower prep
  6. Continue financial goals
  7. Visit Aub in Florida!!
  8. Finish the registry

For the most part, I did well! My half of the basement (which is party supplies, serving dishes, and holiday decorations) is cleaned, organized, and shelved. K’s half of the basement is a bunch of drums. That’s on him. Lol

The nursery is empty & painted. The gender has been revealed. (I blogged it, too.) The baby shower is in motion and the reins have been handed over to my mom & mother-in-law; I’m completely out of it 🎉 Registry is done with me adding random things every now and then.

Still working on financial goals. Definitely did not read enough for Erin’s Challenge.

And now… *drumroll please* …the best season of the year! FALL!

Fall Goals

  1. Attend baby shower (& send thank yous)
  2. Host Halloween Party
  3. Put nursery together
  4. Get 3/4 Xmas shopping done
  5. Go to TWO fall festivals
  6. Add mums & pumpkins to the house
  7. Celebrate my bday & our (dating) anniversary
  8. Read 3 books per month
  9. Get Christmas decor up before baby arrives… maybe
  10. Give birth

Some of these are bound to happen… like #1. Lol
Pretty much all these goals revolve around baby arriving on time- not too early, not too late. And there’s no guarantee of that soooo… in the wise words of Elsa I am prepared to let it go. Ha.

What are your fall goals? Anything fun on your fall bucket list?

18 thoughts on “IT’S FALL!!! (Goals Update Q3)

  1. Such fun goals. I am especially exited about the last one – I can’t wait to “meet” her.

    I don’t have fall goals but my cousin is coming for a few days in November and I am EXCITED. I haven’t seen her since we met up in New Zealand in 2016!


    1. Haha- I’d say I’m especially excited AND nervous about the last one. Lol! Thank you, friend ❤ (And thank you for the birthday gift. You're so so sweet!)

      You will have so much fun with your cousin!! That sounds like such a great time!


  2. Great job on all of your Summer goals, and I hope Fall is just as successful. You have some fun things on there!! I love Fall – it’s my favorite too. I hope to attend a couple Fall Festivals as well, and do some spooky/mystery reading.



    1. Haha! It’s the best season- why would I want to miss out on those key days?
      I can’t believe how close to the due date I am. Less than 8 weeks! Yikes!


    1. Thank you! I can’t believe how much summer stuff I checked off. I still don’t have mums or pumpkins but I’m planning to change that this week!


    1. I have NOTHING. I wanted to wait on mums and pumpkins until travel was over, but then shit hit the fan with Lylee. And my motivation to decorate inside has been 0 since all that. I’m feeling better this week and I think it’ll make me happy to do some decorating so that’s my plan.


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