Hello! If you’re reading this you’ve made it to Tuesday. Way to go!

I like how Kristen did a coffee date-brain dump recently. I’ve had a lot going on so I figured I’d do the same and we could all just catch up today. I will be having some hot coffee with a splash of this creamer. So good ❀


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve met our little Bristol Baby. I’m going to share her adoption story here soon, but today I’m just introducing our newest addition. We’re the crazy people who added an 8 month old dog with less than 8 weeks until our baby due date. Ha.

We miss our Lylee Bear but rescuing Bristol was the right choice for us. She’s a completely different personality & just the right amount of spunk our home needed. (And I’m even saying thatΒ after she busted out of her crate and subjected our house to a puppy hurricane yesterday. SIGH.)

We love our new little handful. We were told she’s a Pomeranian-Husky mix and she’ll likely stay about the size she is now (35 lbs). It doesn’t matter what she is or how big she gets- we’re just so glad she’s ours 😊


Still pregnant and slowly starting to freak out about labor & delivery. Ha. My mother-in-law and mom threw me a baby shower on Sunday and HOLY COW. It was a beautiful party. I’m still blown away by their planning and the generosity of those who helped and the love of everyone who came. I’m going to post about that, too, but I’m still collecting pictures.

I have 6 weeks and 5 days to go. Yikes. Baby is typically an active little thing in there. I feel rounder and tired- but I’ve been tired since the test said “positive” and I’m sure I’ll be tired until I die. Hahaha.

We have a birthing class on Saturday and maternity pics on Monday… after that it’s just a waiting game. K has a business trip mid-November so we’re begging Baby daily to avoid those 4 days. Haha. (He can race home if need be.)


There is so much I want to do before baby gets here. Books I want to read. Moments I want to scrapbook. Corners I want to clean out. Photos I want to organize. Dogs I want to train (lol). IΒ know I won’t get everything done and I’m determined not to stress about it, but these things are definitely on my mind.

I know nesting has kicked in. We still have a bunch of kid-related stuff to do: nursery needs painted, things need assembled, even more things need bought… I’d like to get some freezer meals done. I’d like to clean out the garage. Etc.

PLUS the holidays are here. We finally did the ledge for Halloween. We’re having a party this month, too. (I’m not giving that up- even if I am 35 weeks pregnant by then, ha.) Then we have Christmas decorations that IΒ want to get up and gifts that need purchased or wrapped…

I dunno. It’s all trivial and if it doesn’t get done it’s completely ok, but these are the things on my mind right now.

So now it’s your turn. What’s going on in your world? What’s on your mind? What’s your beverage of choice on this blustery fall morning?

25 thoughts on “Things On My Mind

  1. I think being tired is just part of adulthood. I literally woke up today and thought “well, I’m less tired than usual this morning”. I feel like that’s the most I can hope for… I’ve forgotten how it feels to just not be tired. Mind you, I’ve also been on progesterone for 90% of this year and that stuff always makes me feel exhausted anyway. It’s like early pregnancy, but messier!

    I am sure nobody will care if they don’t get any Christmas gifts from you this year or you have to give them out unwrapped/just stick them in a bag. You’re giving them a niece/grandchild/cousin for Christmas… that trumps any gift!

    I can’t wait to see more photos of your baby shower. The sneak peeks already look amazing!

    I’m torn between wanting time to slow down because I’m not ready for 2019 to be over yet and wanting this week and next week to hurry up because after that I have two weeks off and I sooo need it!

    My beverage of choice is tea – the only caffeinated drink I will allow myself today. After that it’s back to water. Gotta stay hydrated!


    1. I agree. I hate when people try to compare their “tireds” or “busys” with other people. I totally recognize that most adults are tired, lol. And protesterone makes people SO tired and miserable! Good for you for getting out of bed even!
      Lol… I’m just going to give everyone 10-15 minutes of baby snuggles for Christmas. Hahaha!
      I’m waiting to see more photos from the shower. I can’t wait to share!
      That vacation time is coming up!! I don’t blame you for wishing the weeks away πŸ˜‰
      I like tea, too! It’s a mood thing for me. Just depends on my mood for the day!


  2. Congratulations on your new addition!! Pets can fill our hearts up so much. I had to smile when you mentioned the puppy hurricane! I had forgotten about those. It was annoying at the time, but gosh what a fun time too.
    You look amazing!!! What a great dress you wore at your baby shower. I hope you got lots of good stuff! Can’t wait to see those maternity pics.


    1. Lol. She hasn’t been TOO destructive yet but when she busted out of her crate (which was my fault… I didn’t lock it) she did a little damage. No dog toy is safe from her teething little puppy teeth, though. Ha.
      Thank you!! We just did the maternity pics last night and I am SO excited to see them!


  3. Congratulations on your new addition! I think it’s sweet that you adopted a dog right now. You’re dog people, not just someone who wants a puppy on a whim. I feel like there’s a lot of that out there.
    I also remember freaking out around the 36 week mark…”like, how am I supposed to HAVE a baby?” I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine that I actually had to have the baby in order to feel better! Just focus on the end goal!


    1. Thank you! “You’re dog people, not just someone who wants a puppy on a whim.” I really hadn’t thought about it that way but you are so, so right! We definitely know what we’re getting into with dogs πŸ˜‰ Babies are another story… ha!
      I am just imagining this total release of pressure and weight and gases and uncomfortableness when she arrives. Even if that’s not totally true, it’s what I’m going with. HAHA!


  4. I always love your Halloween party pics so I’m glad that’s still coming!
    So many things going on for you but so many freaking good things. Still, a lot.


    1. Yes! We considered not doing one, but I figured one more before I have to worry about a small human would be fun. Lol.
      Lots of things… every time we complete something I mentally check it off and feel a wave of relief. Ha!


  5. Puppy hurricane – that’s a perfect description of it! πŸ™‚
    Cant wait to hear all about the adoption story!!
    Your dress for that shower is GORGEOUS on you!!


  6. Your sweet Bristol, I’m enjoying the pics and stories on Instagram- I’m happy she found your home and you as parents. Your shower pics I’ve seen so far have been beautiful, you’re seriously the cutest pregnant woman EVER πŸ™‚ Take it easy, don’t do too much- do what comes to you. We didn’t have the nursery set until after she came home…..babies don’t notice, but I get it- you do. But no one will fault you for it! Can’t wait to hear more about Bristol and your shower!


    1. Thank you! The decision to add a dog was daunting for me but K fell in love with her first and Enzo and I soon followed πŸ™‚ And now I’m SO glad we did!
      The shower was beautiful! I had no hand in it except to show up, lol. My mom and m.i.l. did a really nice job. And we finally finished painting the nursery last week, K built the rocker and crib, and we have a dresser and bassinet arriving this week. PRAISE JESUS. Hahaha. I know she doesn’t need that stuff yet, but it makes my brain happier for sure. Ha.


  7. Your new addition is so cute. Husky mixed with anything is just gorgeous (though Im still wondering the logistics of a pomeranian and a husky hehehe).

    PS you look lovely!


    1. I agree… I’m really not sure how a husky and Pomeranian go together. Lol. I feel weird calling her a pomsky because she’s NOT a designer dog. Lol. She’s just a super cute mutt. I feel like the rescue was guessing about her breeds but we’ll do a dna test for Xmas and find out! Ha.

      Thank you!


    1. Oh man… I’d never discount any other adult’s tiredness just because they don’t have kids or dogs or a certain job or anything- WE ARE ALL TIRED, girl ❀ Haha. Life is tiring πŸ˜‰ Bristol drives him a little crazy with her antics- especially in the morning because he is NOT a morning person. But they love each other πŸ™‚


  8. I LOVE that you adopted another pup!! I so want to adopt one, hopefully in the next few months once our living situation is more stable…! Ooh, can’t wait to see more pics of the baby shower, you look gorgeous, girl!!


    1. We just loved having two dogs and she seemed like the perfect fit (and she is!). It was hesitant but I’m so glad we did it πŸ™‚ Once you feel ready you should definitely go for it!
      Thank you ❀


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