Hello. I have a bunch of stuff to share on my blog (baby shower details, maternity pictures, annual Halloween party recap) but today I’m planning to share some internet treasures that I’ve been loving.


Sometimes on lazy blog days I share links from other bloggers that I gathered last minute in an attempt to provide content. That is not today.

I’ve been putting this list together as I’ve been reading these posts. All are SUPER well thought out, beautiful, hard, or important posts from very talented and caring bloggers. I hope you’ll visit each site and I hope you take something away from their writing.

Blog Posts I Think You Should Read:

None-Blog Stuff:

  • Have you listened to Lindsay and Christine‘s Influenced the Podcast yet? I can’t believe they’re 20+ episodes in already!! I love getting my weekly dose of them!
  • On IG a long time blogger friend shared the happiest news ever! Ashten has been super open and upfront about her journey through infertility & I’m so happy to hear she’s welcoming a baby boy next June!
  • We’ve been sucked into The Masked Singer, but even much better than that show is Almost Family which airs after it. We decided to watch the first episode one night and really liked it. Is anyone else watching it?

Tell me something you’ve been itching to share!

20 thoughts on “Things I Want to Share With You

  1. I’m looking forward to your Halloween photos. You always have such awesome costumes and decorations.
    Nothing to share over here. I’m off work this week but so far rain has ruined all my plans.


    1. Thanks, Bev! Hope you enjoyed it today πŸ™‚
      Ughhh. Rain ruining plans is the worst. I hope you banked lots of tea & reading time with the dreary weather!


  2. Thank you for sharing my post!!! I loved all the other posts (and Chelsea’s new site) that you shared too! I hadn’t been tracking on WW in quite some time, and the moment I heard about their kids program, I cancelled my subscription. NOPE! I hope that Zoe doesn’t think about her weight either. It is no way to live.


  3. I thought about my weight a lot growing up, but it wasn’t because of my parents, which I appreciate. I’m off to check out some of these posts in a minute; thanks for sharing!

    I watched the first episode of Almost Family and loved it. I need to watch the others OnDemand or something.



    1. Outside factors (other than home life, I mean) can make a huge impact on us. Television, social media, friends, significant others…. That kind of pressure and influence doesn’t just come from our parents and home. It’s tough. It’s a pretty nice bonus to have supportive and understanding parents at home, though.

      I’m really enjoying the show! And K is even watching it with me which is rare! We hardly ever watch the same stuff!


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