I’m borrowing this fun, short little questionnaire from Michelle 🎃

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha?
Fun fact: I hate peppermint in anything but a mint. I would order other things before a PSL, but I would definitely pick the latte over the mocha. Bleh.

2. Pumpkin Bread or Pumpkin Pie?
I actually don’t like pie. I will eat pumpkin pie, but only if I can have a double whipped cream to pie ratio. Short answer, bread. Lol

3. Thanksgiving Dinner or Thanksgiving Leftovers?
Dinner for sure. But leftover REAL mashed potatoes are the freakin’ jam. Also, this year I’m just hoping for some kind of Thanksgiving food- fresh or leftover. Baby is due 3 days after turkey day and I wouldn’t put it past her to interrupt the festivities.

4. Candy Corn or Tootsie Rolls?
Um. Ew. Neither candy is really cream of the crop…

5. Haunted House or Pumpkin Patch?
I love haunted houses and I’ve never been to an actual pumpkin patch. Weird, right?

6. Corn Maze or Hayride?
…are these events haunted? If yes, a corn maze. If no, a hayride.

7. Caramel Apple or Candy Apple?
Caramel apples forever! Candy apples are too sweet.

8. Boots or Scarves?
Boots for sure. Riding boots, hiking boots, booties, snow boots… I love them all. I do love a cozy winter scarf, though.

9. Holiday Movies or Holiday Music?
I enjoy both immensely, but I’d say music because I can enjoy it at work or home or in the car. There’s just something about having it on 24/7 from November 1st to December 26th. Lol

10. Tire Swings or Jumping in Leaves?
Maybe I’m delicate or maybe I’m fat, but tire swings tend to cut into my thighs and hurt. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I’d partake in either activity, but probably leaves over swings.

Share some of your answers with me!

12 thoughts on “In the Midst of Fall

  1. I’ve never had candy corn or tootsie rolls. Sounds like I’m not missing anything!
    I like mint in chocolate (like After Eights) but I can’t imagine it tasting good in coffee. I’m not sure they have peppermint mocha here – or it just wasn’t advertised on the boards outside. I never actually go into Starbucks if I can help it.


    1. Really?? No, definitely not missing out. They’re such over processed candies. Ick.
      I think SB in the states has peppermint mocha all year long. Ick. I really dislike chocolate+mint.


  2. I’m the same with mint – it just does not belong with coffee no siree – though I have to disagree on pumpkin pie – bring me alllllll the slices!


    1. Ick. Mint alone is just fine. Mint tea, mints, even candy canes… but not in coffee and not in chocolate!
      Haha. I don’t MIND pumpkin pie. It’s about the only pie I’ll eat.


  3. I am a huge fan of mint but to my absolute shock and horror, I recently discovered that my brother and his family do not like peppermint. The horror! LOL! I am not a huge fan of pumpkin, though, so I don’t get all excited when all the pumpkin flavors arrive. Also 100% agree on your sentiment towards candy corn and tootsie rolls.


    1. I like mint and mint tea and peppermint and candy canes… but I don’t like it mixed in with anything. Keep it out of my chocolate and coffee. Ha. I like pumpkin, but I don’t like over-processed pumpkin with a million harsh spices in it. Bleh. Speaking of over processed, candy corn and tootsie rolls just taste SO fake. Bleh.


  4. I’m not a pumpkin flavored person, so no to the pie and bread. I’ll take an apple pie though! And I like the taste of mint actually, so I guess I’d go with the Moca Peppermint. I actually LOVE tootsie rolls. lol As for corn maze or hayride, I’m going with the lazy option and saying a hayride. 🙂



    1. Yum. I like pumpkin and apple and caramel and all that. Fall flavors are really made for me. Haha. I’m just not a huge fan of pie. I love haunted corn mazes 🙂 I enjoy cool hayrides, too, though!


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