My quarters were kind of screwy this year… This is a recap on Fall Goals. Next month I will break 2020 into actual quarters and kick this off again. This explanation is more for my own peace of mind. You don’t really need any of this information. Lol

I’m linking up with Kristen today for What’s New With You!

Ok… let’s recap how Fall 2019 went, shall we?

  1. Attend baby shower (& send thank yous)
  2. Host Halloween Party link
  3. Put nursery together
    We spent the last two weeks of Oct. painting, decorating, and building furniture. K did A LOT of work in there. It’s my new favorite room in the house now.Β 
  4. Get 3/4 Xmas shopping done
    I mostly have this done.Β 
  5. Go to TWO fall festivals
    My mom and I went to two different festivals in Sept. & Oct.Β 
  6. Add mums & pumpkins to the house
    I didn’t get around to this under Oct. 24th but I did it. Lol
  7. Celebrate my bday & our (dating) anniversary
    We did minimal things because we’reΒ tired. For my bday we had an OB appointment, then brought pizza home and relaxed with the dogs. On our anniversary we had a maternity photo shoot and then went to dinner. Both evening were relaxing and lovely.
  8. Read 3 books per month Nope. Not even close.
  9. Get Christmas decor up before baby arrives
  10. Give birth

Did you set any big (or small) goals this fall? How did you do?

I always feel a mixture of energy and laziness in the fall. The colder weather invigorates me but the cool, dreary days make me want to curl up and read or nap.

Winter leaves me feeling the same way but with a newborn around I have no idea what kinds of things we’ll actually be doing. Haha.

16 thoughts on “Goals Update Q4

  1. You did a lot! I can’t imagine doing all that while heavily pregnant.

    I hope your only goals for winter are 1) Give birth 2) Have the best Christmas ever with a baby of your very own 3) Take plenty of time to relax and get to know your baby girl.


  2. I don’t know what this’ll look like in the winter, but we had a newborn in the summer and I always recommend that new parents go out to eat as much as possible. It’s so easy because she’ll just sleep in the carseat. Then it becomes impossible around 4-5 months πŸ™‚ I didn’t let anyone touch him and usually kept the carseat cover on, but it’s important to get out of the house when you can!


    1. We actually just went out to eat today! Great advice!! Haha! She’s also been to two holiday parties so far. Lol. We’ve been SUPER careful with germs, though. Not messing around there.


  3. i’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to do all the things with a newborn! kidding lol. both your birthday and anniversary sound like lovely relaxing evenings πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I’m glad we were able to celebrate our anniversary and my bday. I’m sure future years will look a little different. Haha. My reading goal is much smaller this year!


  4. Getting to hear the baby’s heartbeat and then eating pizza at home sounds like the ideal way to celebrate anything! Actually, that just sounds like my ideal day in general! Haha.

    Hoping you’re well and that baby comes soon! Way to go on all these goals!!!


  5. I love how your last goal is to give birth. πŸ˜€ You’ve honestly accomplished so much and while pregnant. I feel like if I was pregnant, I would mostly just sit around and eat because those are my two favorite things to do. I can’t wait to see if pics of the nursery and new baby, whenever she decides to make an appearance!


    1. Haha- it was tempting. I never really got that boost of energy that some pregnant people talk about. And now that she’s here I DEFINITELY don’t have much energy- evident by my almost-a-month-late reply!


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