Does anyone else find it weird that we can call this new decade the twenties?

Welcome to the New Year!

2019 was a rough effing year. I am so excited to jump into 2020. Between parenthood and work and life in general, 2020 truly feels like a brand new chapter.

Don’t get me wrong- I am exhausted. We are not kicking this decade off with much sleep or sanity. That said, I’d like to kick the decade off with some goals. I have some for the entire year as well as the first quarter.

I’m joining Kristen today for the What’s New With You? link up.

2020 Goals

Read 20 books. I set a goal of 40 last year and read 28. We’re going to be a little more realistic this year.

Reduce debt by at least 50%. In years past I’ve been very general with my debt goals. This time we’re assigning a number.

Move my body. I need to find a workout/routine that I enjoy. Once I’m cleared by my doctor I’m leaning toward a barre/yoga/hot yoga route.

And that’s it since we’ll be mainly focused on keeping M happy & healthy. Now on to some shorter-term goals…

Q1 Goals

  • Figure out work schedule after maternity leave is over.
  • Travel to Texas (twice) & figure out summer vacation.
  • Start an exercise plan once dr says ok.
  • Unbox and sort out pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • Get M on some kind of daily schedule (i.e. consistent bedtime/mornings)

Five seems like a good number for now. Advice for flying with a 2 month old is welcome. Haha. What are your 2020 resolutions?

14 thoughts on “2020: The Roaring Twenties

  1. I’ve never flown with a baby (obviously!) but I feel like 2 months is a relatively good time because she’s too little to get bored/not want to sit in one place. I know my friends found flying a lot more stressful when their kid was old enough to walk but not yet old enough to understand that you have to stay in your seat until the seatbelt sign goes off.


    1. I’m not disciplined enough to do yoga at home. I just can’t focus or bring myself to do it. We have a beautiful, friendly studio here that offers all the classes I mentioned. I’m excited to get back to it once I’m allowed!


  2. I hope you find a good exercise program that you enjoy and works for you. I’m in a couple dance classes that I love, but I’m going to try and find some new things too this year! I have never flown with a baby, so I’m afraid I don’t have any tips – but I’m sure a lot of other bloggers do, so I hope they share them with you. 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful 2020 and smash all your goals! (and yes, it’s a bit strange we can call this decade the 20’s lol)



    1. Thanks! Me too! I don’t enjoy dancing so that wouldn’t work for me… haha. But yoga & barre are right up my alley. I think traveling with a 2 month old shouldn’t be TOO painful. Haha.


  3. I’m sure your 2020 is going to be full of new resolutions as M grows up & all new sorts of adventures begin 🙂
    What freaks me out is thinking kids born now – like M – she has every possibility of making it to the year 2100… ISNT THAT CRAZYYYYYY


    1. I’m looking forward to really taking my body back and doing something good for it. I think it will help me physically and mentally. Thank you- you, too!


  4. I lowered my reading goal last year and made it more realistic post baby and was happy to reach it, you’ve got this! Have you done barre in the past? I have not and want to try but feel too out of shape and nervous about it…haha. I have done hot yoga and LOVE it! I love the idea of setting a number to the debt goal- very smart!


    1. I’ve taken three or four barre classes. I definitely have to modify some of the moves… haha! I enjoy it, though! I’m not one for cardio so barre works for me. I love hot yoga, too! I have yet to finish a book yet this year but 20 is much more manageable so we’ll see how it goes. Haha.


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