Happy Thursday ♥ I skipped book day with Steph & Jana because I haven’t finish any books lately (surprise, surprise) but I’m showing up today. I listed some goals for 2020 a few weeks ago but I have a resolution to share, too.

My New Year’s resolution isn’t just for the year… it’s for the decade and (hopefully) forever. This isn’t a “new year, new me” kind of thing… It’s a “how can I nurture my mental health and fully enjoy life in this season and seasons to come” kind of thing.

So what is it?

I want to live in the present and fully enjoy (or at least experience) my time right now.

The season of life I’m in right now is tough & tiring, slow-paced with subtle achievements. It’s easy to miss or overlook or dismiss little victories & developments. It’s easy to wish for longer sleeps at night & more mobile and active baby days.

The thing is… those future days are going to happen. M is going to grow up and start talking and moving and sleeping etc. And when they happen, I can enjoy them for what they are. These days- the 2am cuddles and itty bitty onesies and first smiles & coos & babbles- are only going to happen right now. To reference 50% of country songs and 100% of seasoned parent advice, it won’t be like this for long.

So no more wishing the days away. No more “I can’t wait until … .” No more looking ahead to the next chapter while moving blindly through my current one. That’s not to say I can’t be excited about days to come. I will look forward to the future, but not with tunnel vision.

What am I hoping to achieve with this resolution? What changes do I hope to make?

Mindfulness (which is the root of living in and experiencing the moment) leads to decreased anxiety and depression. I’m hoping to experience more frequent and natural joy.

I hope to improve upon my patience. Less getting frustrated about things. Less getting frustrated with K or Bristol or M or myself. (Enzo very, very rarely frustrates me.)

I want to acknowledge and practice gratitude. When I’m home I want to be grateful for the time I spend with my family. When I’m at work I want to be grateful for a job I love. When I’m working out I want to be grateful for the ability and time. Et cetera.

I really do love my life. I feel incredibly blessed to have the family & friends and comfort and opportunities that I do. I never want to take my reality for granted. And I hope my resolution helps me to fall in love with my life, over and over.

I’ve shared my resolution with K. I’ve told him I want to cut the phrase “I can’t wait until/for…” from my vocabulary. I’m hoping he holds me accountable to this mentality and practice. (This is me giving you permission to call me out, dear.) I know I can’t be joyful or patient or grateful ALL the time… but I can certainly be those things more often than I am right now.

So here’s to living for today, patiently looking forward to tomorrow, and experiencing every moment as it happens, while it’s happening.

15 thoughts on “My Resolution | 2020

  1. What a beautiful and important goal! It goes against the grain, but it’s just so crucial to be happy in the moment. I know from watching my niece and nephews it’s challenging for parents to not look forward to the next baby milestone, but it passes so quickly, so each phase needs to be enjoyed!
    Hope you succeed!


    1. This is such a lazy stage for M. We chill on the couch or on her playmat or in her swing… and I am NOT good at just lazing around. Haha. I have to tell myself to NOT daydream about the future days or activities and outings. I need to focus on enjoying the right now moments 🙂 Thank you!


  2. I love this so much, and I think it’s something that a lot of us could really focus on more. It’s good to just sit and appreciate the moment you’re in. Time will definitely fly by, even when the days feel slow. I hope you have a wonderful 2020 and beyond.



  3. What a fantastic resolution! I think we could all stand to live in the present a lot more. Me included. Obviously my reason is the opposite to yours – I need to stop constantly looking forward to when we have a baby and enjoy my life for what it is NOW with all the freedoms and extra money that brings. Definitely something I am trying to do a lot more of this year! And I have a lot to be grateful for.
    I hope you succeed… even if you only manage it half the time, that will still be a lot of well-lived days ❤


    1. Thank you!
      Life definitely changes after you have a baby… I would advise you to enjoy the freedom and money 😉 You will miss it (even if it’s just a little bit) once you’re a full-time mama!


      1. You may be right about the freedom but given the amount we’ve spent on fertility treatments so far I feel like if it ever works we will actually have more money despite needing to spend on the kid 😉


  4. Waiting for the next moment is definitely something I am guilty of. I did it before we moved, counting down the days until we were out of our old house instead of appreciating what we had in that season. I am trying to better about it now because time sure does fly right on by.


    1. I am definitely learning that time FLIES. When you have an infant and they develop and grow and learn so quickly it’s pretty much a constant reminder. All the more reason for me to try to live in this moment!


  5. It’s so heartwarming to see that there’s been a shift in people’s perspectives and we are all embracing the now… Let’s live life today; not tomorrow!


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